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    Indiana Jones theme discussion & speculations

    I kind of think that the Indiana theme will go on at least a few more years. Lego just came out with an updated version of their Indiana Jones game and there is so much potential in that line. The PoP will be a total flop. Any movie based on a game like that cannot succeed due to the lack of a good plot. That means that the Pop line will also die out. Also, there is just too much potential for some really good exclusive sets and they have omitted a lot of scenes from both the Temple of Doom and the Last Crusade, while the Pop line has only one movie to work with and there is not enough of a fan base for the games to provide a good market for sets based on the games. For these reasons I think the Indy theme will continue.
  2. Jack Bricker

    WIP: Achille and Guerrière, French Frigates of 28 guns

    I think that you color scheme is awsome except that the yellow totally clashes with the red and black. I would seriously consider using gold in place of the yellow windows and I would use red in place of the yellow decorations on the windows. Your design is out of this world awsome and I am definatly learning a lot of techniques from you by just looking at your pictures. Really good work, I can't wait to see the finnished ship with all of the sails and rigging.
  3. Jack Bricker

    Lego Pirates Decal and Weapon Problems

    That should work for a while but, the real problem with plastic bags is that the softer plastics tend to be more finicky because they absorb more such as unpleasant odors, molds, dyes, and chemicals in the plastics themselves. This can cause obvious problems. I stored all of my legos in plastic bags too but, when I found out about this I began investing into nice plastic storage containers. I would have used wood or cardboard but I than found out that over time cardboard and any wood or paper related product releases acids which are not good for your legos either. Hope these editional tips help you as well.
  4. Jack Bricker

    Lego Pirates Decal and Weapon Problems

    I don't think that this is a really a big deal. When I got my first chrome sword with the Royal Knights king it lost all of its color in a year. Also bricks that I have had since I was 6 are really faded. You just have to use common sense and wash your hands before handling them and they will last you forever. Another issue is how you store them. If you store any kind of brick that has chrome or gold paint on it the other pieces in the bin will scratch off the gold or chrome. Also if you store you bricks in ziplock bags or any other kind of plastic bags the chemical compounds of the bag and brick will interact in a bad way over time. The best way to store your chrome, gold, and silver parts is by putting them in a small separate container where they will not get a lot of sunlight or wear and tear from a lot of other bricks. The best way to store your other bricks is by putting them in guess what, plastic storage bins. You can get good quality storage bins from any fred meyer or home improvement store. P.S. Oh, a couple of other tips do not get your bins or legos from stores like Wal Mart because the stuff from there is usually lower quality. Also, you will want to make sure that there is some kind of air ventalation in the storage bins. Keeping them sealed up can cause big problems. These tips should work because this is how we in the action figure world store our action figures and they are made of a much cheaper plastic than lego bricks. Hope that this helps. 2nd P.S. I am a big Jurassic Park action figure collector as well as a big Lego collector so that is how I know so much about storing action figures.
  5. Jack Bricker

    Lego Quality Reference

    Oh, thank you. I wasn't aware of the other thread. Sorry. I just remembered that when I got the soldier fort for the new pirates series the crocodile that came with it had a head piece that was too small for the body. It cracked when I put it on the body. I guess I will have to buy a crocodile off of bricklink.com which is kind of a hassle considering shipping and all.
  6. Jack Bricker

    Lego Quality Reference

    Last year I purchased one of the new Indiana Jones sets just after they came out. I was rebuilding it the other day when I noticed that some of the pieces were not connecting properly. One of the 1x8s was a little shorter than the others and it was literally pulling the set apart. It reminded me of the trouble that I had with Mega Bloks POTC and I am wondering with the new imperial ship coming out at $180 if this is going to be an ongoing problem. Have any of you guys had a similer problem?
  7. Jack Bricker

    Possible Future Pirate Exclusives

    I would love to see them reissue the skull eyes schooner in all of the new colors that they are using for the pirate line. Replacing the grey decks with brown ones and using the new doors for the cabin would be awsome.