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  1. danny316p

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    There's some room to argue the definition of a Q element...technically, any element produced specifically for model shops is a Q element. In the eyes of LEGO and Merlin, this means that if a part was in a set 20 years ago and they make some of them now, that newer run of the part is a Q element because they're producing that element for LEGOLAND (or other model shops - Kladno, Enfield, etc). Most AFOLs would say that something is not a Q element if it's ever appeared in a set, even though LEGO uses a slightly different definition. It's easier for us to think of Q elements as parts that have never been in a set (since we can easily identify those), but LEGO considers a part to be in Q status whenever it's not currently in regular production. It's a little clearer for parts that have different molds over time...I think most of us have older clear 2 x 4 bricks around, but the modern clear 3001s are a Q element. There's also the pat pend parts in newer colors (old grey, old dark grey, green and tan) that can be identified as Q elements because the ones in sets all came out well after the pat pend era. I'm not aware of any way to tell the difference between the 2x2 tiles from that set and the ones made for the parks.
  2. danny316p

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    I hate to be contrary this far into a thread, but this was started to discuss LEGOLAND non-production parts...which tend to be less exciting. For example, I've seen a park maintenance shop continue to stock the older version of jumper plates, without the groove at the bottom. I would theorize (but will likely never know for certain) that the old jumper plates are now made for the parks as a Q element - even though we all know those as a boring common part that's been around for years. Many others get put in sets eventually...I've been building with some of my rare 2x4s (which were made for LEGOLAND Discovery Centers) lately because so many colors have shown up in kits. The only way to identify the ones made for LEGOLAND is a mold number under the bricks (and the extra wear, since these weren't new when I got them). I know, pics or it didn't happen: In the bottom two rows, the bricks on the left (up through the dark purple one) are from a Discovery Center (acquired legally in a way I'm told they no longer allow). Of these rare colors, only bright green and pearl dark grey are still particularly rare - medium lavender, medium nougat, medium azure, light aqua, and flame yellowish orange are now common in sets. I thought spring yellowish green had shown up in a Ninjago something-or-other, but I can't seem to find any reference to that now. The Maersk blue brick in front is a pat. pend 2 x 4 brick I got from our Historian - a modern version of this brick can be found in a few sets. Another thing I've been fortunate to do on a few occasions is visit the LEGOLAND Florida Model Shop. It's essentially a maintenance shop - the sculptures in the park tend to come from either LEGO's Model Shops or Merlin's production shops, although a few things are actually built locally (most notably, the now-retired "Fresh From Florida" greenhouse only featured models built in Florida). They've never had time to build up too much inventory there - the LLFL Model Shop is currently in its third location in only 5 years. I've indulged my interest in Q elements by taking photos of their stock, although I've never been allowed to take any pieces from the shop (I figure I'm lucky I've been allowed to take pictures). It's a bit of a strain, but you can see the clear part selection here...2x2 tiles and plates, 1x8 bricks, and more... 3020s in Very Light Bluish Grey, 1x4 bricks in flesh: A variety of rarities in flesh/nougat colors: Bricks and plates in light flesh: Many of my photos are less exciting. This part came out in 2016: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=99206&colorID=2&in=A but I saw it at LEGOLAND in early 2015: Before the Wall-E set, the parts pallette for their Monster Fighters hearse was really thrilling (3007 and a few other parts here still don't "exist"): Clear jumper plates anyone? Some of those curiously plentiful grooveless jumpers show up here too: More light flesh: How about some more very light bluish grey plates? Travis bricks in various colors: These 1x10 bricks were in sets, but LEGOLAND probably got an extra production run: Reddish brown appears to be a non-production color of http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6140#T=C and http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=4083#T=C More nougat-y goodness: If anyone were to start trying to catalog all of the LEGOLAND-specific parts out there, I'd be more than willing to help...but it would be quite an undertaking. The Florida park may be enlightening as a relatively accessible park whose model shop was only stocked with parts after Merlin took over the parks.
  3. Is the "hubless gear" useful as a planetary gear?
  4. My oldest pieces are probably some tubeless 2x4 bricks from the late 50s. Kids, if you don't own any bricks older than your parents, you're not collecting rare parts correctly. I've collected a variety of Q elements over the years, but most of those are easy to find among rare elements. My rarest is probably my brand ribbon display stand: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dp3/9644163358/in/album-72157635320379651/
  5. I think you're looking for The Brickish Association: http://www.brickish.org/
  6. danny316p

    BrickFair VA-What to Expect?

    Aww, thanks. Mariann's on here as Model_Gal, but doesn't post much these days (not that I was ever that active here... ) That collaboration has gotten very popular over the years...we're running it again at BFVA this year, and it's going to be at Brickworld Chicago, Bricks By the Bay, BrickCon, and BrickFair New Jersey too (although it's smaller and run a little differently at the other events). There's plenty of space at BFVA, but it is managed more closely than at BFAL. There's no limit to how many you can bring, but you'll want to check with theme leaders when you get there to make sure you're not spreading out too much. The theme leaders make sure everyone has enough space, and will let you know if you need to move something to a different table. In Virginia, you have the advantage of a Wal-Mart within walking distance of the expo center. Registered exhibitors (not public) can pick up snacks and drinks there, hide them under their display tables, and then grab fresh ice from the hotel before heading back to the expo hall in the mornings. Coolers are nice, but the convenience of the location works even for those of us flying in.
  7. danny316p

    BrickFair VA-What to Expect?

    Aanchir, I swear you had your screen name on your badge last year too. I know your real name now, but I wouldn't have recognized you back then without the screen name.
  8. danny316p

    BrickFair VA-What to Expect?

    I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't find the AFOL link - most of the conventions have started intentionally making information for public (kids and their parents, mostly) much easier to find than info for AFOLs (diehard LEGO people who usually bring things to display). "Public Hours" is a short period of time on Saturday and Sunday, but the full convention starts a few days earlier. Most of the games and activities you hear about at conventions aren't open to the public. The link for the AFOL site is http://www.brickfair.com/afol/ BrickFair tries to push people to register far in advance (engraving brick badges, printing MOC cards, and packing goodie bags all take time), but there's usually a few people who show up at the door and pay to register on the spot, just for early access. Registering now will run you $65, and that will give you access to the convention center Wednesday through Friday (not to mention before and after public hours on Saturday and Sunday). Yes, I was trying to figure out how to describe that back at BrickFair Alabama. It's a very unique experience being handed giant bags of parts direct from LEGO and told to build something (even if it is a few hundred identical tiny tables). I suspect the only comparable feeling is actually working at a model shop. This varies widely. Generally, any great deals at the vendors will be bought by registered attendees before public hours. Some vendors have started holding back some stock until public hours so they won't be completely picked over, and some will discount things before the public gets in to support the people exhibiting MOCs. The yard sales aren't open to the public at all - they've been an ongoing experiment for BrickFair, with the Virginia event generally being so busy that the yard sale barely works. This is the first time there's been more than one yard sale at BrickFair. You should also keep in mind that you're not paying for shipping when you buy things in person - that frequently makes the difference in whether or not something is worth buying. I'd recommend bringing cash for large purchases, but it's hard to predict in advance. The charity auction (Friday night) is the exception - things usually sell for more because people want to raise money for charity. This year, we actually have a bet against Brickworld to see who raises more money, so it will be even more competitive than usual. Of course, this is also where the rarest items are offered. This year also has a few trading events on Thursday: a minifig swap and a promotional collectibles trading post (think DUPLO Promo Bricks and LEGO store exclusives).
  9. danny316p

    BrickFair VA-What to Expect?

