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    MOC: Once Upon A Brick - Series 1

    Thanks for the above kind words of support. I have added my first update and have another update coming very soon, with another three characters.
  2. Hi everyone! I have just finished a MOC project that I would like to share with you here. I call it 'Once Upon A Brick' and the idea is to take classic Disney characters and re-imagine them as large-scale 2x4 LEGO Bricks. When choosing which character to do first, Mickey Mouse was the obvious choice and after that, his three friends seemed to be the next logical step; Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto. They average 110 LEGO bricks per model and stand approximately 13cm tall. I am calling the above four MOCs 'Series 1' and I have lots more series planned. I am nearly finished with 'Series 2' and will get them photographed just as soon as the last one is ready. Finally, I have been hoping to build something worthy of LEGO Ideas for a while and I think/hope that this series could be something that others may enjoy. With that in mind, I have submitted this project to LEGO Ideas and if you feel that this is a project worthy of support, then please follow the link and hit the SUPPORT button. Also, if you know anyone who you think might like to see this project made into an official LEGO product, then please pass the link onto them. Many, many thanks for taking the time to look at my builds! You can see more pictures in my Flickr album HERE. UPDATE #1 - UPDATE #1 - UPDATE #1 - UPDATE #1 4th June 2015 - Since I created this thread in April, I've been making more characters and have been moving away from the idea of sticking to the 'series' label that I'd used above. I've also been taking on board the feedback that I have been getting from people who have seen them in person. The one thing that I hear a lot is that they are much bigger than they look in the photos. I honestly think that some people were assuming that they were actually 2x4 bricks that I had been gluing parts onto. To help give perspective from now on, I have been taking new pictures of the characters with the LEGO brick that they are based upon, next to them. So, please may I introduce you to new members of the Once Upon A Brick family, coming straight to you from the 100 Acre Wood........... Winnie The Pooh & Friends From left to right, we have Pooh himself, then Piglet, Tigger and finally Eeyore. Piglet was a huge amount of fun to do and gave me my first chance to use something other than a 2x4 brick as the basis for the character. Since the rest of them are all 2x4s, it made sense that Piglet would be a 1x2 brick. As I said above, if you like these MOCs, I would be eternally grateful for your support on LEGO Ideas please.
  3. Hi everyone! After some very kind words from users here in regards to my large black (but a bit boring) CMF Display Stand (HERE), I wanted to share with you the display stand I made for the LEGO Movie CMF figures. There was no question for me that the Movie minifigures should get their own stand, since they are not part of the main CMF lineup (remember when these were rumoured to be Series 12?). So with that in mind, I had decide on how to display them. Using the amazing LEGO Movie logo was a no-brainer! The 'THE' is my favourite part of the logo! The logo is a separate unit to the minifigure stands and looks really effective as a MOC when displayed on its own. The yellow and black tiles that you can see at the front and back of the logo are part of a support plate structure that prevents the logo from overbalancing and tipping forward or backwards. The logo was the easy bit compared to the rest of this MOC. I had a lot of trouble thinking of a way to display the Minifigures around the logo and what I kept coming back to was the 'construction' theme of the movie and of the posters in particular. So with that in mind, I went with the idea of scaffolding and made a kind of scaffolding framework that would stand underneath the logo and curl around it. The scaffolding uses 304 of the 'Light Sword / Wand' parts in light bluish gray. Getting each of the eight stands to be identical in size and shape required very careful and precise use of a pair of pliers (suitably padded) to insert each wand to the correct depth. Pushing one wand in too deep or not enough would alter the shape of the individual stand. I learnt this early on when my second stand was a different size to my first. I had to scrap them both and start again, using a larger frame made of plates that fit around the stand, making sure the insertion depth was consistent between stands. As I did on my previous CMF stand, I printed out custom stickers with the character's name and applied them to 1x4 white tiles to act as nameplates. Thanks for looking! You can view the full album on Flickr HERE.
  4. Lucifer Adams

    MOC: CMF Display Stand (Collectable Minifigures)

