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    Cuusoo Issues

    Thank you all for some good advice and supportive words. As a new Cuusoo user and Forum participant I wasn't quite prepared for the bashing as I love Lego and thought everyone else did too? You're right not to take it too seriously and I shall carry on creating new projects. However, after being a member on Cuusoo for over a week, I don't, on the whole feel very welcomed by the community. I will post other stuff other than Cuusoo too
  2. tjspencer1

    Cuusoo Issues

    I would just like to add my thanks to those of you who have supported me so far - This means a huge amount for the time it's taken me and the effort I've put in. I have been a member of Cuusoo for just over a week and have created two projects which I am very proud of. In this time I have upset the entire Christian fan base regarding my Origin of the minifigure exhibit, annoyed one of the most active Cuusoo reviewers about my tagging and been accused of copying someone elses project. Is it just me, or does it seem that Cuusoo is more of a forum for criticisms rather than looking at the build ingenuity and the talent of designing? Has anyone else found this to be the case? All I am trying to do is design models that are the closest resemblance to something Lego would actually take seriously rather than a competition between members. Please tell me your thoughts? If you like a particular theme, why are you not supporting all of them, for example? The whole point is to try and get the items made by Lego right?
  3. tjspencer1

    My new MOC

    Probably between the 2500 & 3000. Unfortunately, I've created it in LDD so it doesn't give an exact count. If I could afford it and be able to locate the exact pieces I would love to build it. Will try and post some more interior pics for you to see. As you can imagine LDD is a bit limited on this front. Will do my best to get some interior shots of it on here. Go to my Cuusoo page to look at a few more pics if you like too
  4. tjspencer1

    My new MOC

    Hello LEGO community. I am an avid LEGO collector as I'm sure all of you are. I wanted to ask opinions on my latest project. It includes 5 minifigures; Archeologist Shop Girl Security Guard Dino Kid Cave Man I've also made a T-rex and Brontosaurus like the real natural history museum in London. Includes 7 functional rooms; Dinosaur Exhibit Aquactic & Mammal Section Precious Stones Room Creep Crawlys Botanic Laboratory Study Room
  5. Hello LEGO community. I am an avid LEGO collector as I'm sure all of you are. I wanted to ask opinions on my latest project that I have listed on Cuusoo. Has anyone got any tips in how to get my idea seen and whether or not you like the set? Please head over to the Cuusoo website and search for natural history museum. I look forward to all your feedback