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  1. 24857281268_9edcb2d24f_h.jpg

    Hello : o)

    After some years I would like to share again with my latest MOC:

    Mission - San Escobar, 1715



    01 Mission - San Escobar, 1715 by Ciamosław Ciamek, on Flickr



    02 Mission - San Escobar, 1715 by Ciamosław Ciamek, on Flickr



    A monastery with a church in the Caribbean.

    It took 2 years to complete. It was my brick dream for a long time : o)


    Flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pigletciamek/albums/72157690288853075


    More photos on BS:


    More photos of the HMS Falcon Brig:


    Church facade inspiration:




    03 Mission - San Escobar, 1715 by Ciamosław Ciamek, on Flickr



    04 Mission - San Escobar, 1715 by Ciamosław Ciamek, on Flickr



    Island of San Escobar - Caribbean, 1715

    Conquered by the Spaniards in the XVI century, due to its small strategic importance, it did not have much development. But for that a Jesuit mission was created here to convert the local Caribbean tribe. The monks managed to build a monastery, and later a new sanctuary of Our Lady of San Escobar. The second important building here is the old fort.

    At the moment we are watching an unusual move in this area. Recently English ship HMS 'Falcon', commanded by Captain Jack O'Brien, came with a special mission. The captain - violin enthusiast - along with his friend - Doctor Mauritius - is just entertaining his (not much busy at the moment) crew with a concert.

    On the Falcon came Governor Woodes Brickers, who under the Treaty of Utrecht has the mission to take over the island from the Spaniards. At this moment, together with Admiral Nathaniel Elson, they are handing on the relevant documents to a Spanish representative - Coronel Jose Arcadio Demorales. The colonel welcomes the delegation with his maxim - 'Viva la Biba!'. The enthusiasm of their chief is not shared by ordinary Spanish soldiers.

    On the other side of the island appeared 'Cauldron' - His Piracy's Ship of Captain Rustbeard. His band arrived here with the mission of finding the hidden treasure. They have just succeeded. Thanks to the fact that they previously captured a man named Felipe Bernardo - a man who has a special key - they will soon open the chest found in the cave. Well, they will or they will not make it - the sailor in the bow just discovered the presence of the English ship.

    Felipe is a companion of the famous Caribbean hero - Crimson Pirate. They planned to posses the treasure, but their mission was disturbed by the unexpected Crimson love affair with the beautiful Senorita Isaura. At this moment, he is duelling in the courtyard of the monastery with Don Alfonso, an oppressor who imprisoned Isaura on the island with the mission of giving her to a slave trader. Sir Lawrence A. Mistad - that evil one - has just arrived aboard the Falcon and is already looking at the wharf for a new supply of his business. In this critical situation, the fate of the Senorita is fading. Fortunately there is Brother Alforza, who has received from the Prior the mission of helping senorita in escaping from the monastery.

    In a moment Spanish lieutenant (Teniente), alarmed by the sound of crossed spades, will join the fight in the monastery. He had just visited Prior with the mission of obtaining another batch of liquors for his Comandante in the fort.

    Meanwhile, outside of great (well, maybe slightly smaller) politics, the ordinary life on the island takes place. There is Bible study at school in the village and in the yard a match of 'green coconut', initiated by the devotee and virtuoso of this game - Brother Lionel. Some natives catch fish by the shore, while others transport their trophies through the rocks to the settlement where the meal is prepared.

    It is worth paying attention to the small waterfall, above which brother Jeremio Irones devotes himself to the passion of the flutist. You can not miss the small but beautiful beach - La Playa. Robinson Boozoe has been living here for a few years now - he is cheerfully welcoming the colonist family, who (as the only one) has come aboard Falcon with the mission of settling in San Escobar ("A great, wonderful life awaits you", they said ...).

    What will happen next?

  2. All in all, how many pieces would you say are involved?

    Don't know, still counting ; o)

    I know you said it took two years but could you give us some more details?

    is it modular? number of bricks (approx.) what is the base, size? Hell I would interview you for an hour if I could!

    Yes, it's modular - here You can see how they are divided: modules

    Dimensions are:

    232 studs long x 224 studs wide (185,6 cm x 179,2 cm)

    I really don't have idea how many bricks there are. I never count them when I build.

