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  1. Darth Hawken

    Selling some City Sets

    Hey Guys, Now that I'm a Junior in high school, I am looking for a little extra-spending money. As a result, I have decided to sell a few of my Lego City sets. The sets include: 7890, 7892, 7902, 7903, as well as many other sets in the police, airport, and firemen sub themes from the time era of the hospital sets. If you are interested please PM and maybe we can work something out. I would prefer to sell the sets complete and not break them down for parts. Also sets will only be available for shipping within the U.S. unless the buyer pays for the complete shipping of the items. All sets include instructions, original box, and mini figures. They are in used but decent condition. If you have any unanswered questions please comment below. Brick on! Thanks, Darth Hawken
  2. Darth Hawken

    How much is your SW collection worth?

    I'd say my SW collection is worth just over $10,000. Lego is a great investment, those minifigures sure add up once you start building armies. I'm well over 500 figures. and yet I am willing to spend much more
  3. Darth Hawken

    Coruscant Bar

    Great display of minifugures you have a mighty collection. I think that is what makes this whole MOC come together. Superb Courscant Bar!
  4. Darth Hawken

    Who is the best bounty hunter? (besides the Fetts)

    I would have to say Dengar because of his association with Han Solo and his awsome memory
  5. is completely obsessed with Lord of the Rings

  6. Darth Hawken

    MOC: Affleck castle

    Impressive Moc. The window technique was genius. The white windows in the front don't look that medieval. You might want to have an arch or a thin, tall window instead.
  7. Darth Hawken

    War has come!

    Brilliant mini temples. They look great and the scenery looks good to. Also adding the cape to build the soldiers was great
  8. Darth Hawken

    Old Holden's (and a Skoda)

    Excellent cars. Nice holdens but as said below I lovethe Skoda
  9. Totally Plo Koon, but Qui Gon Jin is good to I mean who dosn't like a good guy who's gone to the dark side!
  10. Darth Hawken

    REVIEW: 4738 Hagrid's Hut

    Good review except I think hermione looks preety good. Also the light on my hagrid's hut is a solid trans orange light I don't know whats wrong with yours but mine is the smae color as the flames. I do agree with the spider he dosn't looks horrible but he does come with eight swords. Great review of Hagrid's hut. IN my opinion everything his excellent besides the spider.
  11. Darth Hawken

    Roman Commander's Tent

    Brilliant Moc, but the tent is blocky you might want to slope the walls a bit but besides that it is excellent.
  12. Darth Hawken

    Historical theme wishlist

    That would be epic and the theme would catch on quick. you could have Rome as the main theme. Then do Gladiators, Rome v Greek cities, and Rome v the galic tribes as sub themes. I have wished this theme would be created forever or at least ever since I have been interested in Lego. Great Idea
  13. I am selling a couple of my minifigure series two figures. The minigures will include everything in the little bag. here is the list. PM if you are interested. I have no set prices so just make an offer - Witch x2 - life guard x1 - Mime x2 - Ring Master (Circus guy) x3 - pop star x1 - weight lifter x3 - ninja x3 - explorer x 2 - traffic cop x4 - vampire x2 Thankyou
  14. Darth Hawken

    Grocer Torso--Ideas?

    I would use this torso. Its not perfect but its better than any other torso I can think of.
  15. Darth Hawken

    Minfigure series two?

    Thank you for all the feedback.