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  1. my vote: 7) totohs = 1 pts 13) dennis qiu = 2 pts Good luck everyone!
  2. Here's my vote: 23) and_gos = 3 pts It's so awesome!! Good luck everyone!
  3. Here's my vote: 16) iradd = 2 pts 21) kosmas = 1 pts Good luck everyone!
  4. Great entries! Here's my vote: 4) totohs = 1 pts 12) dennis qiu = 1 pts 14) Kartandy = 1pts Good luck everyone!
  5. iamdio

    Contest Pimp My Camper! Voting Thread

    Woohooo awesome entries guys! Let's see... hmm.. 83. Jabba the Van by Brick Laboratory (1 votes) 92. Bumblebee Van by totohs (2 votes) 126. Giganticus Scorpio Camperidae by kosmas (2 votes) 163. Vintage Wagon by andGos (1 votes) 175. Steampunk Camper by aditayam (3 votes) Good luck to everyone!
  6. iamdio

    [MOC] Mini X-Wing

    whoah love it! nice MOC!
  7. iamdio

    Halo means Hello from Indonesia!

    @soccerkid6 my first lego set is starwars desert skiff, and I am a starwars fan, I will stick to starwars theme for a while, but I think every theme will attracts me, because I love the process of the building itself :) Thanks LeoCrimson, Brickdoctor, Captain_Rex!
  8. iamdio

    Episode VI - "The End"

    whoa this is a really good idea to put multiple scenes into one set! brilliant idea!
  9. my name is Dio, from Indonesia. 23 years old, Only have 1 boxset of Lego (for now!) Have a great time everyone!
  10. Greetings, Eurobricks! I am a new Lego builder, just bought my very first set of Lego StarWars #9496 Desert Skiff, And I recreate MOC from the box! Boba Fett (unofficial) Landspeeder Boba Fett Slave I All bricks pieces come from #9496 Desert Skiff Feel free to leave critiques! Cheers!