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  1. Robert8

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ron comes with the rat which means he is from PoA.
  2. Robert8

    MOC: DC vignettes

    Lex Luthor is my favorite. Nighwing and Superman are also quite good Thanks for sharing
  3. What is the release date for the Aquaman sets? Because the movie comes out on december. But Disney just moved Marry Popins so I would expect Warner Bros. to do the same with Aquaman If Warner push up Aquaman, the sets might be out (a little bit) earlier than expected
  4. Robert8

    Disney's Future with Lego

    Agree. IDEAS was flooded with Star Wars and Superheroes stuff and LEGO was just not feeling it I think they created that rule for those licenses, and any other license affected by it is just collateral damage.
  5. Robert8

    Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    I dont think there will be any Marvel reveal at the SDCC. Marvel is sitting out the Comic Con as a whole, so I dont think any Marvel merch will be revealed there. Maybe... maybe the micros but that's it.
  6. Robert8

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Im surprised to see the CMFs arent out yet. With the mentioned shortage of Series 18, one might think they would push up the release of this wave
  7. Am I the only who thinks the star and the heart are meant to be stickers? ..... Ooooh damn it
  8. According to The Brickfan both Sweet Mayhem's Starship and the Buggy are $50
  9. Wow they really took the waist curves up to 11 there It looks awful
  10. I wonder how many faces will Ultrakatty have?
  11. Why is people complaining about Emmet and Lucy being in every on these? They can't reveal the new characters just yet. I mean, there are like 7 months left....... What did people expect???
  12. Amazing! Already better thant the first movie sets!
  13. Robert8

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I honestly thought the SDCC exclusive was going to be Samurai since he was the only one missing from The LEGO Batman Movie. But having characters from the DC TV shows is very fitting for the SDCC
  14. Who knows maybe one of the players could come with a brand new rooster mold hahahaha