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  1. Temet Nosce

    Modular building

    Lots of brilliant models, but I especially like the modernness of the medical building :)
  2. Temet Nosce

    [MOC] Modular Train Station

    Wow a truly great model. I would love to see this as an official model, such a clever idea!
  3. Temet Nosce

    [MOC] Record Store (Modular Building)

    The insides are very well thought out, and work great! I'm loving the circular tower as well. Perhaps a sandwich board advertisement on the pavement might just be the cherry on the cake.
  4. Temet Nosce

    All 10 modulars together. Total of 17 sets.

    I'm loving all the extended modulars, in particular the town hall in the video works really really well. I've got all the modulars other than Cafe Corner, but I'm still jealous you have the space to display them all at once!
  5. Temet Nosce

    The Big Bang Theory Discussion

    I was hoping it would be out by now, as I was planning on getting it my wife it for valentines day, she is a massive fan of the show and 'cute' lego.
  6. Temet Nosce

    10246 Detective's Office

    As others have said, I would prefer to see a return to a bigger, more detailed, exterior. I mainly display mine and never look at the interiors. so while i appreciate the joy of building clever interior design i would still like a bit more bang for my buck in the actual imposing physicality of the building. Its probably the one set that i dont feel i need even to complete the collection.
  7. Temet Nosce

    MOD: Modular Police Station (60047)

    I think its a great representation of a modern police building, yet reminiscent of most lego city police stations, great work.
  8. Temet Nosce

    MOC: Metal Beard's Super Cycle

    Great work, there's no mistaking its Metalbeard!
  9. Temet Nosce

    Review: 79014 Dol Guldur Battle

    Great review, although I think the set itself isn't too great. It looks like generic ruins with not a lot of obvious details. Plus it doesn't stand out as anything iconic from middle earth. However after the 2nd movie is out I may well be eating those words. The minifigs are the usual fantastic focus of the set though.
  10. Temet Nosce

    Review: 79011 Dol Guldur Ambush

    Great review, definitely a set for the minifigs, Beorns head/hair is fantastic! Perfect for an MOC of a generic 80s rock group!
  11. Temet Nosce

    My 2013 Winter Village

    A lovely christmas winter scene, looks great under your tree!
  12. Great review, thanks. I love the cat jumper!
  13. Temet Nosce

    5 Recent Modular Buildings

    I love the way the coffee shop looks like an old refurbished factory (from Manchester, UK at least) and the rest of the buildings are great too!
  14. Temet Nosce

    MOC: London hotel and pub

    excellent use of the legs and flippers for detail, I love seeing MOCs that think so far out of the box! !
  15. Temet Nosce

    LDD MOC - Heartlake Flower Shop

    A great friends themed set, I love the oversized bouquet as the shop sign.