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    Specialized Parts

    What's the most specialized LEGO element, for me it is definitely Nick's head from Galidor. Just look at it, I am sure not even the most creative MOCers could come up with a use for that, but for those who think Galidor is not "real" LEGO, than the large head from The Battle of Metru Nui. It may have uses, but for the most part, it is still pretty specialized.
  2. Creatorman

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Character Creature Building System. The ball and joint system introduced in 2011 with Hero Factory 2.0. The whole system is pretty much built on a bone and cladding system that uses a ball and socket. You can also add on to the cladding using the bar and clip system, and there is some Technic compatibility.
  3. Creatorman

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    New blaster function perhaps? Seriously though, this looks like a really cool set. I really like the shaping of it, hopefully, we get more sets looking this cool.
  4. With TLG growing faster than most toy companies, a smash hit movie, extremely popular themes like NINJAGO and LEGENDS OF CHIMA, more licencing partners like Viacom, Warner Brothers, Disney, Cartoon Network, and Mojang, and an expansion into digital play, the future seems bright for LEGO. Because of this I was thinking about how LEGO would change in the future. In the future, I see more digital play as part of the LEGO play experience, with augmented reality, and games like the HERO FACTORY games. I also see more themes like NINJAGO, with more of a media push. On the sets side of things, I see more pieces, and more of a focus on minifigs. What do you think? How do you see LEGO in the future? A year from now? 5 years? 10?
  5. Creatorman

    Quality of service at LEGO stores.

    The quality at my home store is amazing. The staff know me by appearance, so when I go there I usually have one of the staff members saying hi. They also can carry out pretty knowledgeable conversations about the products, that and the fact that they put up with my incessant questioning. One of the associates today actually demoed a product for me, he showed me the little jumpers from the HERO FACTORY sets, and also showed me the mini-robots, another store associate showed me the Mixels after we had a conversation about them, he pulled one out of the case and demoed it for me. I really can't describe how much they have done for me though, every single associate, seems to care genuinely about their customers and product.
  6. Creatorman

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    True, but this special abandons the story arc that started in "Breakout". The fact that it is also made by Ghost rather than Tinseltown Toons hints extremely towards it being a filler, there was also no connection with the other story arcs, BA and Breakout had continuity with the rest of the universe, but if you have been following the story, you will realize that there is no continuity with the other episodes. Either way though, the sets are pretty cool though.
  7. Creatorman

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    Somehow, I have a feeling that this year's line is a "filler" line. Look at it, we are moved away from our story arc right now to something totally different, we have a different scale, and the newest episode is only a 22 minute long mini movie. I have a feeling that the designers at LEGO have something super awesome in store for us, they just need extra time to develop their ideas.
  8. Creatorman

    TLG and 3D Printing

    We all know LEGO prototypes with 3D printing, but when I was surfing the web when I found this. Now, to be honest, I get why LEGO doesn't want to distribute through 3D printing yet, but as an evolving technology, could you see this taking the place of buying from a store? How would this affect LEGO and the consumer? Would this hinder LEGO? I, for one, can see this being used to help improve the replacement parts service. Imagine trying to get a retired piece, for a certain set now. Without printing, you may have to buy from the secondary market, but if LEGO had 3D printing, we could get replacement parts printed from a computer file. Granted, it is not 3D printing is not perfect at the moment, but I am sure that by 10 years, it's quality may rival molded plastics. What do you is your guys' opinion and why?
  9. Creatorman

    TLG and 3D Printing

    Sorry to post on a topic that has been dead awhile, but I found this: What do you guys think?
  10. Creatorman

    Mattel buys Megabloks

    Let's remember guys, Mattel was extremely close to buying LEGO during the 2003-2004 era due to the faltering sales. Now that LEGO's success with Ninjago, Legends of Chima, Star Wars, Superheroes, Friends and the movie, Mattel probably wants to find a way to compete, especially since sales in all any toys other than construction toys are faltering, Mattel is probably trying to find a way to survive, and with MB's popularity with their video game licenses like HALO, it seems as if Mattel is trying to invest in long term survival with these lines, only time will tell what Mattel will do with these licences and how well their lines will perform.
  11. Creatorman

