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  1. Just finished this Icarus Supercar and I can say this one is a thing of beauty. The picture cannot do justice how beautiful it is. One of the best supercar if not the best.
  2. WOW!!! Excellent MOC ... and here I thought Madoca is running out of idea because of all the Magnificent MOCs he created before... I'm HAPPY I WAS WRONG!!!!
  3. leksivalen

    75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Discussion

    Will this be credited to Sergio? I hope it is since he got 10,000 votes for his Ghostbuster HQ...
  4. Rosco already has a new model. I saw it but will I not say what model it is. I will let Rosco reveal it.. Honestly, I've been waiting for Rosco to release the instruction :-)
  5. leksivalen

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    around 350Eur... but not more than 400Eur.. you just have to be creative.. try to read from the previous post of an example of how I was able to cut down the cost.
  6. leksivalen

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    Here are the files... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yk7n0f46uw24wu8/AAC4KMMpjqnuRw4EnKKSpGVVa?dl=0
  7. leksivalen

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    You need a powerful pc just to load the LDD file. If you want I could provide you LDD file for each flor so you don't have any problem. The instruction generated from the LDD of the whole building is very hard to follow. Its much better if you separate every floor
  8. I'm not really asking too much.. just this will make my day..
  9. the truck itself there's definitely lots of interestng parts.. just joking.. hard to decide whick one
  10. Dang!!!! i like the Crane and Arocs... fire plane looks great from afar i will definitely buy 2 pcs each!!!
  11. leksivalen

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    Would be interesting what it looks like... take pics :-)