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  1. 955561976

    [MOC] Cobra Mk III from 80s classic Elite (Lego Ideas)

    I love this! Do you have plans to do any of the other ships?
  2. 955561976

    Poe's X-Wing Fighter (75102) Availability

    Well I've managed to acquire this set from a local toy store and now I am reading rumours of quality control issues. Man, I hope my set is ok. Are all sets affected or just a few random ones?
  3. Well this is a first, just had an email from Lego S@H UK to state that they've cancelled my X-Wing order as "The demand for the item has exceeded our expectations and the item is no longer available." Has anybody else have this happen to them too? I ordered it as soon as it appeared for sale on the site! Ah well going to pick one up from a local toyshop so not going to miss out!
  4. 955561976

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    Wow, that is a very impressive model you've built there, I am in awe! *stands* *applauds*
  5. I'm just building this set now and there is no spare parts box for me either :o(
  6. 955561976

    Favorite childhood theme?

    Definitely Classic Space for me too, although like many others I did have some Classic Town and early Technic stuff as well.
  7. I've got 07789 bought from S@H in the UK