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    Ideas For new sets(Wild West)

    So guys. I'm not saying we will definately have some new western sets, but it would be nice to see what people would like. Maybe someone could send the ideas off to the lego company themselves! I would like a nearly ghost town with a banker 3 union soldiers A union leutenant 2 or 3 confederate soldiers A confederate Colonal A deserted jail a bank a small saloon a cactus a husk please reply to this as it would be interesting to see.
  2. Governor Wes

    The 1989 Sets versus 2009 Sets

    The new ones, although there is lots happening with these new pieces, the quality and playability is better in the oldies. The pirates have no real threats on the seas, just some soldiers in a fort (I know about the imperial flagship in 2010 but it is very expensive !)
  3. Governor Wes

    PETITION to keep the Pirates theme beyond 2010

    In fact, this theme means so much to me, i'll sign again! Count me in again!
  4. Governor Wes

    PETITION to keep the Pirates theme beyond 2010

    OOH yes. Two friends of mine don't have accounts so they asked me to write this: (I wrote this in the exact way they said it.) Lewis: Don't discontinue the pirates line. Steve: (He said basically the same)
  5. Governor Wes

    Who are the bad guys?

    Looking at real life, the British pirates worked for the Redcoats and the king/queen. The French ones worked fro the emperor and the Spanish ones worked for the Spanish King/queen. So i suppose it's who you support most.
  6. Governor Wes

    The GREAT historical LEGO WAR!!!

    no comment
  7. Governor Wes

    Pirates or Imperials

    i would like to be an Imperial armada captain. You either get a really cool hat or get to command people with cool hats.
  8. Governor Wes

    New Ideas for Pirate LEGO Sets

    I would be fine with an imperial ship of some sort.
  9. Governor Wes

    POTC or Classic pirates in 2011

    POTC Is too fictional for my taste , with skeletons and ghosts. I think maybe just normal imperials vs pirates, or even better, Pirates vs Imperial Guards vs Imperial Soldiers vs Imperial armada.
  10. Governor Wes

    Petition for Western returning

    Sign me up. I'm in!
  11. Governor Wes Report: The Future of LEGO Pirates

    how would you define cartoon-like? Is that where the sails have an unreal design or what? I like the bid for imperial Armada! well said!
  12. Governor Wes

    How do you add a pic to your profile

    don't worry, i just have!
  13. Governor Wes

    Admiral's Daughter & Governor Broadside

    Doesn't broadside wear a naval cocked hat with a red plume and white decal? Very good drawing. I can't do better.
  14. Governor Wes

    Possible Future Pirate Exclusives

    I think have all of the imperials like armada, guards and soldiers, and a small pirate raft. Includes: 3 ships 1 raft 1 conquistador 4 armada sentries Governor broadside 2 Imperial guards A new admiral I made called Fackelbackar (Evil face, black beard) 2 imperial soldiers A small village. Captain Blackbeard 2 pirates It's a bumper set, I know. Good thinking. Maybe you could send the ideas off to lego themselves!
  15. So, the title is self explanatory, as I am new.