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  1. Jack Bricker

    [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    Really cool. I love the inside of the stone arch. Great job!
  2. Jack Bricker

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Doubt it as manufacturing can take months to get enough product for shelves. My bet is the set was finished and ready 2 months ago and they were trying to get a little more attention to the set through yahoo.com. I have never seen Lego use another website as a press release before so I am guessing there was some confusion. It does make me wonder with the shark as obviously it has reached the factory floor and been produced or people would not have gotten their hands on it.
  3. Jack Bricker

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I think it is just negativity and the fact that Lego has pretty much reached its zenith for sets that are profitable. When Lego was coming out of bankruptcy everybody was just happy to see more pirate ships, more castles, etc... Now we have all had that for the last ten years and it is easy to forget what is was like when pirates jr 2004 came out and how bad that was. I think Lego tried really hard to make a great ghost pirate ship and I really dig that. I also think that once the movie comes out and we actually build the set most purchasers will be very happy with the set.
  4. Jack Bricker

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    This ship is amazing. I love the details of the brick built cannons and the other textures throughout the ship. The minifigs are great I just wish we were getting more sets and minifigs. Can't wait for it to come out.
  5. Jack Bricker

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I disagree with this being a prototype of the imperial flagship. 1. The two ships look totally different the IFS is a man of war while the prototype set is a pirate galleon with pirate sails. 2. The set looks like a licensed set based off of the sails and color scheme. 3. The look of the ship reminds me very much of the brief view of the new ship in the trailer. 4. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has been in production for almost 6 years so even if the photo was old it could still be the new ship. Just my thoughts but I would love to hear other opinions.
  6. Jack Bricker

    Harry Potter 2016?

    That is true but, Lego has revived Harry Potter every time Warner Bros. released a new movie so I tend to think that they will do it again. Also keep in mind that Lego is in business to make money. Their marketing team couldn't care less wether they have already released sets based on certain scenes/places already or not, they just care about making a successful theme and Harry Potter has always sold well.
  7. Jack Bricker

    Harry Potter 2016?

    Quite right, however it is a fact that there is a new movie, in the Harry Potter Universe, slated for 2016 and being that Lego will not want to let the WB license go due to DC I have a strong feeling that we might get some more Harry Potter sets. I searched through 10 pages of topics and found nobody asking any questions along these lines so I decided to post a topic. If the Moderators would be so kind to change the title to "Speculation of Harry Potter 2016" I would be grateful. I only intended this to be a fun discussion on wether Lego might make more Harry Potter sets and what they might be. Back On Topic Being that nothing has been officially announced I was wondering if anybody has heard any rumors. It seems logical that there would be more sets as Harry Potter has been a very profitable theme and there is no traditional fantasy theme slated for 2016. I have a hard time believing that Lego will let the WB license go due to the popularity of DC and we already know that Lego has Batman vs Superman sets in the works so I tend to believe that the license will get extended. We also know that Lego tends to release sets related to the story cannon of a film if the film is popular enough. So, I was wondering if anybody has heard anything or if anybody has any speculation or ideas on what Lego might produce.
  8. Jack Bricker

    Harry Potter 2016?

    I was just wondering if anybody has heard anything about a Harry Potter theme in 2016? I know there is the new film Fantastic Beasts and were to Find Them in 2016. I also heard that the Lego WB license expires in 2016. I didn't see any topics that discussed this recently and was wondering if there are any rumours circulating.
  9. Jack Bricker

    Big medieval landscape: BIG UPDATE on page 26

    That has to be one of the best Castle MOCs I have ever seen. I am completely blown away with all of the detail and the different design choices that you put into that awesome display. All am left to say is WOW! I am going to quit now and continue taking in the details of your creation.
  10. Jack Bricker

    Nexo Knights 2016

    We probably won't see any pictures until around November at the earliest. In the past we saw pictures really early because Lego didn't really enforce its anti-leak policy on social media that well. Now I think we will have to wait until either the images are officially released or until Lego decideds to "leak" the pictures themselves. On another train of thought, I am beginning to wonder if Lego is not focusing on traditional core themes due to competition. In the past Lego was constantly trying to enforce it's expired patient on the Lego brick around the world and thus outbid the competition that way. Ever since the Lego patient was deemed expired by the courts Lego doesn't seem to care about their tradiononal Pirates, Castle and Space themes. Maby they are trying to develope a unique brand by doing all of these ,for lack of a better word, creative themes to create a niche brand.
  11. Jack Bricker

    Nexo Knights 2016

    That is true. But, I also find that when a company really puts effort and quality into a theme it winds up popular anyway. The one exception is licenced themes where the popularity of the movie or show really dertermines the sales of the toys. A great example would be the Hobbit vs. Jurassic World. The Hobbit movies really were disappointing compared to LOTR wereas Jurassic World was very good and popular. Thus, the hobbit toys did not sell very well but, Jurassic World has flown off of the shelfs.
  12. Jack Bricker

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I disagree. I think two equally big factors are effort into the sets themselves and marketing. When I got excited for Lego sets both as an adult and as a child it was usually because the packaging looked soo cool and the sets themselves were really cool looking and sparked my imagination. When I looked at the last castle theme or at the last pirate theme I was not impressed by the box art or at the marketing and I also was not impressed by the set designs and color choices either. I mean come on, bright yellow and blue on the box art, really and than the sets felt like they were designed by somebody who really didn't care about doing those themes. Remember when Lego did Fantasy Era they were asking adult fans of Lego Castle to come to Denmark and help them design the sets, thus the Fantasy Era sets had a lot of effort put into the designs. It's beginning to feel like the Marketing is being run by somebody who really doesn't care about the product and long term business as much as the immediate results and that is very sad and disappointing.
  13. Jack Bricker

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I have not posted on this forum for a while but, I have been keeping up with this thread. I was and still am a huge lotr fan but, I was very disappointed with a number of the set choices for that theme. I was very much hoping for a fantasy era castle theme but, now seeing the direction that the new theme is going I am once again disappointed. I have to say that I do have some doubts on the success of this theme due to a couple of reasons. When ninjago came out it was a very different and fresh theme that really appealed to anybody who was fan of martial arts or a fan of any kind of ninja/samurai style theme. When Chima came out it kind of felt like a rehash of ninjago and I think it was not as successful because of that. I have to believe that another rehash minus the Ninja themed fantasy is not necessarily going to be received all that well. Especially when it will be competing with lots of content rich themes like DC/Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, etc... I thereby conclude that we may be seeing more tradition/fantasy castle in the not so distant future.
  14. Jack Bricker

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    At the end of the day I think that a bigger pirate ship would still be better though. I mean why can't Lego have a couple of smaller ships for those who caccot afford a larger model and then do a huge UCS pirate ship for those who can. I can't afford every set either but, that doesn't mean Lego should stop making large sets.
  15. I tend to think that Lego will not do another Dino theme for a while. The last Dino theme from everything I have heard did not sell well and those were the best dinosaurs that Lego ever made although the sets were pretty underwelming to me. I just couldn't stand all of the yellow going on. I mean why couldn't they have used more useful and interesting colors like green and grey. Better jeeps and cars would have been a major plus as well. And why couldn't Lego have made a giant RV set like they do for Police and Agients. Even though it was featured in Lost World I still don't think there would have been any copyright problems. I mean think about it a cool, giant RV done in camo with tons of computers and lab equipment and a cool T-Rex to tear it up.