    Here are some WIP photos with approx. dates: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Piglet/Ferkelstein/99.jpg

    so You can have idea how the build precess looked.

    If You are in Krakow ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krak%C3%B3w ) You can see this diorama live in Muzeum Inzynierii Miejskiej ( http://www.mimk.com.pl/czytaj/informacje-praktyczne/14.html , http://goo.gl/maps/dvol )

    There is Lugpol display until September 15th.

    Video from the opening weekend:

    Thanks for all comments! : o)

  3. Hello

    I haven't been here for a while, but today I'd like to share with You my newest MOC and so far a greatest project of my life : o)


    Return to Schloss Ferkelstein

    XX century, mid 40's. World War II is bursting Europe. Alpine castle Ferkelstein, placed deeply in the Reich, seems to be a peaceful oasis for the soldiers quartering here. Duty in the garrison is not tough, and in the spare time you can visit the 'Wild Deer' inn, placed on the market square of the nearby town – Ferkelstadt.

    In the last days the peace of this area has been disturbed however. Specialists of the enigmatic and evil SS Paranormal Division had been delegated to the castle. They brought mysterious boxes and established a digging site on the cemetery. Apparently they are working on a new Wunderwaffe – the project Übersoldat. Their scientists want to create a supersoldier who would allow Nazi to take the ultimate victory in Europe. They must be close to the success, because new guests appear in the town last days, invited for a ceremonial banquet in the castle.

    Fortunately there is someone who can thwart Nazi plans – it is an American secret agent B.J. Blazkowitz (with Polish descendance of course). He is just on his way to the castle in a cable car, dealing with another opponent. For distraction British commando unit will attack the castle from the lake side. Meanwhile a small resistance team will make some sabotage act near the castle main gate.

    The diorama was being made for 2 years. Inspirations were taken mainly from the 'Where Eagles Dare' movie and the Wolfenstein game series.

    Some of the photos:

    01.jpg_thumb.jpg 02.jpg_thumb.jpg 03.jpg_thumb.jpg 06.jpg_thumb.jpg 13.jpg_thumb.jpg 17.jpg_thumb.jpg

    19.jpg_thumb.jpg 22.jpg_thumb.jpg 31.jpg_thumb.jpg 35.jpg_thumb.jpg 44.jpg_thumb.jpg 46.jpg_thumb.jpg

    49.jpg_thumb.jpg 51.jpg_thumb.jpg 55.jpg_thumb.jpg 58.jpg_thumb.jpg 62.jpg_thumb.jpg 64.jpg_thumb.jpg

    67.jpg_thumb.jpg 74.jpg_thumb.jpg 77.jpg_thumb.jpg 81.jpg_thumb.jpg 92.jpg_thumb.jpg 98.jpg_thumb.jpg

    Flickr set with some of the photos:

    All 99 photos:


    I hope You will like it : o)

  4. really like how you used the Islander face for another Jester, it works really well!

    Whoa! It's not just another Jester, it's my avatar!

    And it was present long before the Lego Jester came out!

    : o)

    Hey Im making a LEGO MMORPG. Could I use this as one of the main towns?

    I'm not sure how would it look like, but feel free to use the photo, as long as you don't make anything evil with it ; o)

    Thanks to all for the feedback. I'm happy that you like it, as I felt a little tired with this MOC : o)

  5. indexed.gif


    This is my latest creation - a village diorama.

    Medieval Market Village Diorama

    Diorama shows a medieval village during a trade day.

    Around the market following buildings can be found: blacksmith's shop, Bakery, church, town hall, inn and warehouse. The village is place near a forest, over a river that enters a lake.

    It has a modular construction. The whole building process took half a year.

    Four of the modules were made for the Colossal Castle Contest VII and are shown or separate pages.

    The whole thing took 6 months to complete.

    My homepage: http://www.ciamek.yoyo.pl/?m=00119 (all 90 photos, with some descriptions)

    BS folder: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=428577 (all 90 photos)

    Flickr Set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pigletciamek/...57623766166583/ (only 12 photos)

    Photos from Flickr:

    4534979729_1556c96e5f_t.jpg 4535612258_84f64d3652_t.jpg 4535612036_09d8bddb85_t.jpg 4535611776_2e8a254b97_t.jpg

    4535611516_922990f3e2_t.jpg 4534978469_9ddb6a9508_t.jpg 4535611104_3aa2a8e66b_t.jpg 4535610888_a1397faecb_t.jpg

    4535610738_58403cf0a4_t.jpg 4535610584_a12dda1f31_t.jpg 4535610280_8330b6b826_t.jpg 4535610102_84069a8edc_t.jpg

  6. And ofcourse welcome to the forum, there´s no better way to introduce yourself than with such a MOC :pir-classic:


    Posts: 27

    Joined: 31-May 06

    but I'm not new here, I'm just not a very active user : o)

    Man, what is in the Polish water that makes you all such good MOCers? :pir_laugh2:

    I don't know, but I'm quite happy with that ; o)

    This is a beautiful fort. I love the colors, and you gave it a really nice feel with the transition from water to rock to the fort. Excellent work, you're on the frontpage! :pir-classic:

    Thanks, I'll be famous!

    ; o)

    Amazing you combined all three models into a giant fortress, however I think i heard of the name already where was it?

    What do you mean?

    Maybe you have some recalls with my last year's MOC - Spaniards Bay:


    I use here the same white bricks and the tower is similar ; o)

    Which realy comes up to me is that whenever there's a fort on here it's controled by redcoats.Probaply because their name are imperial guards so they guard the forts while us bluecoats go out like the soldiers we are.

    I just wanted to use my new pirate sets minifigs. If they were blue I would use them the same way ; o)

    From the original series I prefer blue coats over the red ones.

    Thank you for all the comments.

  7. Hello.

    This is my second MOC for the JRC.

    I would like to present: Fort Royal


    Royal fort in the Caribbean

    Fort with an observation tower, a small haven with a lift, armed with cannons.

    I was inspired by the hole in a wall made by Evildead:


    but I used the 'valentine's technique' for the brick:


    and tried to make a little thinner plaster.

    This work was also inpired by Kris Kelvins Eldorado Fortress 2009:



    Brickshelf folder - Full gallery (already available)

    My homepage - Full gallery (there are some notes under the photos)

    Flickr - only first 3 photos

    01.jpg_thumb.jpg 02.jpg_thumb.jpg 03.jpg_thumb.jpg

  8. is that red thing over the guy's head that the other guy on the dock is holding an umbrella?


    I know - it's quite strange : o)

    The roofs with the jumper bricks look great as well.

    Although, I'm not sure which effect you were after?

    Any particular reason for using jumpers and not tiles?

    Well, the main reason is that I have jumper plates and don't have tiles : o)

    On the other hand, I think that jumper plates give some convexity of the roof tiles feeling.

    Thanks again for the comments!


    Thanks for the 'MOC expert' tag.

    I'm not familiar with it yet - I tried to find some information about this, but i haven't succeeded.

  9. Thanks to all for the positive comments : o)

    [...] I like the most is the watchtower, great how you made it on top of the rocks. Is there also a prison is it, or maybe somewhere else?

    Well... it could be a prison also. (Don't tell anyone, but those buildings don't have interiors ; o) )

    [...] I'm also glad to see water with studs, especially when the trend seems to be snot water. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I prefer some good old studs.

    I like study water also. But maybe I just can't properly use SNOT is why I make water this way : oP

    Just one question out of curiosity, are you planning more Spanish themed MOCs? I most certainly hope so.

    Well, for now, after 5 Spanish themed MOCs in a row, I have finished with them I think : o) At least in 2009

    (You can see them here if You like:




    http://www.ciamek.yoyo.pl/?m=00096 )

    Thanks for encouraging me to post here ; o)

  10. thindexedgif.gif Vig. 81b


    I have just been suggested to post my newest diorama - the Spaniards' Bay. So I'm doing this : o)


    The story is simple:

    XVII century. The great discoverer and adventurer, Herman Coldres, after a successful colonization, managed to build a small trading post in the bay.

    On the left you can find two small warehouses with a small crane. In the middle is the Governor's (Herman Coldres') house and next to it is the inn / bakery. On the rocky island stands a lighthouse / watchtower.

    Herman Coldres' men are greeting a delegation from Spain - a duke, a priest (or maybe an inquisitor) and a lord.

    You can see all of the pictures on:

    my homepage (there are some descriptions) or on Brickshelf

    Part of them you can find on MOCpages

    Some of the pictures for the lazy ones : o)

    00.jpg_thumb.jpg 01.jpg_thumb.jpg 02.jpg_thumb.jpg 03.jpg_thumb.jpg

    06.jpg_thumb.jpg 07.jpg_thumb.jpg 08.jpg_thumb.jpg 09.jpg_thumb.jpg

    12.jpg_thumb.jpg 13.jpg_thumb.jpg 16.jpg_thumb.jpg 17.jpg_thumb.jpg

  11. Hello

    I was generally a little inspired by the MOC that Landlubber showed and also by an another one harbour - but I can't find the gallery now : o/

    (That's why it could be similar - fort on the right, houses on the left).

    My harbour ought to be a very simple construction, but still with some details. Id doesn't use SNOT (maybe except the shutters) or tiles.

    The cellar floor is under water because it's inflow now ; o) Otherwise there are no prisoners.

  12. Nice moc! If you want to read more comments on your awsome MOC here is the thread

    Oops... I didn't check the forum if someone had mentioned it earlier. I'm very happy that there are so many positive comments there. Thanks : o)

    I always like to put some life into MOCs, by making minifigs alive.

  13. Hello

    I had finished it nearly 2 months ago (so You might have seen it already), but I haven't post it here, so i'm doing it now : o)




    It's just a small harbor.

    From right You can find a small fort with defence cannons, house of the governor and a little tavern.

    Check the pictures to find situational details.

  14. Does this mean that the ship has been destroyed?

    Yes, about a year ago

    Can you tell us something about the sails of this ship? What material did you use?

    Well... I don't know what it supposed to be earlier. I just found this piece of cloth in wardrobe : o)

  15. Yes, we're aware that Piglet is a member of our forum. He came here to share his Pirate fumetti about 6 months ago however he never did report back to inform us his comic was complete.

    Hello again : o)

    Translation of my comic stucked as I don't have as much time as I had when I was studying. Now I have a job and my free time is devoted to building rather than translation : o( (and that's also why i'm not active here)

    Apparently Bonaparte was going to invite him to join this discussion but it appears that hasn't happened yet.

    I've just read the invitation mail - thanks Bonaparte : o)

    Golden Lady was built in April/May 2004. The colors were mixed up as I really wanted to make a 'big ship' and hadn't have enough bricks.

    The doors were a little small, but I really wanted the look of shutters there.

    The capstain mechanism really worked - while rotating it you could pull the anchors (both simultaneously : o) ).

    Thank you for your interest, I hope I'll can answer Your other questions.

  16. Wow, the lack of intellegence of some of those users on MOC pages is amazing,

    It's not the lack of intelligence - It must be overgrowth of excitement ; o)

    You should post more of your Mocs here [...]

    I will - but the new ones only (and the ones that will deserve posting : o) )

    I have made a Maxim gun too, but it's the German WW1 version, see it

    I'ts great (like your other guns) and far more accurate than mine ; o) Mine was just an addition to the T-34 model - just like the whole diorama.

    Thanks for all of your replies :o)

  17. indexed.gif

    Hello : o)

    I haven't been posting anything new recently, but I think now I have something that is worth it.

    The first one is the T-34 / 85 tank


    "T-34 / 85 Russian WW2 medium tank.

    The crew is a tribute to the polish 60/70's war/adventure tv series 'Four tank men and a dog'. The tank was named 'Rudy' - red-haired.

    Some of the model features: working tracks, rotating turret, hatches, engine, crew etc. "

    T-34 MOCpages folder

    The second one is a diorama of Berlin in the final days of WW2 in Europe.


    "The fall of Berlin - april / may 1945

    The diorama features some destroyed architecture, the T-34 tank (check the separate gallery), some soldiers, Maxim machine-gun and a truck and a Tiger wrecks. "

    The diorama MOCpages folder

    I hope You will enjoy it : o)