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  1. Djole

    Super cake

    Hi, I just thought I'd share a little cake that we had yesterday, I believe it's value might be appreciated here, unlike those kids that massacrated it yesterday :) Have a good day everyone! Dj
  2. Djole

    Which LEGO Pirate captain is your favorite?

    Sweet thread, I had to jump in! I went with 2015 Captain Roger/Redbeard but then I might be a bit biased. :D Hope you're enjoying new Pirates just as much as I do, it has been more than 25 years since these lads sailed in the seas of bricks! Cheers, D
  3. Hi, sorry to bring this up again, but is that the one with three designers at middle-earth-like studio describing design process of the characters and Bag-end? We did make the one for some exclusive DVD, just want to make sure that it's this one :-) Regards!
  4. Djole

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    I really like your idea about having Gloin where he is, as it makes sense, we made a gag without even knowing it, let's call it the happy accident. ;-) Enjoy LEGO The Hobbit everyone, there's a lot to be discovered in the sets! ;-) Regards!
  5. What an awesome thread! :-D I had to go for Mordor Orc, as it was quite challenging to design one, first of all cause the variety of Mordor Orcs in the movies is quite big, they don't have an official uniform and it was quite hard to pick one, base design on it and make it as a generic character. I made many versions of it and in the end I ended up merging few and keeping it simple! ;-) This character was also a "last minute" decision so I was quite happy that I managed to throw it in!:-) There's also a new video uploaded on the LEGO web telling a bit about design process when making minifigures, go and check it out ;-) Regards!
  6. Hi to everyone! I did some Illustrator minis last night which are part of one medieval faction that I'm developing for my own sake. These designs were also part of my application portfolio, in a sketch forms though, which I submitted in June this year in order to get a position of graphic designer within TLG, which I eventually got :-) I'm starting as of January 3rd next year, which basically means in one week removed However I just wanted to share these two, I'm leaving a great year behind myself and I hope you all do! Merry Christmas and greetings from Serbia!
  7. Djole

    What's the best Minifigure ever made?

    As others said, it's a pretty tough one. As for myself, I was using system of elimination and it left me legendary merchant guy and good old Cap'n Redbeard versus fearsome forestman and notorious King Kahuka. There's a battle between beauty of design, rarity and nostalgia most of all, who wins? - probably no one will ever, I'll have to kill the spirit of this topic and go with these four! :-) Greetings!
  8. Djole

    REVIEW: 4738 Hagrid's Hut

    I actually like this fact and I like it a lot, it is definitely a big step back (or forward) to our beloved "classic-smiley" (where most of the face was focused in the very center of the head) and I'm sure that designers did it that way in order to maintain (or bring back) LEGO's graphic identity which was certainly lost in the examples you've used for comparison. Therefore this Hermione (as well as the rest of the crew) works well and it's the best one yet. At least for myself ;-) Greetings from Serbia!
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Djole

    A re-introduction to the Community,

    Hey Justin, I'm glad you made it! It was nice meeting you and surely it'll be nice working with you :-) Take care and see you soon again! Greetz!
  11. Djole

    WoW decals

    Exactly. Avoid all that shining, use those as bases and pull 'em through vector graphic, make it more graphic and simple and you'll get it. Nice idea though.
  12. Anyone has a clue when are these hitting Austria and mid Europe in general?
  13. Djole

    Favourite castle set

    6077 Forestmen River Fortress, by any means and without further comments, the best castle set ever released! Weird thing though than no one mentioned MMV which is pretty second on my top.
  14. Not really a mistake, it actually makes us guys to buy two or more of these! :-) Numerous topics like this are just a reason more for them to keep it up. On topic, the improvement looks more than great, as well as one that you've linked, but still I would like to see one that doesn't really have so strictly square back side.
  15. Now that's the spirit!! :-)