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  1. The L shaped footprint is perfect for a corner modular, and I'm surprised Lego has not done it already. The color scheme is great as well, though considering the current modular building franchise, I'm a bit nervous about the tan since over half of the corners use it as a major part of their color scheme. There's a lot of sculptural elements all over the facade, which looks very interesting. I somewhat agree with @MAB that elements like the lion head are generally best suited to highlight certain locations of a set, and that perhaps there could be some more stretches of spaces without texture (think how Al's barbershop balances with the Highlander, texture-wise, or the sand green bits of the florist shop from AS framed in by the stonework). I do wonder how it would look if the lion heads were used a little more sparingly? Despite this sentiment, I do actually like how the lion heads are built into the walls. All that texture and depth is handled quite well and very pleasing to look at, especially above the windows and the perfectly sculpted foundation line. Sometimes I see an MOC that has tons of sculptural elements all over the facade and it can be overwhelming and difficult to look at, but somehow you've managed to make it easy on the eyes while still maintaining a high level of detail. The parts usage above the yellow H is very impressive as well, and it took a few moments before I recognized what those elements were. I also agree that having a repeating floor adds good visual repetition and makes sense for a hotel. I remember the Grand Emporium got some flack for it, but I really like seeing repeating floors on buildings like the cafe and bakery in AS (granted, the bakery did have awnings exclusive to the 3rd floor). Maybe having an element reserved for one of the two floors (like a small balcony on one of them) would help diversify the building experience while still maintaining the much needed repetition. The way you have shaped the building with angles and curves looks great, and I love how the curved railing crowns the concave area that overlooks the courtyard. The courtyard itself is a wonderful addition that adds green space up front that I really like, and the wall surrounding it being topped off with a concrete orb on either side of the gate feels like how it would be handled realistically and it just looks so good. I don't think I've ever seen a lawn chair built like that before, and it looks really good. The interior is very well done as well. Sadly, there is a bit that just looks wrong to me. I've seen lots of statues in MOC modular buildings, and most of the time they don't feel right to me, this one included. I'm still trying to figure out why, but it could be that mimicking contrapposto by having the statues in a walking motion makes them look too lightweight or aloof to be stone or bronze? And in some cases like your statue, the posture is unbalanced and looks ready to fall forward. The subject matter of the statue also feels arbitrary to me, though I am sure you had your reasons for making it a person with a helmet and trident that I'm unaware of. The nearby spire looks excellent, and I feel as though the statue is trying to steal the show and it just feels a little strange to look at. Despite all the criticism I've thrown at your statue, don't let that get in the way of how much I appreciate the rest of the model!
  2. Overcold

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    There is a lot to like about this build. It captures the architectural style incredibly well, the form is interesting and uses curved elements to their great potential, and I love the pastel color scheme. The way you handle the plant elements on the interior and exterior is well done. There's enough greenery to get the setting and atmosphere without it being overwhelming or cluttering up the softer colors. I also like the attention to detail, like the use of grille bricks on the left side windows to simulate window blinds, and the wonderfully designed carpet in the lobby that matches the architecture. I'm unsure if the left windows on the upper floors are situated too close to the edge of the building. Perhaps a buffer of a single brick or sideways tile on the left wall would make them feel a little more framed into the building. If you haven't already considered this, I would also like to see some interior on the upper floors too. I wonder if you left them out intentionally so that the large upper floor windows stand on their own rather than having an interior clutter that space when viewing it from the outside? If you are able to extend the interior somehow, I imagine that those rooms would be quite a nice sight. Other than that, I'm unable to find opportunities for improvement. This is one of my favorite builds I've seen from you.
  3. I was thinking that too. Looks like we're getting 3 expert vehicle sets this year. Not that I'm complaining. I don't expect it to be a train, but like many others I would be thrilled if it was. I forget which designer mentioned this in an interview, but I recall that the winter village train from 2017 sold incredibly well because it was something that both train and winter village enthusiasts appreciated. They also hinted that they may attempt a similar approach with another expert franchise such as the modular buildings. (I might be misremembering this, so take it with a grain of salt.). I suspect that if they make a train it will be paired with another set such as a modular train station. carlo.fadel posted a couple pages ago with confidence that it would be an iconic English car. And Technicallism similarly stated it would be a Harley Davidson Motorcycle (supposedly a reliable source). Given that we have had this situation with the Corner Garage being called back in September, I'm just going to blindly guess that one of these two users are correct and if I'm wrong it'll still be an interesting surprise. I'm content enough with that until we get more information.
  4. Overcold

