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  1. The Millennium Falcon is still the coolest spaceship in the galaxy! I was tearing up, as I saw the first trailer for the Force Awakens and even more so as the Falcon was finally flying again over the big screen! Chewy, we're home. I have always wanted to build my own version. Even having the UCS version in my collection, but there was always a desire left for a MOC! Inspired by Mikes, WIP-images on flickr, I was encouraged to start my own project. It took me a whole year to accomplish this build. My goal was to create a fully detailed hull, right proportions, adding lights (LEGO PF) and presenting the ship on a simple stand with one beam connecting to the main frame, which was a huge task! Measuring: 82 cm x 54 cm x 18 cm Weight: approx. 10 kg Parts count: approx. 7500 pieces Credits to ScottishDave for his original design of the radar dish. I like to share more pictures and information about my project in this topic with work in progress images and more details really soon. I am proud how this creation came together – I hope you like it as well.
  2. marshal_banana

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    And its finally completed. Absolute stunning work, the best Star Wars creation, lightyears beyond everything!
  3. marshal_banana

    Eurobricks Event 2013 - Sign-up Topic

    Hi guys and gals, I will be also joining :D probably with train...but I have to check that.
  4. We did it again – this is crazy!!! I am so glad and grateful for all your awesome support. Thanks to everyone who voted, shared and promoted my project! Even though we probably may not see such a large and detailed project as an official set, there is still a good chance for a smaller, still awesome UCS scaled model (with around 3000-5000 parts) This will finally give the Sandcrawler the glory and attention it deserves – as it is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting and exciting vehicles in the whole STAR WARS saga. All in all, let's keep our fingers crossed and again – thank you for being believers and dreamers! Finally someone, who got the idea behind LEGO CUUSOO :)
  5. marshal_banana

    Challenge III Voting Thread

    Cara: 3 Points. How lovely this is! Awesome colors and one of the most spectacular temples I've ever seen. Truly above the clouds! Basiliscus: 1 Point. I love the cave, the waterfall and the tower! All this comes together in a fantastic build! Gabe: 1 Point. The cave, the lighting, the island. Fantastic!
  6. marshal_banana

    Star Wars LEGO CUUSOO

    Hi. thanks, there is a video without music in my youtube channel ;-) . Of course LEGO will never release such a huge MOC as official set (It's not the meaning of CUUSOO, to release MOCs 1:1 as sets). But they will put their team of pro designers on an original fan idea and create their own concepts for an official set based on this idea. So I really think CUUSOO is an awesome tool for us to create some great products and I'm thankful for this opportunity!
  7. marshal_banana

    WW Category 2: 1908 Wild West Town

    We did it!!! I am so glad and honored by your supportive company during this process. Thanks to everyone who voted, shared and promoted my project! Special thanks to Bonaparte, CopMike and the whole eurobricks team for their constantly support. Furthermore, I want to thank def and Yatkuu for translating my description and Kris Kelvin for his inspiring work. Thanks to Brickset, the Brothers Brick and the whole AFOL community. You guys are amazing!!! And the official statement is already here!
  8. marshal_banana


    I really like it! But well, it's hard to stand out with an AT AT, there are already about 5 really good MOCs around. (That's actually why I didn't build one my selves) This is really good work, I don't understand the hate here!
  9. marshal_banana

    WW Category 2: 1908 Wild West Town

    Thank you so much for your nice comments and inputs! I appreciate that! It was interesting to see which building the community likes the most. My personal favorites are the post office and the saloon. The sheriffs office was the first building I started with and the post office the last. I expect that I will have new information about the project in the following two weeks. I'm also trying to get the Wild West communities behind the project. If you have friends who are active on such blogs or communities, please let me know. that would help a lot. Please also take a minute and share the project on facebook and twitter, that could make a big diffrence. I'm also excited about the concept LEGO is up with. For sure, there will be changes. I'm also collecting your thoughts and inputs for some improvements. @Diamondback: thank you for yor interesting historical information!
  10. All your MOCs're very incredible! I didn't know that the author of "Western" is the author of the exiting Sandcrawler!

    1. marshal_banana


      Thanks mate! Western was actually build from the spare parts of the sandcrawler ;)

  11. marshal_banana

    WW Category 2: 1908 Wild West Town

    Thank you so much for your support on We got an official LEGO comment: I'm going to start a poll. You supporters can choose which building should be the first for production, if we reach the magic 10,000! Have fun!
  12. marshal_banana

    ARC-170 starfighter

    Wow, stellar build. I love every bit of it! Can you fold the wings?
  13. marshal_banana

    A Guide to building a Medieval Village

    Thanks for sharing your fantastic techniques! These are masterful builds.
  14. marshal_banana

    Winners of the Spaghetti Western Competition

    Thank you so much for this amazing contest. And congratulation to all winners. And thanks for your support, so I'm also one of them
  15. marshal_banana

    WW Category 2: 1908 Wild West Town

    Thank you all for your nice comments and compliments