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  1. EllieMental

    Original Mindstorms: Where to start?

    Thanks for such indepth replies! I have been reading them before today, but I log in so infrequently I temporarily forgot my password. Some nice resources I haven't seen before. I'm squinting at the models on laurensvalk wondering if I can do them by eye ;) (he didn't do instructions for RCX) I posted this originally as I was thinking about putting something together as a clever xmas present for my housemate (we have a challenge thing, eh, its involved). He's actually currently playing with the Dacta Interface 70909. He's a programmer, and he tends to get caught up in the technical (no pun intended) side of things, rather than getting to the practical part, which tends to be more fun and rewarding (and xmassy). I wonder if he has found his way to NQC yet. Last I saw, he was actually writing something to talk to the Dacta controller itself o.0 So just to clarify, if I bought the 9719 CD for instance http://www.bricklink.com/search.asp?itemID=44442&colorID=0&invNew=U it has the "hand-held" programming environment, the basic routines plus the building instructions on there? Oh, and was that different to Robolab, as I think I have that from a Spybot set? Appreciated, about all the bits and pieces I may need. I have only the one slightly quirky Serial IR tower, and lots of the other stuff except weirdly, no rotational sensors. Perhaps they were released later on, that would make sense. Thanks again,
  2. EllieMental

    UK Sales

    Wow at that Tesco offer... I feel a bit overshadowed now! On the strength of Big Pete's ASDA offer, I thought it worth popping into to my local one, but the Lego section had mostly empty shelves. Randomly elsewhere in the store, I found the "Basic" set 5487 (which is out of stock online) for £14.25. At 2p a piece, with two greens and including slopes and plates (many basic sets omit them) its not bad. Off to look at the Tesco offer now, and thanks to all the other posters for keeping us informed. (I lurk here often) -elliemental
  3. I have several of the original yellow Mindstorms RCX, which I got used from educational Dacta use. I have a heap of technic. I've not done much with the RCX, and am thinking about putting together an original Mindstorms kit from what I have, and starting and learning from there. I want to make it fun and achievable - I'm not looking to do anything impressive just yet. But I don't know if this is the best route, or which set to start on. Does the software come with the programming for the brick for the basic projects? Sorry for asking such basic questions, and if there's a resource for the old Mindstorms that I need to go and study, rather than bothering people, just point me that way =) Tia, elliemental
  4. EllieMental

    Which set should I buy?

    I'm temporarily emerging out of lurkdom to cheekily ask for advice. I have £50 (GBP) in Tesco reward vouchers to spend online. I'm a grown up, I shopped boringly for these vouchers and I'm going to spend it on lego. (see the range http://direct.tesco.com/homepage/toysgames.aspx) Generally speaking, I like buildings. I wanted to buy some of the new HP stuff partly to thank TLG for making them, after it seemed we would see no more. My first thought was, great! I can buy Hagrid's Hut, which I shrieked at the first time I saw it, mainly due to the mushrooms (really like mushrooms... ). On closer inspection, I really don't think there's much in it that I don't already have in quantity, and its lacking in the window department. I'm short on modern windows/doors, so... So the Burrow seems ideal. Cool, full of funky colours and accessories. One caveat, I don't like fleshies, and they seem to account for a huge part of the cost of the set (its 60GBP here, which is ~95USD ~70EUR). On a rough BL add up, I could sell the figs and come away with about 20GBP for them. (I'd prefer to keep the hair, and give myself a decent chance of remaking them in yellow, but obv they won't be worth much then). So is it worth what I'll pay? One way or another I'll spend the 50 on lego, even if its a completely different direction, such as making the purchase a "parts pack" , eg a creator 5868 (full of green, never have enough green) and some 6117 doors and windows. So, what to do ? Thanks!
  5. EllieMental

