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  1. Don't see anything positive about it - when rumored sets already create so much hype and controversy, presenting a pathetic MOC as legit just for attention is pretty darn lame.

    I was not presenting the set intentionally to gain attention. I guess I thought that it was real. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this has called but, you are really coming off like you want to insult me just to gain attention. Now that is lame. I would like to refer you to the site guidelines which state there should be no offensive behavior on this site.

  2. I agree that a modular series release isn't that feasible. I do, however, wonder if we might eventually (this year or in the future) see a Castle line that more heavily features action features, such as with the Ninjago and Legend of Chima lines. While there have always been some action features in Castle sets, play has not been heavily featured like some of Lego's newer lines. That might appeal to both those long-term Castle enthusiasts and kids who like a lot of features to their Legos. This line of thinking also might go with the comment from higher up about a classic Lego line done in a new direction. Just a thought. Sadly, everything we think is conjecture until pics or official details are released.

    I dearly hope that Lego doesn't do more action features that would make their sets look cheap or childish. That brings horrid memories of the KKII back to mind which I was trying to forget. I do really hope that Lego makes some good army building sets though and I am really hoping for some new dragons.

  3. I am personally hoping that Lego goes back to the type of castle sets they did in the late 80s early 90s. I really miss the dragon knights with their dragons and I would really like to see a giant cave with a dragon again. I also hope that Lego does something like the wolfpack bandits. If Lego brought back both of those themes I would definately be setting aside some money for those sets. But, even if Lego does do something similar to Kingdoms I will still be happy. I also really hope that Lego will finish LOTR alongside their generic castle theme as I really love both themes but, I really don't want the LOTR theme to be left severely incomplete.

  4. I don't think there is a way to do Mina's Tirith as a whole justice as a retail Lego set. It can't be compared really to Helms Deep. Helms Deep was created as a 1 to 1 actual stage set to film. It was actually rather limited in scope and scale. In converting it to a minifig scale retail set Lego did not have to reduce it by insane amounts. Whereas the only complete filming version of Helms Deep was 1/72 scale. The calculated live size and the amount of reduction would be nuts. I really think the best single set we can hope for will be something like Helms Deep, in terms of the set, but a much smaller piece of real estate overall. Probably the main gate and part of the outer wall, with an Orc battering ram and siege tower. Essentially something about the same size as a typical waves flagship castle. We may see other MT located scenes, but don't expect any modularity unless they do something like the Uruk Army set. Things like "Pippin lighting the beacon" would most likely be separate stand alone sets.

    I would agree with most of that except that you really cannot have a proper LOTR theme without Minas Tirith. I tend to think that probably Lego will release a UCS Minas Tirith at some point in time. Why? Because LOTR is a more adult centered theme and that is the primary market for UCS type sets. Also, I think that with the general LOTR fanbase a Minas Tirith set would also be popular and perhapes bring more people into Lego. Think about it, if you are a LOTR fan what better way to get a nice model of such a iconic location for under $1,000. Yea, sure you can find scale models but, they are hugely expensive and difficult to assemble for inexperience model makers and they cannot be dissassembled at all once they are finished. For all of these reason I do see an exception to the rule for a Minas Tirith set and I really hope they do make.

  5. And really who knows, maybe the line really did meet Lego's expectations and they were always planning to re-introduce a castle theme in 2013 regardless of the LotR/Hobbit lines like Faefrost points out.

    I think that is the most like scenario since it usually takes Lego longer than a year to plan out a new theme, so I think it is probably pretty likely that Lego planned to have Castle and LOTR/Hobbit coexist together. That would also explain why Lego is not wanting many fantasy elements in their new castle sets as that would make it compete against the LOTR/Hobbit theme.

  6. @ Deathleech

    I agree with you 100% except for the part about LOTR not selling as well. I have talked to numerous Lego Store employees and I have shopped at a lot of different stores that sell Lego in my area and I can tell you that LOTR/Hobbit is selling very well. For example, when the Hobbit sets were first released here at the local Fred Meyers all of the sets were sold out in just 2 days and that was all of the Fred Meyer stores in my area so, I think the line is selling well.

    Another point I would like to make is I am wondering more and more about that dragon mountain set. If this new castle theme has no fantasy then it would be kind of weird and boring to have a dragon mountain without a dragon so, I really am wondering about that set.

  7. My personal wish is that Lego would have LOTR/Hobbit side by side with Castle and I would hate for LOTR/Hobbit to get terminated too early without releasing all of the main scenes and locations from the movies. That being said I would also love to see a return of the classic castle theme. I also would really like to see, alongside more civilian sets, some classic fantastical elements like a new dragon, wizard, etc...

  8. I would like to point out to people who are not yet aware that ToysRus does do a price-match guarantee during the holidays so, you could use that and combine it with their coupons and get some great deals. Also there are several other stores that sell Lego that have rewards programs that could help a lot as well. For instance I know of a local small toy store call SnapDoodle Toys that has a 10% rewards program for every $100 dollars spent on merchandise including Legos at their store. :classic:

  9. I have to say that I am very dubious about what I am hearing about this new castle theme.

    First I hear that Lego is making a new castle theme without any fantasy but, then I see Dragon Mountain listed as one of the names for the new sets. Then I hear that LOTR is not selling well and that Lego is wanting to go back to classic castle. That is just simply not true. I live in the Pacific Northwest in the United States and we have a pretty good sized castle fan base up here and I can tell you from talking to different Lego Store employees and from personal observation of stores that don't tend to be as well stalked that LOTR is selling pretty well. Also, I am hearing about two new LOTR/Hobbit waves and now a new castle wave?

    There is just too much conflicting information right now to really make a proper judgement. And while I would like to see a new castle theme return I also would like for the LOTR/Hobbit line to be at least mostly complete and I would like see some fantasy elements in the new classic castle. I would really like to see a new dragon and some yellow colored elves. :classic:

  10. Great commercial and thank you for sharing.

    I just got the Barrel Escape set today which means I have all of the Hobbit sets except for the ToysRus exclusive Mirkwood Guard set. I have to say that all of them are top notch and I am very impressed with Lego's designs and depictions of the different scenes from the books and films.

    I have to say that my favorite set so far though is and Unexpected Gathering. Bag End is just plain awesome and I am very pleased that Lego made that set. My hope for this line is that Lego will make at least one set for every major location including Isenguard, Barad Dur, Minas Tirith, the Golden Hall, and the lonely Mountain.

    Hopefully Lego will make them all before they discontinue the whole line. :classic:

  11. Thank you for the pictures. I have to say that I highly doubt that those are the finished sets for several reasons. First, I noticed that the design of the Orthanc tower chanced slightly from picture 1 to picture 2 and I judging from the current sets out I don't think that they are on par with what Lego has done so far with the LOTR/Hobbit line so I tend to think that those are very, very early concept images or they are nothing at all. I am very impressed with the Sauron figure. I really hope that Lego makes him and releases the Elrond minifig in another more accessible set. :classic:

  12. I have to say that I am unsure about any of the rumors I have heard. I do think there will be a Orthanc and Treebeard because of what I saw in that picture of the Lego studio and I wouldn't be surprised about a balroq set either. However, though I am unsure about the rest of what I have heard. It really wouldn't make good marketing sense to come out with another "new" castle theme now with the current LOTR/Hobbit theme if the sets are selling well and they undeniably are so, I wonder if this theme is re-releases or if it is the new Pirates theme.

    I know some time back on the pirates forums Lego had stated on Twitter that the store shelves would never be completely empty of Lego Pirates sets so, that does make me wonder. And in that same photograph with the orthanc and Treebeard sets are two unidentified pirate ships.

    I do hope though, that Lego does re-release some of the old castle sets especially from the black knights and dragon masters factions. Wolfpack and the Falcon knights would be welcome too. :classic:

  13. Right, because according to the book they ARE wolves. They are not great chunky mutated hyena-like beasts. They are big wolves, end of story. That hyena-type design was one of the worst things they came up with in TTT in my opinion, and I for one am really happy they have switched back to a wolf-like body. Movie purists can scream "CONTINUITY ERROR!!" all they like, I'd rather have something that conforms to the book.

    Also, regarding the Lego versions, a wolf body is going to be much more useful for MOCing than the hyena beast. With a TTT warg, the only thing you can use if for is TTT MOCs. But a wolf warg can be used wherever you need a really big wolf. Game of Thrones direwolf, anyone?

    I absolutely agree with you 100%. LOTR and the Hobbit were first and formost books written by Tolkien not Peter Jackson so, really the hyena beasts in LOTR were more of a continuity error than the switch from hyena to wolf in the Hobbit films. That being said I really don't think that either change is really anything to get worked up about since all of the major themes were present in the LOTR movies and most likely the same will be in the Hobbit films. On a side note I wonder if Lego will make both hyena beasts and giant wolves or if they will stick with just the wolves. That will be interesting to see. :classic:

  14. I have to say that I am really impressed with the new box art for the Hobbit sets. I just cannot wait to see the rest of them. I personally really don't care about the differences between the LOTR goblins and warg riders and the Hobbit goblins and wargs since they could be different since they come from different parts of middle-earth and also all of the movies are based off of the books so in my head is could see them all looking slightly different. Anyway, those are just my two cents. :classic:

  15. I thought about Crossbows first when I saw the final sets. I'll use kettle hats for my crossbow men, because it is close by the helmets as seen in the film.

    I was also disaffected with the halberds. I think, this is the easiest solution for Uruk-Hai pikemen:

    I really like that idea I also think that the dark bluish grey spear piece that was so prominent in fantasy era would make a great spear too.

  16. I also spotted a Warg, and it seems it's safe to say that they'll be the same as in The Two Towers.

    (At 07:05, you can see someone riding a fake Warg, seems the same color and design as the usual ones from LOTR)

    Interesting, that would be great if Lego made Wargs and they could be used for both LOTR and The Hobbit MOCs. I wonder if Lego does ROTK whether or not Lego will make one or two more giant troll designs for that movie. That would be just too awesome. :cry_happy:

  17. Awesome display. :cry_happy: I was wondering how you elevated the main keep on helms deep? Did you use just regular bricks with a facade on the front or was there some other method you used? I am just asking because I of course love to make dioramas with my sets and I am trying to find the best way to elevate that tower. Again great display and thank you for sharing. :classic:

  18. That Elrond figure looks sick and I, along with everyone else, would love Lego to make one. I do hope that Lego does do some figures from the last alliance as that was in the movie and even though it is short it plays a big part of the story as that is when Sauron loses the one Ring. Also if Lego ever does a proper Narsil blade that would be cool too. :classic:

  19. Does anybody know anything as to whether the line is selling well globally? I haven't heard anything in quite a while and I really hope it doesn't turn out to be a flop like some of the other recent licensed themes.

    Yes, the line is selling very well. I have talked to several Lego store employees and they all say that the line is selling almost as well as SW which, is a good sign. Give it another year and a release of the new Hobbit movie and I think Lego will have a blockbuster theme.