    [MOC] Candy Store

    This is very well designed. Makes me want to go back and finish my own candy store MOC I was making a little while ago. The colors are fantastic, and the micro-builds are impressive. The use of the technic pulley wheel as a lolipop display stand is so simple and mind blowing. The M&M dispenser is fantastic, so is the cotton candy cart. Despite the immense amount of details, the clutter is not overwhelming and makes it easy to keep looking for surprising details.
  5. Overcold

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That Creator 3 in 1 modular looks like my favorite design in that series. It has a good sense of playfulness while maintaining a good level of detail packed into a coherent design. I'm sure I'd be excited about it too if I hadn't stopped collecting 3 in 1 sets, but that's a discussion for a later time elsewhere. Meanwhile, on the topic of the Corner Garage, previously I have showered it with praise but I haven't really discussed my thoughts on the criticisms others have had. I can see why people are not as impressed or just don't like it. My opinions have not been swayed, I still proudly enjoy it, though I respect the opinions of those who were left wanting more/something different. Generally, I have seen that to some the facade is comparable to a City set, which I can see. The upper floors rely on the depth of inset windows or an extrusion of a bay window for the main texture, not including the sculptural parts between the floors. The orange bits don't have grooves like the facade of the Pet Shop, or brickwork like the Fire Brigade or Detectives Office. However, it still looks great to me because of the context they're in. The building has huge windows on the front, and the orange bits frame them quite nicely while adding a strong sense of verticality to the design. They're only 1 brick wide each, before being inset. Like the barbershop, or the bits of the Townhouse that do not have the occasional jutting out brick, the lack of texture makes it easy on the eye and, in the case of the CG, accentuate the windows. It doesn't feel cluttered, and the depth still adds good detail with the shadow lines. The asymmetry of how the gas station aligned to the building was another concern I noticed. I get the criticism, but to me I prefer it not only being aligned to the corner of the sidewalk, I also love the asymmetry of the building. There were also some that preferred the height of the canopy to align with the top of the bottom floor. I'm indifferent to this, but It's still really nice to see people changing the set to fit in the town how they want it to. Another one to address is the concern of the veterinarian office over the garage. And yeah, I have to agree with this one. Although I love the juxtaposition of Jo fixing mechanical cars and Jones fixing biological pets above, it is an odd combination. I get that the modulars have always been in this timeless limbo and never took themselves too seriously (like the chef hat in the Fire Brigade or the cookie smuggling), but the layout does raise some concerns over the well being of the pets that could dampen the world building. The lack of tiles is a common disappointment I've seen many share. Even though a tiled version of the interior would look very good, I still agree with the designers decision to show the tan base-plate for the flooring, the tiles would make it seem too clean for me. We have been spoiled with beautiful tile work in the last several sets, but the un-tiled floor still has an occasional place in the series and to me this is one of them. The base-plate could have maybe been dark gray and still worked, though I do like the warmth the tan adds to the interior. At least one person mentioned where the floor meets the diagonal wall on the first floor could be cleaned up with triangle tiles, and I agree with that too. Some feel that the interior is too sparse, well except I think we can all agree that Dr.Jones office is very well furnished. The upper floor apartment is furnished perfectly in my opinion, even that open area is a plus for me for 3 reasons: -It actually isn't that much empty space. -Sweater Guy needs a place other than his bed to play with his model truck, -It's a good place to give the dog room to roll around, beg for food, maybe run around a bit. I feel like the space in the apartment was well respected. The bathroom door probably shouldn't have had a window on it, and the panel makes it sadly obvious that it is an exterior door. Once they release an interior door in that color I'll just modify it. As for the bottom floor, I like the amount of detail. I agree that it would have made the set better if there had been one of those boards on the wall with various tools hung, since it's a classic detail and the bottom floor could utilize the wall space. It doesn't take away much from the set for me, since that red tool cart does a good enough job at adding clutter and it's so amazing looking. The roof terrace could have done with a little table too, but it's only a minor complaint for me. The only complaint I've seen about the play features is the idea that the car lift does not lift high enough off the ground (and that it bumps the cars around). I've seen lifts that lift that amount relative to a mini-figure, though to be fair in real life there are ones that lift up further and people may be more familiar with those. In my gushing review in the Corner Garage topic back in January I did mention that the lift can be a little clunky due to the method it is attached and how the weight of a car pushes down on it. It's a legitimate concern and I can see how it leaves people unsatisfied. It is possible to get it to run smoothly without jostling the car around, but it's delicate and requires a patient ease on the mechanism. I'm happy with it despite this, and find myself fiddling around with both this and the garage door whenever I get the chance to play with it. I'll leave it at this for now. I originally planned on this post being twice as long and covering more design concerns, but I've been typing for an hour straight and I'm sure that if you've read this you need to rest your eyes after I've bombarded them with this long winded post. If a common concern wasn't addressed here, I likely skipped it to get to what I felt were the most important ones.
  6. Overcold

