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  1. I expect Lego will be sold to Disney any day now...
  2. A couple of years ago I opened a 9v 4551 crocodile locomotive I had bought in 1996. The motor would not run for half an hour, then slowly started making short lengths, and finally, it worked perfectly. I suppose the engine had the lubricant congealed until it warmed up from the motor resistance itself.
  3. midelburgo

    Unbuilt Set Backlog...

    The first time when I had a backlog was in 1995, although maybe that was some sort of MISB collecting (finding 12 years and older and I did not wanted to open them too fast). Since then I had two "grey ages" only buying, not building. My backlog is over 30.000 pieces by now.
  4. Just for some ideas. Great Equestrian Armorial of the Golden Fleece http://www.photo.rmn.fr/C.aspx?VP3=SearchResult&ALID=2C6NU0DRIESO&LANGSWI=1&LANG=English
  5. midelburgo

    Order cancelled

    In January I got four orders cancelled at SH. I made them in the first hour the New Year sale was on, as soon as I had decided on something above the shipping-free minimum I was sending the order. Mostly castle, the Santa workshop and some LOTR. I talked with the representative (this was Europe) and he said they were cancelling hundreds of orders because they did not have enough sets to cover them. Some of the items were still on sale one week after I ordered them, so if true this was a huge blunder. The guy said he would give me some points on my VIP card. I did not see any increase, maybe was something negligible if any. The only good point is that I got four copies of the bonus flower wagon they were giving at the time for free.
  6. midelburgo

    Unpopular LEGO opinions

    I do not like flesh color minifigs. It completed the dollyfication, when minfigs became more important than bulding.
  7. midelburgo

    10027 train shed.

    IIRC the shed was on sale at the online shop for about a month (2005 or 2006?). But those were other days (that was also the case with 10183). When I picked the second one it had bley bricks!
  8. midelburgo

    Massive 10 lego train frontal crash

    Social services should take into custody those poor trains and give them a better home. I volunteer.
  9. midelburgo

    Your Definition of Dark Age

    I think I have had two dark ages 1980-1992 and 2000-2003, and a grey age (only buying, not building) 2006-2011. Luckily I could find a lot of sets from the first period laying in outdated toy stores, and the second coincided with the juniorization, so I did not miss too much.
  10. midelburgo

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Umm. It seems like it can be converted easily into a train station...
  11. midelburgo

    Favorite childhood theme?

    Let me think... ┬┐What themes were there in the 70s? .... Ok I will say "Legoland", including 4.5v train.
  12. midelburgo

    [MOC] ZUUL Ghostbusters hellhound.

    Mixels also have them.
  13. midelburgo

    Ever go ebay bulk and get lucky?

    I supose it is worthy if you make the time investment for going through the lot piece by piece, selecting and cleaning, the guts to stand badly misstreated Lego and the willpower to send Lego parts to the rubbish bin.
  14. midelburgo

    Do you recognize them all?

    I think 8 of 8. Cheers.
  15. midelburgo

    What Animals Has LEGO Released?

    I think nobody mentioned the Griffin yet... but fantastic animals would be a category by itself.