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  1. Governor Broadside

    Star Wars Instructions Index

    Just came across the instructions for the sets online and had to share them. 9748 Droid Developer Kit 9754 Dark Side Developer Kit (Booklet 1) 9754 Dark Side Developer Kit (Booklet 2) 9754 Dark Side Developer Kit (Booklet 3)
  2. Governor Broadside

    What sets came with these pieces?

    One Lagoon Lock-Up I bought from the store, I'd say around 93 or 94, the other from a lot on eBay. The seller kept very good care of the Lego and didn't mix sets together. Last night on BL a Canadian mentioned that he's had 6 Harbor Sentrys, 2 with shooting, 2 with transitional, and 2 non-shooting.
  3. Governor Broadside

    What sets came with these pieces?

    I would love to see a pic(s) of that head (not that I don't believe you). Really interesting. Once I had an ITP where the imperial guards' plain smiley heads had solid studs while all other heads had hollow studs. As for cannons: I have two Lagoon Lockups that came with the black handles; I had 3 CCs, each one with a pair of the three different cannons. Does anyone have anymore information on any sets that did at one time come with the black handled cannons? Are there any sets (probably newer ones) that came with non-shooting cannons worldwide? ...just coming back after a 2 month hiatus. :)
  4. Governor Broadside

    The Phantom

    You're right, the Armada Flagship looks puny. :-P You do appreciate the size of the Phantom with a comparison model. I think that's a bit of an understatement. X-D
  5. Governor Broadside

    I pose to yee, a challenge three.

    What about models from idea books?
  6. Governor Broadside

    Lego Mania Magazine Resources

    I haven't seen scans of the magazines online anywhere, only instructions and catalogs. All you really can do is buy the magazines if they're available... 8-|
  7. Governor Broadside

    Mill, Waterfall and Tunnel

    That's a great windmill MOC, especially with the tudor walls. Don't know if I've seen that incorporated into a pirate MOC before. So you're from the Portuguese LUG?
  8. Governor Broadside

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    Could a mod or admin please remove the 'a' in (the read coats) for the choice of Imperial Guards?
  9. Governor Broadside

    PICTORIAL REVIEW: Renegade Runner

    The votes in the poll have been reset to 0... :-||
  10. Governor Broadside

    The best sailing ship outside the Pirate theme

    Maybe the larger Scala crown?
  11. Governor Broadside

    LEGO's own pirate ship?

    Where exactly are these tan and brown parts in that picture?
  12. Governor Broadside


    That idea book has some pirates, but no stickers This idea book did come with stickers; look at the last page, 53 (not to mention some nice pirate building ideas that I'd like to build someday) That sticker sheet looks like the two sheets in that picture from the auction, top center and the one below it.
  13. Governor Broadside


    Looks like a 2 x 2 Jolly Roger sticker does exist. 8-o
  14. Governor Broadside

    MLCAD Submodel Tutorial

    Here you can view the parts downloads and see the individual parts from each download It might just be easier to do a reinstall of LDraw here There are several other great programs included in that package for creating models or rendering them towards the middle of the page.
  15. Governor Broadside

    MLCAD Submodel Tutorial

    It's located under Technic. Just scroll down until you see the Technic bricks.