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  1. Hi, it's Houstonproductions1 here.

    I've had this Eurobricks account for almost a year, but I only just decided to start using it about a week ago, mostly because I'm considering starting a LUG and wanted some help with that.

    Anyway, if you've heard of me, great! If not...well, my youtube channel is at www.youtube.com/houstonproductions1 and my Flickr is at www.flickr.com/photos/houstoncoley


  2. Are you still in school? You could try starting an after school club there. The school may provide a room to meet. I don't recommend inviting complete strangers into your home.

    If you only want hardcode members, the easy thing might be to find them and invite them personally. A public invitation may net you a lot of people who might think they are hardcore but may not meet your expectations or criteria.

    If you're under 18, you may need a member in the club who can legally and willing to sign for things like a library room rental and stuff like that.

    Well actually, I homeschool, so not much to be said in that regard. As to personally asking people...well, that'd be great, but I don't know enough people to ask. I was thinking maybe more like a poll/form on the website for the group, that they would have to fill out and get approved to join the group...thoughts?

  3. I remember I watched the Zane death episode from rebooted online like 2 months before it aired in the US and then that episode's 'premiere' happened to be on Cartoon Network one night and I was like "this is old news..."

    Anyway, I'm SUPER pumped after watching the entire Tournament of Elements season online. I absolutely hated rebooted because it was so space-agey, and I loved that for the new season the ninja have returned to their mostly traditional and old-school roots.

  4. I used to take BrickQueen really seriously when I was younger, but now I'm just looking at her channel these days like "who cares."

    I mean, her reviews don't really bring anything new to the table other than that she's a girl.

    Hahahaha, and remember those girls who used to review LEGO back in 2012 but they'd title their videos names that were intriguing when the video actually had nothing to do with that? Ugh. :wacko:

  5. Hey y'all,

    I'm hoping to start a LEGO User Group for TFOLs this summer in Atlanta, and I have a few question I hope people can answer...

    First off, where is the best place for people to meet, based on experience? I know lots of people say libraries, but seeing as you can't be too loud (even in a study room) or have any food there, I'm not quite sure.

    I also have my LEGO/Youtube studio in my basement, but I'd be afraid until I get to know the members of the group that they would steal something...possibly?

    But yeah, that brings me to the next topic: how to get members? I'd prefer to keep the group small (like 12 or under people), and I only want people who are legitimately hardcore LEGO fans. So where to advertise? I mean, my youtube channel is obviously a great place, so there's that, but what about in the public?

    And finally, the third question: what to do? I know that lots of folks just like to hang out and talk LEGO and probably trade a bit, but I also wonder what else. I also have read about the organized builds, but I feel like until I could get a group started that wouldn't happen for a while, and the group would have to decide as a whole. As far as anything else, I've got nothing. Ideas?

    Thanks for the help. :classic: