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  1. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this! I'm curious what issues of Klick these were in, I guess maybe they were printing some different comics in France than they were in Germany, neat. Would it be okay if I translated this into English and posted it on my Time Cruisers page? I would of course link to your gallery and credit you for the scans.
  2. December 17 1996 - user "JohnKelly" claimed that Lego had names for all the minifigures in space at that time, as well as the other themes. He only remembered the red haired ice planet astronaut was Major Urusa: I wondered at the time I discovered this if this may have been a typo and the name was actually Major Ursa, since that'd be an obvious pun on Ursa Major. It wouldn't be the only typo in that post.
  3. While web browsers are going to increasingly block flash content, it will still be possible to download the games and play them offline if you've got flash installed. At Biomedia Project we were also looking into the possibility of building an html wrapper that would allow the games to still be played in a browser, but it'd be a big undertaking, so I'm not sure if/when that idea will come to fruition.
  4. looking forward to this. the preview art they posted is pretty and definitely has that old catalog vibe
  5. Tazakk

    Take this with a HUGE grain of salt

    In addition to the Faber thing making absolutely no sense, the fact that they werent able to think of anything original and instead had to rely on claiming lego was trying to reboot old themes they like makes it pretty clear this is bull. We still dont know for sure whats up with Leaf, though...
  6. Tazakk

    Official Pirate Names (1989-1990 line)

    I don't have any scans on hand of whatever's being referred to though/don't have time at the moment to go digging around for it. im the friend! here's what i was referring to. I would also note that that 94 Bricks and Pieces doesnt seem to expressly refer to the ironhook fig as roger - roger is the pirate they're talking about in the text but they dont expressly say hes the one pictured on the page. that's definitely an instance where there could have been miscommunication between the writer and the person handling page art/layout. It makes sense ironhook would be in the art since he features in the islanders sets, but roger is in the commercial so the writer may have been working off of that (or related materials). ive had minifig names on the mind lately so in case it is of interest, here's my table for pirate names by region. the ones in red are comic-only (no minifig).
  7. Today i spotted these uploads from a little earlier in the year - a collection of shopvideos that were made to run on a loop in stores to advertise sets. The first one is an outlier, seeming to be more of a retailer-oriented sell tape. Add to these a couple more videos that were already floating around, and we've got a good collection of these going! These're an interesting look into how lego was branding itself back then.
  8. Tazakk

    Need Help - Official List of Pirate Minifigures

    Hey, if you dont mind me asking, is this the fig you're referring to as Don Diego? I haven't seen him listed under that name before anywhere and im curious to know where you got the name from! Edit: oh it looks like its from Soccer Mania!! Nevermind
  9. Because of how Brickset works you can do this with literally anything. Definitive proof?!?!
  10. Possibly, I don't know much about how this site works in that regard. As another option, you might be able to put the photos on a separate image hosting site, like Imgur, and then just post a link to them here.
  11. Ah, that's too bad! Thank you for trying all the same, I appreciate it. Good luck finding issue 34! If I'm ever lucky enough to come across it, I will let you know.
  12. Tazakk

    ST. 4c656f6e617264

    I really love these models. Great parts usage, but also just a really clever and striking juxtaposition of themes and rad use of the post itself to suggest a narrative.
  13. I don't have 34, but if It'd be helpful to you, I do have a couple earlier issues I have scanned here. There are a couple other issues on brickshelf beyond those as well, uploaded by some other people - you should be able to find them by just running a search for 'Adventures Magazine.' Do you/your son still have your copies of the magazine? There were a few Bionicle comics that I know appeared in them that I'm really eager to see, but I've never been able to track down the issues that have them. If you'd be able to get pictures of those comics, I'd be over the moon.
  14. Tazakk

    Future Constraction Lines

    Fake as it is, would you mind relaying the name? I'm curious.