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  1. Possibly, I don't know much about how this site works in that regard. As another option, you might be able to put the photos on a separate image hosting site, like Imgur, and then just post a link to them here.
  2. Ah, that's too bad! Thank you for trying all the same, I appreciate it. Good luck finding issue 34! If I'm ever lucky enough to come across it, I will let you know.
  3. ST. 4c656f6e617264

    I really love these models. Great parts usage, but also just a really clever and striking juxtaposition of themes and rad use of the post itself to suggest a narrative.
  4. I don't have 34, but if It'd be helpful to you, I do have a couple earlier issues I have scanned here. There are a couple other issues on brickshelf beyond those as well, uploaded by some other people - you should be able to find them by just running a search for 'Adventures Magazine.' Do you/your son still have your copies of the magazine? There were a few Bionicle comics that I know appeared in them that I'm really eager to see, but I've never been able to track down the issues that have them. If you'd be able to get pictures of those comics, I'd be over the moon.
  5. Future Constraction Lines

    Fake as it is, would you mind relaying the name? I'm curious.
  6. Thanks for this! It'll be much easier to revisit these now.
  7. From the main Star Wars thread - 2018 stuff, I presume: And just so there isn't any doubt:
  8. Hi.  Thank you so much for the previous translations you have done.  I'm wondering if you could please translate Jim Spaceborn 2, judging by some of the pages it looks interesting.  Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.  http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=556523

    And also how is the hunt for the rest of the Time Cruisers comics?

    1. Tazakk


      Hey! I've been holding off on Jim Spaceborn 2 because I know there are English versions out there that might be scanned someday, but I guess it'd be something to take one sometime if I'm able. It's just the spaceborn stuff is a lot more time-intensive to translate than time cruisers! 

      With regards to the latter, there was a listing on eBay a while ago that may have had the missing comics, but it was out of my budget range so I had to pass it up. I'm still keeping a lookout for them, though. I'm sure someday I'll get a hold of the rest. :grin:

  9. Elves: Episodes and Media Thread

    At least in the US, all the episodes are available for viewing on the Elves website. Just go to videos, click through to the year you want and scroll down to "minimovies."
  10. Did we have the prices for the last jedi sets before? LEGO Star Wars 75526 - €19.99 - (£14.99, $19.99) LEGO Star Wars 75528 - €24.99 - (£19.99, $24.99) LEGO Star Wars 75529 - €24.99 - (£19.99, $24.99) LEGO Star Wars 75530 - €34.99 - (£29.99, $34.99) Looks like we have another larger model to look forward to.
  11. This is just idle speculation, but whenever I've been to the Lego aisle at different stores the shelves always seem packed with unsold Star Wars figures and I wouldn't be surprised if they've cut down the number of sets they are launching to better match demand.
  12. [MOC] Skull Captain

    This is fabulous. I love the colors, and that parrot especially is top-notch. Some real nice parts usage with the Technic chain as dreadlocks and the nexo bot shoulder for the bottom of the beak.
  13. It can take a while for Lego to get prizes sent out. In this case especially, we don't know how far along the artbook was in production at the time it was announced. It could be a super last-minute thing that they need all the time they can get to put together. I'd give it another month or two before getting worried.
  14. Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    Official pictures of the 2017 lineup on Brickset. They also have six more listed for the summer - not sure if that's news or not.
  15. Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    I mean, I guess they could be fake, but they look pretty darn legit to me.