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  1. Awesome work!!! Well done!
  2. Naijel

    [MOC] The Lost Temple

    Beautiful! Well done
  3. Stunning! Well done!!!
  4. Dang! I thought these were real product shots! So well done with the designs and the box art!
  5. Awesome! Convoy was the first movie I ever watched on VHS, back in 1982 when I was 7. When I was 5 to 9 years old I was obsessed with big rigs. Well done!!!
  6. Ciamosław, this is simply stunning. This is one of the very best builds I have ever seen. Amazing work. The 4+ years of effort has paid off. I hope it has brought you a lot of satisfaction seeing the end result. Thank you for blessing us with this.
  7. Naijel

    [MOC] Fort "de Monchy"

  8. If this works this is a god send! I'd been so frustrated with them borking the latest download. So utterly confusing and unprofessional that that happened.
  9. Naijel

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Halls of History

    Love it! Well done. So much detail. And I love the giant book concept.
  10. Naijel

    [MOC] Alfa Pendular CP4000

    Gorgeous! Well done.
  11. Naijel

    [MOC] Farrador Castle

    Was great to see this in person on the weekend. Simply stunning, as was the whole collection of MOCs.
  12. Naijel

    CDC1 Tower: Saibankan

    Nice. I love the white and sand green combi. Chopping block with blood is a cool touch.
  13. Naijel

    Cedrica City Block(Picture heavy(A))

    Simply gorgeous!
  14. Naijel

    [MOC] Grand Hotel Kudelma

    Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Naijel

    [MOC] Borderlands Outrunner

    Amazing work, really outstanding! Congratulations on a great achievement.
  16. Naijel

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here in Sydney, Australia, there is thing that happens where old buildings are heritage protected but often just the facade is protected and new buildings are built on top. So you get some nice old style front for one or more stories and then a nice contemporary style above that, often set back a bit to give the illusion of it being behind the old building. I'd love to see something like that. i'd also be interested in an Asian style building, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or a Latin American style building. I'd like some more modern architecture too rather than the almost exclusively old architecture.
  17. Naijel

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The colour of Lando is a real shame. He really should have a dark tan torso with tan arms or preferably co-molded arms that are dark tan at the shoulders and tan on the sleeves. The A-Wing looks great. The skiff is a bit meh to me. Dark tan seems the wrong colour. Was also hoping that this set would have a new Lando figure in disguise. I guess they decided to put Lando in the A-Wing set so they cut it from here. The landspeeder is pretty good. Very similar to the one from the recent Mos Eisley set though, with half the same figures. Nice to get another Tusken Raider since there was only one in the Skyhopper, but overall it seems to be too similar to very recent sets. We also still have Han and Boba in the carbonite freezing chamber still on shelves.... Overall I'm pretty happy with designs and the figures but Lando's torso and arms are a real disappointment.
  18. Naijel

    Cliff Fortress

    Very nice. I love the natural shape of the rock around the walk with its varied height.
  19. Naijel

    Faun Apple Farm

    Very, very nice! I love the home with the grass and other plants on top. Great wall texturing. I love the overall layout and theme.
  20. Naijel

    [MOC] LEGO Castle

    Stunning! Very nice. I can only dream of building this size of MOC.