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    Iron Man's Troubled Suit

    Trying out some new things, made a little short with Iron Man having some issues with his suit to test out those new things.
  2. A stop motion video i made a little over a year ago while building all three variants provided in the instructions for the Lego Creator Log Cabin set #5766. The lumberjack does have a tough decision to make.
  3. omnipotent666

    Batman 06: ULTIMATE BATMAN

    I'm a toys r us employee in montreal canada and i just though you'd like to know that today we received the batcave and to my suprise along with it a 1034 piece batmobile decribed under the heading ultimate collector batman. Wish i had a pic of it but it certainly is an awesome set. Perhaps wednesday i can get a price and product number. Also, news like there anywhere else better to post it, i just figured the batman section would be best for now, but i'm new to the forum on this site. Lego rocks. Omni. A note. Maybe i somehow missed it.... but it's item number 7784 for 109.99$