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  1. Stari89

    [MOC] TT-S14 Trial Crawler

    Correct, chain is used for steering. It was the most compact reduction of M motor's speed I was able to incorporate. Unfortunately it creates a lot of slack. Coupled with very short steering arm lever length, it sometimes causes rear wheels to steer uncontrollably. It is very likely I will redo front and rear axles. Cheers!
  2. Hi! This is my 14th trial truck / crawler. All-wheel drive and steering, 2XL motors for propulsion, double drive shafts - one for left/right pair of wheels. M motor for steering, live axles, fake flat-4 engine. By removing red pins, body can be detached (giving access to the battery) and replaced with another. Body features openable gull-wing door and front hood. Performance is so-so due to instable rear wheel steering. More images here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=565829 Cheers!
  3. Stari89

    Old Shames: Your worst MOCs.

    My worst idea - hospital bed!
  4. Stari89

    MOC TT-S13

    Building instructions are now available: http://www.brickshel...-S13/tt-s13.lxf Quick update: Another video:
  5. Stari89

    MOC TT-S13

    Springs are not 100% extended while driving. When I lift the truck up and place it on a flat surface, they are fully extended. Can permanent stress damage the springs? Yes, the battery keeps 16t gears from sliding out. This creates a little friction and wastes some power but it's not really a big deal.
  6. Stari89

    MOC TT-S13

    @Zblj: Tnx, yes V2 receiver is used. @timslegos: Truck is build around L motors with their anchor points as a base for chassis parts. If you can squeeze XL motors in there then it would be more powerfull. :) HERE are instructions for my TT-S08D which uses XL motors and preforms very well.
  7. Stari89

    MOC TT-S13

    Hi! My 13th TT is an evolved TT-S12 with kinks worked out. Now there are 2 PF-L motors for propulsion and only 2 wheel steering. U-joints don't pop out anymore. It works very well and will probably replace my TT-S08 in TT races. YouTube video: Brickshelf gallery:
  8. Stari89

    Snow Runner

    There was much more snow 2 weeks ago. Now it's nearly melted. This is just what is left from shoveling. :) @DLuders: Dog is just jealous for attention. :D @Bigfoot: Suspension might work well even without springs (axle between wheels and spring lever also acts as a torque bar). Panels are from Unimog, yes. :)
  9. Stari89

    Snow Runner

    I've constructed a simple tracked vehicle for snow. 2 PFS XL motors are used for propulsion. There are no gears, motors are driving tracks directly. I added soft suspension for better traction and less shaking. It weighs roughly 800 grams. While I was testing it, I learnt that sun, snow and infrared pfs make for a very bad reception. I had to be very close to operate it well. High resolution pics: Video: suspension arch enemies
  10. Stari89

    WIP TT-S12

    I am currently working on my 12th truck. My goals: same functionality as TT-S08 4 wheel steering as low weight as possible 4-link suspension with 9L links Because new suspension would take a lot of space, I needed to make the chassis as small as possible. This meant using smaller Power Functions components. I decided to use new 88000 AAA battery box and 2x M motor for propulsion. This would also make the truck lighter, so M motors would be enough. I also decided to include 2 driveshafts, like in TT-S08. First version was built last month. I didn't like it very much, because the battery box would be on top, making center of gravity too high. It would also look very ugly. I did, however, like the new suspension, so I kept them unchanged for the second version. Brickshelf gallery: In second version, I managed to extend the chassis in length a bit, to allow room for the battery box and the propultion motors to be on the same plane. Steering motor and PF receiver are still in driver's place, so there is no interior. I also constructed a simple exterior, so it looks like a proper rock crawler. Weight is 840 grams, so this is quite a success. When I tested it, I found that CV joints are crap. They can't withstand any torque, so they pop out of their sockets a lot. I also learnt that the truck is too fast for its power. For next version i have to gear it down and work out something with CV joints. Interior would be nice too. YouTube video: Brickshelf gallery: OFFTOPIC: I am starting my own Truck Trial blog. Hopefully I will be writting about my and others' people trucks and TT in general. If you're interested, check this link:
  11. Stari89

    MOC TT-S11

    Hi! This is my 11th TT. I haven't eliminated all the kinks yet, however I think it should be good enough to show-and-tell. It is powered by 2 XL motors with 3:5 gear ratio. It has articulated steering with one LA. For easier steering and good grip I added two locking differentials. They are locked with help from pneumatic cylinders, operated by one M motor (both the pump and the valve). Tracks can be quickly swapped with wheels if there is need. Truck weighs 1500 grams. More and bigger pics HERE. Small track articulation is possible Removal of battery and other modules is simple! Detail of a valve for diffs and a LA for steering. Detail of a diff locking mechanism. Transformer!
  12. Stari89

    Hi from Stari89!

    Hello, my name is Damjan and I hide behind alias Stari89. I live in Slovenia an participate in both local LUGs "Kocke Klub" and "". Since my sixth birthday I love LEGO Technic line of products. In 2008 (in my 20s) I rediscovered my love for it and ever since I invest a good share of my part-time job (I'm in college) in LEGOs. I'm a really big fan of LEGO Truck Trial. I love watching clips of competitions on Youtube, I love watching pictures of other trucks and I especially love building and racing them. I've had a lot of help from Zblj in form of advice and now my trucks look very much like his. I very much like the idea of an international Truck Trial meeting (like the one in Hungary this year) and I'd like to participate in the future. I am mainly a Technic fan, so you may find me lurking and posting in that forum. I have brickshelf and Youtube accounts (beware of heavy metal) where I publish most of my creations. Cheers! TT-S02: My first all-round functional truck. TT-S05: My first (and best) truck I didn't base on Zblj' or someone else's truck. TT-S08d: My best truck up to date.
  13. Yes, I passively participate in both Slovenian LUGs. Thanks for a thorough answer!
  14. Stari89

    MOC TT-S08d

    Truck has similar bodywork to jovel's. I also used 'new' H-frames for axles plus soft springs, which I first saw on jovel's truck. My truck is also very similar to Zblj's IX and X (live portal axles, V8 in front, battery box and motors in the middle,......). Separate xl motor powering each side is probably the best Zblj's idea I've ever used. Truck corners very well and can still deliver power where it's needed. Tnx for liking this! Just got a 400% motivation boost! :D
  15. Stari89

    MOC TT-S08d

    Hi! I'm new here so go easy on me. :) This is my 8th truck trial (4th revision). It's powered by 2XL motors, each powering either left or right pair of wheels. I borrowed many ideas from Zblj and Jovel. On terrain Interrior Live axle and transmission Video: Instructions and high resolution photos: