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  1. MadManMingo

    MOC - Music Shop Modular

    Very interresting angel on the ground floor. I like that very much. The colour-scheme though. REALLY not into that. It's too extreme for my taste and would be an eyesore for the rest of the neighborhood. But thats just me
  2. MadManMingo

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    There's no eeeeeeeend to the possibilties! And if the pilot linup is a succes, it would be an awesome opportunity for the rebirth of the Lego Monorail. There's just so many aspects of the two worlds that compliments each other.
  3. MadManMingo

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    I smell a contest warming up allready... - Who can make the best MOD of the theater floor? With more seats, blinded windows on the inside, seperate projektion room and who knows what else?.... That way we could get tons of great suggestions on alternative movie theaters. No bad feelings Jamie, Astrid or who ever is watching from TLG You guys have given us so much. This beautiful cinema just needs to be "finished" before many of us truly can share the joy of it
  4. MadManMingo

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    Hmmm... what to say? I REAAALLY want to love this and propably will when I get hands on. But I'm not impressed by the theater room itself. True.. I havn't been in Graumans. But in my head a movie theater don't have see-trough windows and an open staircase to the entrance hall. Only 6 seats in a big modular cinema? No seperat projection-room? Even very old cinemas have that. This looks a little classroom'ish to mee. That red baseplate... hmmmm... i bit too "porn" for me. Gotta love those stars in the sidewalk though, and the beautyfull roof and front entrance.
  5. MadManMingo

    MOC: Coveted Clutch (modular shop)

    LESS IS MORE! The way you manege to turn two simple colours, white and dark grey, into beautiful realistic architecture is stunning. You've really got talent! And all the great interior details just tops it off.
  6. MadManMingo

    MOC: Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater

    I really don't get how this amazing modular that gets sooooo much credit these days only have 1200 supporters on cuusoo COME ON PEOPLE!!! When a yellow mascot can get 10.000, then this beautiful cinema and diner really deserve much more. The downside I'm afraid is.... that if Empire Theater/Galaxy Diner SHOULD reach 10.000. Then there's no garantee that we'll see it in stores. TLG will probably say that Empire/Galaxy conflicts with and ongoing projekt (Palace Cinema) like they did with the amazing western modulars Well Sonicstarlight... I see no other solution than, you start selling instructions on ebay
  7. MadManMingo

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    Exactly my point bootz. We are all different and prefer different things and thank goodness for that. The alternative would be too boring, if we were too much alike. But thanks for not taking it personally How about it Grogall? Any new details, or inside pics?
  8. MadManMingo

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    I've come to learn that it is just part of the fora-game. Some people always have to draw attention to themselves by complaining about anything new. "Uhhh stickers are just so bad..." and "I don't like this cause it's different". But hey, it would also get too boring if everybody padded each other on the bag and smiled all the time. But let's remember everyone, how privileged we all are. Most of the folks in here are adult people on the other side of the dark age. And we didn't have ANYTHING like this when we were kids. We could only dream when we went to Billund once in a while. But we couldn't go in the store and buy a building like those in miniature-land. If someone don't like the style of a new building... Tuf' luck... If someone don't like the color's or get a rash when they see a sticker... don't buy the set. But that doesn't change how lucky we are now a days and how far the boundries on whats possible have been pushed. Personally I can't wait to add this beautiful new corner to my street :o)
  9. MadManMingo

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    What a great new modular! I'm very excited that TLG expand the variation of arcitectural looks with this asian inspired building. I think it's good that the buildings doesn't repeat themselves but stand out individually. Let's see some interior!!! And with that limo we just need JFK and a grassy knoll to add a little drama Look exactly like his last ride.
  10. MadManMingo

    MOC: ER0L's Garage

    That's really high quality detailing. The round beautifull shapes and almost studless roof, makes you wonder for a second. Is this really lego...? And I mean that in a good way :o)
  11. MadManMingo

    Next Modular Building?

    It would be cool, but I highly doubt that palace cinema will be 3x16 wide. If any building should be extra wide, it would have been the town hall. I was a bit disappointed that TH was only 32. And as one of the MOC experts in here showed. Can't remember who. The TH looks really grand and awesome extra wide. You can easily fit a cinema in 32.Therefore I don't think it'll be wider. Even though wide buildings suites any modular street.
  12. MadManMingo

    10233 Horizon Express

    Your right. But yes, it will run on the standard rails, since it has the standard axles. Jamie also tells you can add a motor to make it run like the other trains.
  13. I would buy ten of each if I were you! If you convert the danish standard price for a modular, it's about 275$ Yep, the homeland of Lego is also one of the most expencive places for this hobby
  14. MadManMingo

    LDD 4.3.5 is out

    Excellent up-date!!! Really great that they finally cleaned up the inventory, and made more categories. Maybe it's just me who's a total toad. But I just found out now, that you can twist and turn the bricks in the inventory by holding down the right mouse button, just like in wiew mode. COOOOOL
  15. MadManMingo

    Next Modular Building?

    Dooohh!!! I fell your pain That wedding would have been a whole lot'a fun, if you'ved known. My Lego-buddy went to Lego-world this year in cobenhagen without me. Had to go to Ikea with the wife Off all the thousands of people at Lego-world, my buddy just happened to run into Jamie. Off course he texted me, while I was looking af a couch named "Johann" Sorry Ricecracker!!! Off topic. Who wouldn't want a hot bowl off soup at the movie? I could easily imagine the steamy fumes in the dark theater