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  1. TangersTechnic

    The Future of Technic

    Thanks for all the comments and feedback. I think the "middle ground" of $75 to $150 sets is where I feel we have a missing gap, I used to love sets in this space but of late, I am buying more of the lower end sets as the value of the more expensive sets is not great.
  2. This is my personal view and I might be wrong but to me it feels like Technic is losing some of it's focus, it almost feels like the "old days", when technic lost it's focus and the sets that are being released are not hitting the mark. More and more I am seeing posts about how "bad" specific sets are, that sets are being pulled after being announced / released and generally the sets are not being well received, mostly by the AFOL community. 1. Has Technic taken a step back / wrong turn? 2. Is the level of MOC's we see, now so good that almost anything TLG release is seen as "second rate"? 3. Do you feel that the "fun" has gone? I can remember buying sets and loving the technical details / features, seeing how they work and the way they have been built and designed.
  3. I am on the fence about this. I do see some benefits to having the contests in a separate subforum.
  4. To me, this sounds like a great idea.
  5. TangersTechnic

    [TC22] Bucket Lifter

    Update: 18/04/2022. Over the past few days, I have had a little bit of time to work on this.
  6. This is well done, I love the level of detail you have in this.
  7. You have some really nice progress with this.
  8. TangersTechnic

    [MOC] Crane Truck

    Well done and thanks for sharing this, it looks great and has some well designed features.
  9. TangersTechnic

    [TC22] Power Crane

    That is really nice and well built.
  10. TangersTechnic

    [TC22] Bucket Lifter

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't have any PF so it will all be manual control.
  11. I often see these types of equipment on construction sites. I am planning a bit of a merge between all of them. My Ideas My Design and Build Progress
  12. You have made a great start with this.