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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right section but I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to install LDD to a flash drive. I googled it and the only result was from a few years ago and they mentioned the install left behind files. I'm wondering if things have changed since then. If not does anyone know of a similar software that can?
  2. TrentonC

    WIP buidling

    I definitely didn't expect this, do you plan on doing interiors? Also is their an estimate of how much it costed?
  3. I'm trying to create a relatively large scale MOC in LDD before physically building it. I would like to use Duplo parts to cut down on cost but i'm having trouble representing their scale accurately in the software. Even though I've seen some diagrams of the scale on google, i'm still not sure about it. Could anyone attach a Duplo scaled block in lxf format?
  4. TrentonC

    My city centre/park

    I really like the hopscotch display you set up, I never thought of those pieces being used like that.
  5. TrentonC

    4-seater 6-stud dablings in LDD

    Since this post is a few years old the original image has probably been removed.
  6. TrentonC

    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    I think the General LEGO Discussion section would be the best place for that. The worst that can happen if it's the wrong place is a moderator moving your post. Edit: There's already a topic for it here (
  7. Interesting article. In terms of grammar, I noticed that that you should of said "building" instead of "builder" in the first paragraph. There were also instances were punctuation could have been better utilized. And redundancies existed in the introductions of some subjects. The article still communicated the point accurately though.
  8. Here's my take on your post. I prefer the shorter part but since it doesn't fit what you need I made an elongated version of it. I did try working on an entirely different taller version but it didn't really pan out well. Hope this can lead you on the path!
  9. TrentonC

    MOC: Visit the Riviera

    I really like every aspect of this moc!
  10. TrentonC

    Another decayed victorian house

    I think you should add greebling to the roof to make it look even more decayed, in my opinion it looks more like a building in need of a paint job.
  11. TrentonC

    WIP The Brick Garage (Town Layout)

    That's really cool!
  12. TrentonC

    MOC Modular Construction Site

    I really like your build and think it's a great concept. It would be cool to see LEGO make a construction set in the modular format.
  13. TrentonC

    My sculpted SIMPSONS emotions

    These are really nice. I never thought about it but LEGO really should give us more facial expressions.
  14. This site resells a lot of weapons from various producers:
  15. TrentonC

    search for a part to build roof of BMW headquarter

    I believe he's asking for part suggestions; not where to buy it.