    TLG and 3D Printing

    I'm taking an engineering class right now, and we also have one, a Makerbot, and while cool, I agree, the objects replicated are not the best quality, the plastics are brittle, and feel cheap, but, 3D printing is a rapidly changing industry, NASA did an experiment with it to make food, and stem cells. So of all things, LEGO seems like child's play. Somehow that sounds like one of the applications of this in the future, something like CuuSoo, but for customizers. I honestly think that it would change the way customs are made. The only real problem is the fact that it might compete with customizers like Brickarms and Arealight. Also, designing would need a program like solidworks to check tolerances for quality control. But, it would be a great way to click with hobbyists.
  12. Creatorman

    Your dream Lego theme

    I actually think that LEGO could probably do it decently now with the small ball joints. Those joints could probably have enough range for a transformation. I honestly think that both LEGO and Hasbro missed the spot here though. Buildable Transformers would have been very cool.
  13. Creatorman

    Mixels 2014 Discussion

    I talked to a LEGO store employee yesterday, according to what they said, the sets should be arriving soon. So we may be seeing them earlier than expected. I am super excited for these sets, the characters seem fun and goofy, the small ball joints will help with building certain things, and creature building especially will be easier.
  14. Creatorman

    MOCing for beginners

    Hi guys, for a while I was wondering how to get into MOCing, and looking at this website definitely helped to get me motivated. So my question to you guys is, how do you get started with MOCing, the creative process, collecting parts and sorting them? And thanks in advance.
  15. Creatorman

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    WOW, that is an awesome MOC. I really can't imagine how long it must have taken to build a ship as large as that.
  16. Creatorman

    Rocka Madness?

    Hello, Since 2011, Rocka has been featured in 5 sets, a duplicate in this year. In compairson to many other heroes, excluding Stormer and Furno, it seems as if he is being overmarketed. Could this be because of his gold color? Relation to younger audiences? Coolness factor in story? Or any other reason? Discuss and debate.
  17. Creatorman

    Rocka Madness?

    Well yeah, but he was the most featured character in '03, until everything went Metru.
  18. Creatorman

    Rocka Madness?

    Is it just gold, or maybe he is HF's version of takanuva?
  19. Creatorman

    Where Does My Money Go To When Buying a LEGO Set?

    Goes to a lot of things, printing, parts especially minifigs and new parts, box art, wages to the workers, instructions, printing, pretty much everything to the last drop of ABS plastic oil.
  20. Creatorman

    Your dream Lego theme

    Wow! So we could have gotten LEGO Transformers. Looks like my dream has been shattered. But if we did get transformers, I would love for them to actually transform, I would also really like Beast Era stuff, Predacons and Maximals! G1, Prime and Unicron Trilogy would also be really cool, but alas, we shall wait until the end of Kre-O, and then, we all can hope for LEGO Transformers.
  21. Creatorman

    Specialized Parts

    Yeah, it is can only be used as a head. But the Power Loader is still pretty cool by the way.
  22. Creatorman

    Cracked Joint Syndrome

    Would holding the sides while pulling of the joint help, or would it put extra stress on it?
  23. Creatorman

    Cracked Joint Syndrome

    So a couple years ago, around 09-10, I was really into BIONICLE, but I had an issue which has gone unsolved to this day, cracked joint syndrome. You see, after building, MOCing and playing with my sets a couple of times, hairline cracks appeared, but soon they got as bad as giant cracks. And with most BIONICLE parts retired, the customer service is out. So is there any way to remedy it, certain way to connect the joint, glue or any alternative?
  24. Creatorman

    Cracked Joint Syndrome

    It's even worse with the Glatorian heads.
  25. Creatorman

    Finally Made The Account!

    Finally, after lurking for 3 years I finally made an account. I am a huge LEGO fan, with some of my favorite themes being BIONICLE, Castle, Space, Star Wars, and Super Heroes. I hope my time on this site and online community goes well for me!