    Expect to be overwhelmed. BrickFair VA is the largest fan convention and it is not possible to see and do everything. I'm assuming by "attending" you mean staying for the whole event (which starts on Wednesday) - if not, you really should register to get there on Wednesday so that you can properly enjoy the event instead of having to fight the public day crowds to see anything. It's too late to sign up for games (except for drafts), but you should bring things for games that don't require signing up (Dirty Brickster comes to mind). Expect to hear plenty of LEGO people - everyone tends to be a bit laid back and happy to talk LEGO with anyone. The only catch being that people are likely to ask you what you brought or what you build - so you'll be the odd person out if you don't bring something to display. New this year: expect to see a miniland-scaled model of the convention itself. The parts for the bulk of the layout are actually owned by BrickFair itself (myself and another co-coordinator assemble the empty map early during the event), and attendees bring miniland versions of themselves and their MOCs.
  10. danny316p

    Pre-production design

    The source for that information being Jamie Berard's appearance at BrickFair New England - I was there and able to get even more photos, including close-ups of his prototypes and photos of most of Jamie's slides. They're mixed in with the rest of my BFNE photos (his presentation was near the beginning of the event but I got more photos later on): https://www.flickr.c...57644658603741/ ...presumably he's bringing the same goodies on his upcoming trip to BrickFete.
  11. danny316p

    LEGO Inside Tour set 2014

    That would be the "elsewhere" I was referring to. That set isn't out yet.
  12. danny316p

    LEGO Inside Tour set 2014

    I'd rebuild it from my own parts if it didn't use those 1x1 clear tiles (exclusive to the LEGO House so far, but soon to be released elsewhere).
  13. danny316p

    Anybody here attending Brickfair?

    Full disclosure: I'm a repeat BrickFair volunteer who has completely drunk their kool-aid and actually helped Todd codify BrickFair's current advertising, card, & signage rules (seen on the BrickFair FAQ: http://www.brickfair.com/faq/afol.asp ). Said rules were not actually put in writing until after the 2012 Virginia event. It doesn't matter whether or not the website looks like a store - the rule is no advertising. It's also relatively easy to work around - signage isn't allowed but mosaics and printed bricks are. You're fine if you build something with the URL for your website on an engraved brick or a mosaic with a QR code for a website. There's also an exception for "a small card for personal sites". Another "exception" is that vendors can advertise anything, but (as you said) that isn't really useful since vendor spots are filled so far in advance. Vendors can complain all they like, but they can't stop you from selling anything on your own. Heck, the whole reason BrickFair runs the "yard sale" at every event is to allow non-vendors to sell things. These rules only exist to prevent the whole event from feeling like a trade show instead of a community event - the extreme case in 2012 was a problem with someone bringing enormous signs and then hiding all of their MOCs outside of public hours. These shows are supposed to be fun and shouldn't require any "incentive" - the point is to display your MOCs, see other MOCs, and hang out with other AFOLs. The official rule is only that clone brand parts are banned. Aftermarket pieces made for AFOLs are fine. I don't know who would have told you otherwise, but they would be in the wrong. This is also in the FAQ on the website (under "Is non-LEGO string okay?") and usually appears in the program guide for each event. These rules have nothing to with what is or isn't sold by vendors, who really don't have much of a say (I've personally warned vendors who've been caught selling MegaBloks before). Again, that would be advertising, and not in the spirit of the event. The idea is to have fun, not to promote things. That comes from the top, not from the vendors. When this topic was brought up by volunteers in 2012, the official answer was that BrickFair had always had a stance on this and that the rule needed to be made more clear. As per your request from last year, an official Technic Draft will be on the schedule again this year. Most of the details are still TBA, but we wrote new rules for large drafts after the 2012 event to make sure that the Technic draft won't take several hours again. I haven't pushed for any particular set this time around, but it should be another large kit split into $20 shares.
  14. danny316p

    COMING TO BW 2014

    I see now. I wasn't clear on the secrecy involved. How do I get back "on the list' now that I don't have permission to view that forum anymore? I'd like to read the wrap-up commentary about the layout...
  15. How early are people getting in on Wednesday? I've got a gap in my schedule that I may fill by getting to the convention center early.