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  1. shmails

    [O - H08] - What An Asteroid!

    Very nice build, I like the idea of a fake asteroid filled with fakawesomnium!
  2. shmails

    AG - Rules and FAQ

    Is there more of an announcement/explanation of what the corporations are supposed to do with the alien invasion coming? No rush, I just am not understanding what, if anything, to do from reading the new rules. Thanks!
  3. shmails

    Challenge 2: Unknown menace

    Congrats to all who entered and a big thanks to the judges for their hard work.
  4. shmails

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Feel free to eliminate my build if I missed a rule. I think you are the one taking things too seriously. I was trying to have a conversation, not a witch hunt, but it looks like your pitchforks have turned towards me now. Sad that I cannot have an opinion without being told to stop talking.
  5. shmails

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    I have no idea what you are talking about or who this person is that is being persecuted, but this is the discussion thread. Are we not allowed to discuss an issue we see in this thread? Other rules have been altered because of discussion had here, so why not this one?
  6. shmails

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Minutes are one thing, but your carpool isn't going to wait two hours much less an entire day for someone to get ready for work the way the rest of us did on time, and if it happened over and over I bet you would make a rule about when to decide to give up and move on without the straggler. My proposal gives some leeway to those who might need extra time but it comes with a small penalty to make those who follow the rules feel that there are no favors being given to anyone.
  7. shmails

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    I agree with you that late is late and should not be counted, however it seems like there is leeway with the judges, so I offered a solution to help them get this issue resolved quicker. I would much rather a hard deadline with no exceptions.
  8. shmails

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    If you make actual consequences for late entries then it will stop happening or will allow the judges to fall back on a written rule instead of backdoor conversations about who should be allowed in. They have a hard enough time with judging, now they have to decide whether someone deserves to be included even if they did not follow the rules? Here is my solution: for every hour an entry is late, it should be docked one point. If it is ten hours late (or seven for a weekly build), then it is not allowed at all. Simple, black and white, no wiggle room.
  9. shmails

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    That seems pretty unfair to those of us who followed the rules and entered our creations on time.
  10. shmails

    [O - G04] The Duel...

    Ducktastic! Sometimes you just cannot escape your destiny. Very funny!
  11. shmails

    [Challenge 2][Cat B] OTC Moby Dick

    Thanks so much for all the comments everyone! This was a struggle for me, I am not much a ship builder and I stumbled a bunch. I wish I had time to do the interior, I am very impressed that so many people got that far!
  12. shmails

    [Challenge 2] [Cat-B] K-BOX-42

    Really nice work for a one day build, love the interior, great work!
  13. shmails

    [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Croaker

    Interesting idea, very funny!
  14. shmails

    [Challenge 2] [Cat B] Javelin Class Dropship

    Love that picture with the one guy tripping as he leaves the bay, so good! Very interesting shape for the ship
  15. shmails

    [Challenge 2][Cat B] M.C.F. Scorpion Class Destroyer

    Those engines are just fantastic, you really get the sense of how powerful they are!