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I forget which designer said this, but I believe in an interview a while back one of the modular building designers ( or it might have also been from a discussion about the Sydney Opera House set) mentioned how they had to be cautious when handling certain types of modern architecture. From what I remember they stated highly geometric/clean structures tend to not be as impressive in Lego form, that people tend to like when the pieces are used to create more complicated or unexpected shapes and textures. Brutalism for example most likely wouldn't be ideal for the modular line because of this. As for Prairie style, I personally think that it could work if all the elements are handled very carefully. The typical brickwork parts of the facade could allow for interesting texture-work, and they seem to have great footprints and depth variation. Plus the earthy tones of the buildings fits in perfectly with the lineup. The most challenging part for the designer to get the "wow factor" right would probably be the cubist aesthetic, with all those 90 degree angles, which modular buildings have often liked breaking free from. A library or museum fits that category well. One of the items on my future modular wish list is a courthouse and that would also be a great neoclassical opportunity.
  7. Overcold

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd like this architectural style too, it would fit in perfectly with the rest of the line. I like how we have been getting a good variety of architectural styles blended in with more classic styles, everything from Miami-inspired Art Deco to Egyptian Revival. Romanesque-Revival architecture (below) has a lot of variety of form that could create good visual interest, and would be amazing to see this done with modern Lego pieces. Plus gabled dormers are always a for me. Art Nouveau is also always something I would like to see: Some speculation on my part: It's been several years since a building was released with an international style roof, such as in the Pet Shop. That was the laundromat. Other than that we have had two Haussmann style roofs in the Parisian Restaurant and Assembly Square. And all other rooftops have been flat since Jamie began a new era with the Parisian Restaurant. I'm guessing we will be seeing a roof with a pitch of some kind in the near future. If the designers continue the 1950s Americana Art Deco scheme from the previous two and make it a trilogy, I suspect we will be seeing a bowling alley next. I'd buy that in a heartbeat. The police station is pretty much confirmed, having been foreshadowed by the Detective's Office and by Jamie Berard himself. If it is not the next release I suspect it will be within the next 3 years. Given the release schedule of the Town Hall and Palace Cinema around the development of the first Lego Movie, and the release schedule of the Downtown Diner and Corner Garage around the second Lego Movie, it is highly likely that Jamie is the lead designer behind the 2020 modular release. What do you think?
  8. Overcold

    [MOC] Gun Shop Modular

    I like how you handled the masonry for the walls, and I like the weapon selection (the light-sabre is a fun detail). Would it be possible to embed the flag into the wall by half a stud or more? I feel that it has too much depth. I also think that there needs to be something to indicate the change between the wall and the floor, such as using a stripe of another color to represent a baseboard. Other than that the idea is interesting, it's not very common to see a Lego gun shop (from my experience).
  9. Overcold

    10264 Corner Garage

    After building the set myself, I'm very happy with it. Lars puts his architecture skills to great use in this model in my opinion. Looking at the finished set, I notice details such as the use of the arch above the veterinarian's office entrance on the bottom floor, and how that is visually repeated on the three faces of the moulding at the top of the building, which makes the garage segment next to the bottom floor door [that was untouched by the postwar renovation] flow better with the top of the building. The curved tiles at the top center of the moulding also reflect the shape of the Jo's Garage half-tire sign, which is a nice touch. The people behind the modular buildings seem to always have a long discussion and brainstorm process with color schemes. As a result, they have color schemes that work incredibly well. The corner garage is no exception. For me, I love how the sand blue window frames complement the dark orange building, then the white and dark green garage segment helps add some variety while maintaining a competent and rather pleasing color combination. It stands out in a good way. The tow truck is able to transport all the previous vehicles in this franchise; the limo does require the chain to be attached to the front axle, and the other end to the side stud of the tow truck hook. All the vehicles can be repaired in the garage as well, although the fire truck light needs to hinge backwards to fit through the door, and the limo is long enough that the garage door should be kept open when it is inside. All the vehicles can refuel at the gas pump too. The garage door works amazingly, and it's just so much fun to roll it up and down, and up and down. The car lift is a little bit more tricky to use, but I was able to figure out how to more gently lift all the vehicles [without having to stick my hand inside to brace them]. Getting them back down requires a manual override usually, as the weight of the vehicles tend to create a moment force that slightly tilts the mechanism, creating too much friction to lower without a soft nudge. But it still works like a charm and is very fun to use nonetheless. I love the apartment, and it also helped create my favorite photo from the press release [when sweater guy is eating cookie dough and watching TV]. It's a cozy apartment, where the guy wears a comfortable sweater as he eats and cooks comfort food. Like the rest of the set, it has a good atmosphere. The corner garage was able to capture the fifties in a different way than the Downtown Diner. Instead of the rock and roll, the celebrities, and the busy commotion of the gym and kitchen, the garage feels like it slows things down, like all the characters are taking their time to enjoy their work [or just eating cookie dough] and enjoying the summer day by day. The set evokes the occasional industrial noises from the workshop, the smell of fuel, the bark of the dog [who I might name Sparky]. The wheels hanging on the side of the garage also adds to the old time feel, and helps make Jo's Garage feel like a small local business that adds character to the outskirts of the town. It conjures something like nostalgia, and I imagine that this building would look beautiful when lit by the setting sun. The building stands about two bricks higher than the pet shop if I recall correctly, and I'm going to spend this afternoon seeing how it looks with some of the other buildings. It looks like it fits into the town well. I might do a photoshoot later since I've been meaning to get around to that for over a year now anyways. Again I am very happy that the garage and truck are compatible with all of the other vehicles in the series, so now Jim's twin brother can tow whomever he pleases.
  10. Overcold

