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    My sites: YouTube BrickShelf MOCpages
  2. Thanks! @ Alasdair Ryan It should be fairly easy to mod it for the Unimog, but unfortunately I don't have the set so I can't do it.
  3. A virtual MOC built mostly for fun rather than for building it with real bricks, it was created in SR 3D Builder. (click for a bigger image) The trailer has a farily simple design and it is lightly based on an ARO trailer seen on the Internet. The trailer was built so large so as to properly fit, width wise, with a truck that I am currently working on, but I don't think I'll build the trailer. Regarding the functions, the trailer has an opening tailgate, torsion-bar suspension on both axles, taillights with 4 sockets for LEGO LEDs on each one, and also for the number plate lighting. For those interested I also built a simplified version for which I created instructions: Download You can see more photos here: BrickShelf / Flickr You can download the 3D model here: .L3B File I hope you like it and let me know what you think about it.
  4. A new set: 8265 Front Loader / Technic .L3B File The only error are the missing stickers.
  5. I'm not very open about my LEGO passion and unless someone asks about this, I rarely say anything. But despite this, almost everybody in my school knows that I like to build with LEGO, because I presented my MOCs in school, and the overall reaction was surprisingly positive, mostly because I build Technic rather then buildings or minifig scale cars. The first time I presented them only to my class colleagues, but then the physics teacher suggested me that I could participate in a local physics competition with my MOCs and so I did. With my I won the first prize, but with the I wasn't so successful.I also appeared in short documentary about my school, which you can see here (romanian). Also anybody who enters in my house will notice that I like LEGO as sets can be found in most rooms, even though I rarely buy sets now and exclusively from the Internet, in shops the prices are too high.
  6. I didn't post here for some time so here is a new set: 8289 Fire Truck / Technic L3B File Errors: The stickers are missing The flexible hose pieces are present in the file but LDView doesn't render them
  7. Sergiu

    What did you buy today?

    A few days ago I managed to buy my first Modular Building, a sealed from Bricklink, but just now I started building it.
  8. @olaf9198 Thanks for the comment. @DLuders Thanks for posting my MOC, but I've already posted it here a few days ago. Maybe the two topics should be merged.
  9. Not being satisfied with the very poor on road and off-road performance of , I decided to build a vehicle specifically for off-road, more exactly a Truck Trial with a design based on that of the romanian rally truck DAC 16.550 FAE. (click on the photos for a larger version) For the axles design I used Zblj's design for portal axles, but I modified them quite a lot to have pendular suspension with a completely mechanical and self balancing mechanism, which connects the front and rear axles together, for better stability on and off-road. The axles are very well supported on both sides by turntables so as to increase the overall efficiency of the transmmision and steering. The truck is driven by two PF XL motors connected to the same battery box, each one driving its own axle through the two stage reduction, one near the motor and the second one at the wheels. The final ratio of the transmission is 5:1, a bit too small for the truck's weight. This is why the whole transmission is lubricated, which improves the performance a lot. Despite this, the truck still struggles on steep inclines, especially with the cab mounted. The other features of the truck are the rack and pinion steering, driven by a PF Medium motor, the V10 engine with functional fan, driven by a PF Medium motor coupled to the drive motors, and the cab with openable doors. The cab has a very simple design so as to keep the weight as low as possible, but because I hurried to finish it, it is not very well fixed to the chassis. I also participated with this truck at a physics competition, but unforutnately I wasn't so succesful with this MOC as I was with my previous one, 4x4 Tipper Truck, with which I won the first prize but at a different physics contest. The version with the spare wheel on the back is the version with which I participated in the contest. Here you can see a video, highlightnig the truck's features and the very good off-road performance: You can see more photos here: BrickShelf For those interested I also made a 3D model, which can be downloaded here: .L3B File I hope you like it and I am looking forward to your comments and criticism.
  10. Sergiu

    Do you keep your models made up?

    I like to keep all my sets assembled and original, but very rarely I modify them to improve their looks or functionality. Regarding MOCs, I only keep them assembled if they are really good, otherwise I just reuse the parts.
  11. 3854 Frog Rush / Games L3B File Errors: Part 92585 is missing Part 3068bpb382, part 3068bpb343, part 3068bpb192 and part 3068bpb290 replaced with part 3068b 10187 Volkswagen Beetle / Large Scale Models L3B File Errors: Stickers are missing The two string pieces are missing
  12. New sets: 30028 Wreath / Creator L3B File There are no errors with this set. 8281 Mini Tractor / Technic L3B File There are no errors with this set. 10155 Maersk Container Ship L3B File Erorrs: The stickers are missing The string is missing Piece 89649 & 89648 replaced with piece 2634 and piece 60601 replaced with piece 4862
  13. Sergiu

    New Elements

    I would like some new gears, more exactly a 28-teeth double bevel gear, a 32-teeth spur gear and more clutch gears like the 16-teeth clutch. These gears would allow for a whole lot more possibilities in technic building.
  14. Some new sets: 6471 4WD Police Patrol / Town L3B File (SR 3D Builder) There are no errors with this set, but LDView doesn't render properly the front mudguard, even though it looks normal in SR 3D Builder. 21005 Falling Water / Architecture L3B File (SR 3D Builder) Error: Part 4162pb23 replaced with part 4162. 5541 Blue Fury / Model Team L3B File (SR 3D Builder) Error: The stickers are missing. This is the same set as 10151 Hot Rod from the same theme.
  15. Sergiu

    Taj Mahal Lighting

    Thanks for the comments! I think that in each tower about a third of all the parts had to be modified. This was necessary because in the standard set there is abosolutely no room to put the LEDs. Apart from these parts, another 2-3 plates in the main building had to be drilled.