    Thanks everyone for the really kind feedback! AmperZand, grouping your figs by theme is a really cool idea! I bet your Monsters all look cool together! K-Nut and Fred67, I am really leaning towards these myself. The dust issue is just getting too much. It takes nearly an hour to dust this damn thing! I'm considering breaking it up and modifying the stand to fit inside these kinds of boxes. Thanks especially for the pics, Fred. CCarmichael89, I had taken a photo of a Skier but it was really poor quality. The Skiers are quite tricky to get into place but I found a way that works. First I trim off a couple of plates from the wall behind where the skis will go, just like I did for Medusa. That means the back of the Skis can go through the back wall and bring the legs nearly flush with it. Then I use a similar idea to the Skaters but this time I put a single 1x1 brick with stud in the wall and add a couple of black 1x1 round plates to that stud. I then attach this horizontal 'peg' into one of the holes in back of the Skier's legs. You can experiment by adding and taking away the 1x1 round plates to move the Skier forward and backwards.
  5. Hi everyone! I finally got around to taking some new photos of my CMF stand. I adore CMFs and they are actually the reason I got back into LEGO as an adult, following a chance purchase of a single series 4 pack whilst out shopping (Kimono Girl, you have a special place in my heart). As LEGO fans, we must all have more Minifigures than we know what to do with, so I'm curious as to what everyone else does with theirs? For me, I started simply enough with a single-tiered stand that just grew and grew with each new series. The stand is currently 55cm high, 37cm deep and it is 54.5cm wide. I have made several modifications to the design as the stand has evolved. Once it became too big and heavy to move easily, I broke it down and made it modular. It currently is made up of THREE modular pieces: - 1) Series 1 - 5 2) Series 6 - 11 3) The 'raiser' The 'Raiser' has seven jumper plates on top, which are used to hold series 6-11 in place. Series 1-5 then neatly slides up against the front of the 'raiser' to give the illusion of one large stand but allows me to move it easily for dusting and display purposes. The back of all the three modules features 1x2 Technic bricks with holes, so when a new series comes out, I can just 'bolt on' a new tier with Technic pins. This saves me from having to take the whole thing apart and rebuild for each new tier. The name plates are made by putting custom stickers onto 1x4 white tiles. The 'series' tiles are a little more complicated in terms of sticker design but follow the same principle as the name plates and are put onto 2x2 white tiles. The custom stickers are simply designed in Microsoft Word and then printed onto clear adhesive/sticker paper (it comes in A4 sheets) via my office printer, cut to size and applied to LEGO tiles. One of the things that this stand allows me to do is to add some dynamic posing for those characters that imply movement or that are an unusual size, or that have accessories that would look better in use. For example: - The Sky Diver looks fine standing straight up, but he looks even better when in free-fall! Medusa's tail is so long that I had to make a hole to allow it to poke out the back. I would be especially interested to hear how people who frame and hang their Minifigures have handled Medusa. Adding a Hinge Brick (a.k.a. Rocker Plate) allowed me to angle the Snowboarders and Surfers and let them not only ride their boards, but do it at dynamic angles. This is much more preferable than standing them straight up with their board held in their hand (framed Minifigures again). Putting the Ice Skates on Series 4's Hockey Player and Ice Skater means that they can no longer attach to a plate. I got around this by putting a Technic half-pin into the back of their legs to hold them in place over a tile. The Technic pin goes onto a 'tap' and the 'tap' attaches to the stand. So there it is. Series 12 is looming and soon this stand will have one more tier. I do not have room for many more tiers, so I am quite pleased that LEGO have slowed down with the release of these CMFs. I have custom display stands for the LEGO Movie Minifigures and also for Team GB, so look for them on here soon. I'm currently working on a Simpsons display stand but am only at a very early design stage in LDD. How do you display your Minifigures? I'd love to know. Thanks for looking! You can view the full album on Flickr HERE.
  6. Lucifer Adams

    JAWS Movie Poster in 3D (MOC)

    Thanks again to everyone for the really, really kind feedback for this MOC. I have made some tweaks and added some more pictures.
  7. Lucifer Adams

    Hello from Yorkshire, UK

    Hi everyone! I've been an AFOL for a couple of years now, but am very new to Eurobricks, having only just had my first look around tonight. It's clearly a fantastic site and the community here seems amazing. So thanks for having me and I hope to be able to contribute in a positive way, to give something back to this site. Best wishes, Chris
  8. Lucifer Adams

    JAWS Movie Poster in 3D (MOC)

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you my latest MOC and one that has been a real passion-project for me. I'm a huge movie fan and Jaws is probably the film that I love the most. So creating a Jaws MOC is something that I've been thinking about for quite a while. The poster measures approximately 15.75" (40cm) tall, 13.5" (34cm) wide and 5.25" (13.5cm) deep. I estimate the finished model is likely to be in the 3300 – 4000 parts range. It took about eight hours to put it all together and about 20 hours to design in LDD. The water effect is achieved by pouring 1x1 round transparent clear plates in between a solid brick wall and a wall made up of Transparent-Clear panels. The gap between the back wall and the Trans-Clear plates is a single stud. The gap on the left and right is four studs wide. A view from the side where you can see how it sits inside the black 'box' A view from the other side. Dinner time? You can view the full set on Flickr at THIS link UPDATE I have made a couple of tweaks to this piece. The first was a minor change to the top of the 'W' in 'JAWS'. I had capped it off with two 2x2 red tiles but they did not go all the way to the edges, so I replaced the 2x2s with two 1x3s and this makes the 'W' look better. The second modification was more significant and is based on some feedback I received below from Clone OPatra. I was never truly happy with how the shark's nose jutted out over his top lip. To solve this, I made the shark's head one brick wider but kept the nose where it was. This leads to a smoother transition from lip to nose. Finally, whilst I had the camera out, I took the top off to allow for a 'cross-section' view, showing how the various 3D elements look when viewed from above.