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  1. The mudguards look new. The lower portions bevel in futher down, while the other style; the flare is the same width all the way around the wheel. Interesting. Coping dat La Ferrari when it comes out.
  2. Taseden

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If this is a gripe of yours, maybe off the shelf toys isn't your thing? No offense man, but Lego isn't going to follow some strict standard like that. These are designed for kids, they don't care. As long as the sets look good(which warrants different widths) and plays well, kids will always want them. May i suggest building your own to scale vehicles. This is what being an AFOL is about my man.
  3. Taseden

    Post apoc Zombie cars!

    That dually is my favorite. Seriously cool. Any way to put the same front fender over the rear?
  4. Taseden

    [MOC] Aliens - Power Loader (more or less)

    Woah. This is cool. That Queen Alien looks good. So does the Warrior/Drone!
  5. Taseden

    [Denil's MOC] The Last Minute Condominium

    Denil your condo moc is sick. But I must say I like your Initial D Moc better! The hachi roku is cute! Would love to see more of your creations!
  6. I can't seem to import anything. The import tab is accessible, but the import from ldd file or bricklink wanted list is greyed out. So they do not work. Can anyone help?
  7. Taseden

    MegaMOC 2014

    Gotcha. Thanks for replying. I'd rather have my models roll, so I guess the technic will not benefit me anyways. The Audi's wheels look the best; best offset and look, too bad it cannot roll. Can't wait to see what other things you build in the future!
  8. Taseden

    MegaMOC 2014

    Can anyone tell me how or what part/axle is used to get the small wheel's offset flush with the mudguards/fenders like on the F40? Whenever I use them the offset is either too low or too high making the wheel sunken or stuck out. I think it's because the axle plate is designed for the typical wider wheel.
  9. Taseden

    MegaMOC 2014

    Quick question. How did you get the small CARS movie wheels flush with the mudguards on the F40? Everytime I use them they either are to sunken in or they stick out. Love the cars man. The F40 and Porsche's look spot on, good job!
  10. Taseden

    Official Lego Movie

    I hope this movie has a lot of adult targeted media as well, which seems evident by the 80's space dude with the busted head gear. Only adults will know why this is funny hahaha. Looking forward to this, it looks partly stop motion too.
  11. Taseden

    WIP feedback thread

    The added creatures makes the MOC come alive, looks good. I didn't even know Lego made Manta Rays, sweeeeet. I really like the shark pack haha. Does it have an interior? Are you going to be building this in real life? My Shark is over 3500 pieces now and is probably at most 40-45 percent complete. Correct, building something curvy like a shark is very hard(I'm not a experienced Lego builder per se as well so this is taking forever to build). Trying to make it close to anatomically correct as well. I'm going to be having the Atlantis Shark people be her crew haha. Thanks for the comment.
  12. Taseden

    WIP feedback thread

    Couchsofa, our WIP MOCs can do battle: This build is taking forever due to interior and articulation. Couhch maybe add some crab, starfish, or sharks(like mine lol).
  13. Hello, It's been about 2 years since I last used LDD and I had a very ambitious project going. I can't seem to find what LDD version I had at the time, but I know it was V4, not sure on what edition though. Does anyone have an idea what LDD version was out say as of 06/2011?? Here are a few pics of my project which I had to put on hold due to a weak laptop: I now have a custom built computer which should allow me to finish the project. But since it has been so long I don't know where I left off or what I was in the middle of doing. As you can tell it is far from completion. I'll probably play around with LDD again to get back into the groove. Hopefully in time I can finish this and actually build it(it's already at 2500 bricks !!$$$$$$!!). It's fully articulated(as in it has 4 planned sections, with a poseable jaw and retractable hidden cannons), and a full interior for those cool little shark minifigs. How do you find what bricks LDD has removed? I uploaded my last known save of the project in the new LDD and it says 42 bricks have been removed. Also does anyone know of what bricks, if any, were removed and added from any of the version 4 LDDs? I hope none of the bricks I need where removed from the program. Instead I hope no bricks have been removed, but more added. Is this the case?? Thanks! I remember spending hours in this program, and both dread(lol) and look foward to doing so again. I think Lego has done a pretty good job on a program that seems to be aimed at kids.
  14. Ok I searched and couldn't find my answer. I know I have seen it before in the depths of mutli-page threads. LDD keeps removing bricks after re-opening a project. How do I get this list? And I am still running on LDD 4.0, not doing the patch as I can't have LDD megabluck up my project. Please help, thanks!
  15. Taseden

    I.S.S. Imperial Fist, Emperor Class Battleship

    What are the specs on your computer? I am seriously contemplating of building a computer just so I can LDD it up massive style like you and for Starcraft 2. Ships looks cool, maybe you should build a custom rig like I plan on too haha.