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  1. Test fitting the fans!
  2. 1360. I expect this purchase raised the price of that brick! :p
  3. 3 more from today:
  4. That's just my friend's broken old computer he doesn't use anymore. I used that as a reference when designing 3D printed components. I can't break something which is already broken! :)
  5. One from yesterday.
  6. After almost a year of planning, today I finally started the build! I found out that building in LDD and in real life is not the same. There are few things I already want to change (for structurual rigidity). I will continue with what I have for now and modify later. This is the front mesh. Cheers!
  7. A quick summary:
  8. I had to order the bricks for the case in 8 different BrickLink stores. Grand grand total: 536€. I keep telling myself that LEGO is an investment. :)
  9. I found some time for my hobbies, so I have begun building the case in the virtual environment where I have an unlimited supply of bricks. I started with the bottom which needs to be perforated for better airflow to the power supply. Enjoy.
  10. The work continues ...
  11. Done with front I/O as well.
  12. Done with the rear I/O video. It's slowly coming together! :)