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  1. I was wondering why they'd pair Kopaka with Melum exlusively, and not sell them separately like the others. It seemed like such a random choice! But this thread leaves me with no doubt in my mind. TLG knew nobody would buy Melum on his own because his unity mode brings nothing new to the table. But they knew Kopaka was a desirable Toa, so they effectively made Kopaka more expensive in order to move a less desirable product off shelves with him.
  2. ciano

    Official Lego Movie

    Are we sure this is all CG and not stop-motion? I recall an early interview with the film makers stating they'd use a mixture of live action and CGI.
  3. ciano

    Reminiscing About 1990s Pirates Now there's a set. Never had it, mind you, but I do believe it represents a paragon of design, theme, and play value. And look at that exclusive merchant ship - a new civilian faction for the line, never seen before or heard from since! And our very own funkybrick wrote a beautiful review of that set which you can find here: Some of the image alias' go to different images now that it's so old, but that only makes it funnier if you ask me.
  4. Has anyone tried fitting a minifig Luke into this set? With the R2D2 included, that cockpit begs for a pilot. Anybody know if it works? What about a Technic man?
  5. ciano

    Your dream Lego theme

    They did an anime theme, specifically mecha anime. It was called Exo Force.
  6. ciano

    Danish Village Street

    Could you please show us some of the reference pictures you used for inspiration? I think that would help us understand the nature of the look you're going for.
  7. 38/ Colosseum of Atlantis by Brick_Tom: 4 Points 34/ Temple of Anubis by Oky Wan Kenobi: 2 Points 26/ Assault on the Mountain Temple by mcfarlandman: 1 Point Thank you all for making these, I really enjoyed looking at them!
  8. ciano

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread Found a nice collection of pictures. Sorry if it's already been posted, but it's quite convenient. Oh man, I can't wait!
  9. ciano

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Well, I guess I'm finally going to see the zombie/ghost pirate sets I've longed for, but it kinds sucks that it's a licensed theme. I always preferred classic pirates.
  10. ciano


    I want this theme. In fact, I want to create my own theme now. I think I'll go do that. Thank you. Just one thing though - it could use another color. Black, white and green would look good, I think (but those white tires are wicked). But don't let that one criticism get you down, please. This theme is amazing.
  11. ciano

    Review: 6079 Dark Forest Fortress

    I remember unwrapping this set Christmas morning in the late '90s and having my mind blown because it hadn't been on store shelves for years! Now it seems that this set is capable of amazing me endlessly - I do not remember it being this awesome at all! I may have to rebuild my old one now.
  12. ciano

    Worst internet experience's?

    Zelda Universe has always been a good site in my experience. If you want a bad internet experience, watch the BME Pain Olympics.
  13. ciano

    New AFOL/TFOL online survey

    It's funny you should mention that, because my friend just started carrying Cobi in his store precisely for that reason. Same at my friend's store. They have about three times as much PlayMobil as they do LEGO.
  14. ciano

    What are you listening to?

    Power In The Blood - A3
  15. ciano

    New AFOL/TFOL online survey

    Hey everyone, I have a friend who owns pretty much the world's greatest toy store on earth. We both love LEGO, but according to him, the company's a pain to deal with. They cut special deals with big retailers like Target and Toys "R" Us, and gouge the bulk cost of their sets to near the MSRP, which has forced my friend to sell fewer and fewer LEGO products. Combined with the free gift wrapping his store offers, this pretty much forces him not to make any money selling what is understandably his store's biggest selling brand. Please use this survey to tell LEGO to stop forcing independent toy stores to sell their products without making a profit! I want the cool little toy stores to continue to thrive.