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    [MOC] Fire Truck "Metz L32A"

    Hey! My ladder truck isnt able to fold up like you said. It's a different type of vehicle. I guess you mean fire trucks with a telescopic boom. Some of them have got a small ladder at the right side, but this one is usually for emergency escapes. We have got these trucks in europe too but they're mostly used in industrial areas or in cities with skyscrapers or other high buildings.
  2. That's awesome! I tried so often to make a smooth ampliroll function and you did it now! But i've got one question: What is the maximum weight you can lift with this mechanism? i always tried to build a mechanism, which lifts 1.2 kg, but i failed. With kind regards, Heiko
  3. Hypo

    [MOC] Fire Truck "Metz L32A"

    Thank you all for your feedback! I wanted to have 5 ladder parts (4 extendable), just like the real one. As you see, it reaches the top of the 8th floor. Strasse5 by hypo_fire, on Flickr (picture is a rendered LDD file of an earlier version of the truck) Greets, Heiko
  4. Hello everybody, i'd like to introduce my newest creation! This is my minfig-scale ladder truck, based on a Metz L32A on Mercedes Atego Chassis. I hope you enjoy! 1 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 2 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 3 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 4 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 5 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 6 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 7 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 8 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 9 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 10 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 11 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 12 by hypo_fire, on Flickr With kind regards, Heiko
  5. I really like the warning lights function! Do we can adjust the frequency/offset of flashing in the app? That would be nice for heavy machines, aircraft, rescue vehicles and so on... ...btw backed with 73! Heiko
  6. Hi, i made this picture to tell you, that most of the power pushes between two pins which dont increase the torque. You lose too much power in pushing the two yellow pins (in the right). SUM OF MOMENTS = SUM OF TORQUE (translation mistake, SORRY! ) i hope this will help you. Greetings from germany, Heiko
  7. Thank you all for your help. I think i'll try some hard wheel inlets (foam) from RC-Car's. I have to use the 56x26 because of the diameter (62 is too big, 49 is too small) and the offroad-look. with kind regards, Heiko
  8. Hi, i've got a problem with the load capacity of the 56x26 tires. Has anybody found a solution to improve the maximum load before they collapse? I already put some pneumatic hoses in there, which improved the load capacity, but they didnt run smooth after. Are there any "tire in tire solutions" or anything else to fix that problem? Thanks for any help =) Heiko
  9. thank you SO much =)
  10. thank you, i wanted to put in the video as [media][/media] but it didnt work... don't know, if that's a compliment, but thank you
  11. Hey! i just want to present you my entry for the [mini] technic build contest. It's my mini technic ladder, consisting of exactly 200 parts (199 ldd count, 200 because of turntable assembly) The functions are: steering stabilizers tilting the ladder turntable http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyNeCq6gves A picture of the parts will come soon. Greetz, Hypo
  12. friction does matter. They are useful for simple but massive steering solutions.
  13. THAT's the point!
  14. I think my worst technic moc was this "thing" of a lamborghini gallardo from 2007 Greets, Heiko
  15. *double post, sorry