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Hello, I'm a Civil Engineer working at Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane, Washington USA. I grew up in the early 1970s in Connecticut (before Lego Technic was released). I did the best I could with the only wheels available at the time -- the red ones having steel axles inserted into 2x4 white bricks. :tongue: When I left home for college, my mom gave away my Lego collection to my nephew and I entered the Lego "Dark Ages" for 21 years.

From 1996 onwards (as my son grew up), we bought Technic sets from Toys R Us and other pieces from Bricklink. We have a decent Technic collection in the basement (which isn't TOO messy) :classic: . We particularly like the Power Functions system. We both like "Free Building" to make Lego Battlebots and offroad trucks. We hit the motherlode in July 2009 when a local Lego Technic AFOL was liquidating all of his 142 Lego sets (with instructions!), 36 of which were Technic.

I'm glad to know all the Technic, Mindstorms, and Model Team AFOLS and TFOLs out there! :classic: