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  1. jonty14

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Just built the Flying Scotsman locomotive from Bluebrixx. Great design, but I had to use glue on a few areas. Mediocre quality of the bricks.
  2. jonty14

    Holiday Main Street Powered Up Not Working

    Yes it works with the remote . I downloaded the app fresh to my phone so it should be the latest version.
  3. Hi. Does anybody else have problems with the Holiday Main Street tram controls in the Powered Upp app. I can control the lights but not the motor. If I use the Passenger Train controls in the app the motor works. Any help would be most appreciated. Jonathan Wilson
  4. jonty14

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    I have just bought three train kits from the Bluebrixx shop that I didn't know was near me. The designs are great but the quality of the bricks are not on par with lego due to the clutch power. Price is amazing though.
  5. jonty14

    Lego 60276

    Hi all. FYI if interested. Just picked up this set for €7.50 at Kaufland in Germany. 50% off. Greetings Jonathan Wilson.
  6. Just got this for 68 euros at Smyths Toys in Germany. Not a bad price.
  7. jonty14

    10295 Creator Expert Porsche 911 Discussion

    I have just received my porche here in Germany today. It came without the GWP. I phoned up lego and they said the GWP was sold out within 15 minutes of it going on sale. I ordered the car at 5 in the morning of release and already GWP sold out.
  8. Will be interesting to see how curves will be done with this new system.
  9. jonty14

    Sets that makes your highly emotional?

    Very true. I remember as a kid my mother took me to legoland in Billund. We got the ferry from Newcastle to Denmark. My mam bought me the 6780 lego space set at Legoland. I have memories of building this set on the return ferry journey.
  10. jonty14

    What did you buy today?

    Got the technic defender 50 euros cheaper. Also the Dodge charger for 25 euros cheaper.
  11. jonty14

    How common are missing pieces?

    Quite often what happens to me is I think a piece is missing so I get the part from my collection. When I have finished the build the missing part is starring me in the face. Or it is under the sofa.
  12. jonty14

    What did you buy today?

    Just bought 60198 cargo train set for 135 euros. Smyths Toys in Germany are great for Lego deals
  13. jonty14

    Cargo train 60198 out of stock on S@H

    Just paid 135 euros for this set at Smyths Toys in Germany. Bargain. They have brilliant deals on lego.
  14. jonty14

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I got mine fast as well. Quicker than Amazon Prime sends stuff.
  15. jonty14

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Ordered mine this morning at 8.00 in Germany by phone. Only a 10 minute wait for the lovely person to answer. Apparently all the call centre staff are working from home. My order went through and now says it is "in warehouse" along with the two freebie sets. I find phoning a lot easier than online ordering. Nice to talk to friendly call centre staff.