    10264 Corner Garage

    That is probably the best vehicle in this franchise, and that's saying a lot because I really love the Cadillac. Other than the limo (good concept off-putting execution) , the vehicle design has been improving with each release.
  11. Overcold

    10264 Corner Garage

    After looking at it for some time, I can say that my first impressions hold up just fine. The architecture looks awesome, the use of the curved tiles creates a unique look to the stonework for this building. The large diagonal wall is as beautiful as it is practical, and I like the way that the gas station wraps around some of the ground floor. I'm actually a big fan of the color scheme, which seems to be a divisive factor in this set. The sand blue and orange complement each other really well, and the dark green and white gas station paired with that looks sharp. The one thing that looks off are the seams along the bends of the building where quoins would normally go, but that's a sacrifice for that beautifully angled wall that I'll allow. All those interesting angles and technical details such as the garage door roller are awesome, looks like something Mike had a hand with. I also love the humor in the signage, "by accident we meet"
  12. Overcold

    10264 Corner Garage

    First impression: Amazing! Day one purchase for me.
  13. Overcold

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have to completely disagree with this, even though I also love buildings, I love having an occasional car with the sets. I believe that they help build the world that the set and series is meant to represent. They are very much like the minifigures that are included in the sets, as they (like the vehicles) are not buildings or architecture, but entities that populate or stand beside it, and their designs help forward and build the universe this series is set in. The vehicles also make good use of the implied street space, and help with the characters and color balance of the sets. Like the figures, they have purpose and appeal to me. The obvious difference that the vehicles have are the parts that the vehicle potentially takes away from the building. However, the Brick Bank has exactly 100 less pieces than the Downtown Diner, and costs the same (At least in the United States), these sets tend to fluctuate with their piece counts. Not only do they cost the same, but they have very similar levels of detail, perhaps the Diner has even more than the bank. I counted 106 parts in the pink car, and as I can easily see the set dropping those pieces by ditching the vehicle, and while doing so maintain it's level of detail and it's price. Thus I believe that we are only getting more content by having a vehicle, not less. I understand why you and so many others dislike vehicles in the modular line, and I understand that I may be biased in making this point because I enjoy vehicles (not as much as buildings, but still a considerable amount). But at the end of the day, I don't think that a no-vehicle policy holds enough water to be something that the set designers and producers would be swayed by.
  14. Overcold

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yep. I think in the video when he talks about the prototypes of the diner, namely the car dealership, he points out the garage door element at the back and mentions how he wants to use that in a future build. All signs point to Mike designing this one.
  15. Overcold

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hype! :) I'm excited for the idea of a garage, I actually really enjoy having vehicles to go with my modular buildings on occasion as I've explained in a previous post of mine. I seem to be in the minority when I say that I feel that they don't quite have enough vehicles yet (only three so far), and this one would fix that in my opinion. I hope that it isn't fully two-floored like the PC and BB, since the last corner with a third floor was eight years ago (soon to be nine) with the GE. I doubt that it will have an international style roof that the CC and GG had, despite it being a while since we last saw it (it made a small appearance in the brick bank, but that's it). I've internally predicted that they might do mechanics garage as a corner building since 2012, and I'll be very happy if they have chosen to do that since I've been wanting another garage (the fire brigade is currently lonely in that regard). I'm excited to see the next car as well, believe it or not! Hopefully it has a roof this time!