    UK Sales

    Argos ebay clearance now have 7685 Dozer at 14£ (rrp 20£) 8943 Axalara T9 at 36£ (rrp 49£) Well, I don't want either but seems worth keeping an eye on them My local Tesco has given Lego a new place of prominence during the 3for2 sale. They also have Lego games if anyone's been waiting for those cheaper
  6. EllieMental

    eBay madness

    About the above ebay sales with suspicious origins, is this the sort of thing our Ambassadors can pass on? This seller is shifting a lot of lego bricks. Based on what people have said, as far as I can see, the only fully legitimate way he could be operating is by being a returns reseller. But surely you're talking a fairly sizeable contract, one store isn't going to generate this many returns, right? Has anyone tried asking him what his source is? Btw, he's also selling just the Batcycle and batman minifig from 7886 The Batcycle
  7. EllieMental

    Is your member number a set number?

    @wooootles That's the Stegosaurus from the UKs current daily mirror promotion :D I have a table of them at the moment! Meh, I'm an Assassin Droids Battle Pack. I can't look at those droids without thinking what I'd use the parts for.
  8. EllieMental

    What do you do when you build?

    Currently I listen to Radio 4 (a speech-based BBC station mostly of factual and current affairs). I wouldn't like a TV while I build, there's not even one in the room, I enjoy it as a quiet time. Occasionally I switch over to music stations, usually when there's a bad play on. I might try Bach now though!
  9. EllieMental

    Pillaging Port Royal

    I just keep laughing at the skeleton on the beach, who is running away with a barrel. (See centre frame in the 7th pic.) The fact of him being the smiling old-style skeleton, added to him hot-footing it away from all the carnage, just makes him look so sneaky and well chuffed about his bounty! Of course its a great model. I need to try harder at my slope gradients, because yours always look "just right". Would you say it comes with practise, or do you simply shufle pieces about til you're happy? My only suggestion is that while the fire is very clever, can you think of any way to break up the colour a little? I keep finding my eye drawn to it. However, it may look different in brick anyway.
  10. EllieMental

    Subscribing to Topics

    Aha, both I and that invisible poster learnt something there, thank you
  11. EllieMental

    Subscribing to Topics

    Hi, forgive me if I'm just being stupid. I've been involved in other forum systems (largely vbulletin) where a subscription to a topic is automatically created when I post in that topic. Is this an option available on this system, which I am failing to find, or does it not exist? If it doesn't and might be possible, it really is a great feature, making posts much more conversational and coherent. Thanks in advance,
  12. EllieMental

    Review: 10199 Winter Toy Shop

    Yup, you've made me want it. Love the face review; O is for Orgasm lolol... Is the carolling face paving the way for a whole new series of vignettes? Choirs, obviously. Really impressed by the microtrain, I tried and failed to make one myself a while back. Some beatiful detailing all round, I think the only thing I'm not convinced by is the bear. Is no one else bothered by this mismatch of the "farmer's" hair and beard colours? Why do they give him a beard colour that isn't a hair colour?! Then again, I'm biased; I hate minifig facial hair, as I feel it stifles creativity. Also pretty cool to earn a post from the Designer!
  13. Just to clarify, this isn't the same frog as The National Autistic Society promo NAS promo is 7606 (frog) Mirror promo is 7804 (lizard) although as a random coincidence they seem to contain the same number of (different) pieces. For those unhappy about the availability, I'm buying multiple sets by post (instore collection is fraught with difficulty in my experience) so I'd suggest people check BL in a few weeks; I won't be the only one. Just remember they're really not "free" for anyone!
  14. EllieMental

    Roof Techniques

    I saw cheese pieces used to full effect at STEAM. http://www.flickr.com/photos/doctorsiniste...57622372781077/ Dr Sinister's pic Gave a very cottagey feel
  15. EllieMental

    Cheap Lego!

    People went nuts for the Lego. It doesn't take an AFOL to work out that Lego - any Lego - at half price is a good thing. The shelves were nearly empty but I got some Power Miners that I wouldn't otherwise have bought. They're fun, but lime and I just don't get on.