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  1. Arckhasan siege Deeply in Eubric woods,Hinckwells built the powerful castle Arckhasan.But now the great orcish army is laying siege on it.Brave warriors of Hinckwell army are holding enemy troops for long time,but orcs have finally set the ladders and their attacks are much more effective.Defense is exhausted and many of them are wounded.After a month,a mighty wizard Morlin came and he is helping the warriors.
  2. Im asking this just for fun and to see how much bricks people from all around the world have.
  3. Mikisajlo


    Soccer,Free running,Drawing...
  4. Im looking for some human castles and fortresses, not orcish.
  5. Mikisajlo

    Hello from Serbia

    Zdravo monsinjor.
  6. Mikisajlo

    Is Lego only for kids?

    Thanks for advices. Nice moc,Kivi.
  7. Mikisajlo

    Is Lego only for kids?

    Thanks. I just wanted to hear that from you guys.
  8. Mikisajlo

    Forngord Castle

    Nice colors. Great job.
  9. Mikisajlo

    Is Lego only for kids?

    Guys,I have a problem.I want to start my Lego hobby,but everyone says that Lego is only for kids and that Im too old for that. Im little embarrassed. Should I keep buildng? Can somebody say me something about it. please
  10. Can you tell me a name of some castle that orcs atacked in game,I need it for contest.
  11. Mikisajlo

    [MOC] LOTR Minas Tirith

    Nice mini-castle
  12. Mikisajlo

    MOC: The Desert Rose

    Very nice red castles. So much details...
  13. Mikisajlo

    The Siege

    Very nice. Love walls and details.
  14. Mikisajlo

    Ambushed! (built by my little bro)

    Nice cart.