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  1. Scnicker

    What are you listening to?

    The Killers's new album : Sawdust.
  2. Scnicker

    Photo Review of 7664 TIE Crawler

    Eventhough I do not post much, I must say a few things on this :). The only place I've seen these crawlers is Star Wars:Empire At War PC game. And they aren't assault vehicles at all, they just blow off themselves and have very very weak armor. Apart from that, the set is quite nice actually. I love those thread pieces (since you can build tanks with them eheh). Those shadowtroopers are a nice touch too.
  3. Scnicker

    Eurovision song contest

    Yay! Then lucky for you; there are rumors that Eurovision will go worldwide(I don't know about the credibility. The national Turkish TV mentioned it). Anyways, you saying that Eurovision isn't political won't make a difference: it turned into one a long time ago. You're right, the contest started out as a non political one, but the people turned it into one recently. Anyways,no hard feelings, right? (Rebuilding the Iron Curtain would be awesome :P)
  4. Scnicker

    Eurovision song contest

    What a crappy night that was! I really really (I mean really) hate Eurovision. It's purely political. Most of the songs were more than crappy. As a Turk; I think our performance was ... meh. I hate the song myself; the reason being I hate Kenan Doğulu. But looking at the other songs, 4th place was a deserved one. I also would like to say that you guys complaining about East Europe is totally non-sense. They are a part of the EU and have the right to participate. You guys might say:"Then why is Turkey in it?" and I would answer:"Dunno." Maybe because of NATO or something; not quite sure. The real question you should be asking is:"Israel?" It's far far away from Europe. Anyways, what was my point? Oh yes, Eurovision is a lame political show-off and I think I wasted my time last night.(Us giving Armenia 12 points was nothing but politics.And Serbia's singer made sick.) Take Care! -Yankı
  5. Scnicker

    V-wing on S@H

    I don't think many kids would go : "I'm not buying that awesome looking spacecraft if it isn't in the saga!". Kids would look at the design and "wow" factor and would care little about it being in the saga.
  6. Scnicker

    2007 Event Date

    Do it around February (I've got my midterm break) and I WILL come ;). Just a 2h flight :).
  7. Scnicker

    V-wing on S@H

    How about pre-saga stuff? Like KOTOR sets or something. Think of the possibilities! Ebon Hawk, Revan, Star Forge,Bastila... ahhh only in my dreams I suppose :-(.
  8. Scnicker

    My only online Pirate MOC

    Sorry everyone for revamping such a thread, but I've been away for a while. And I mean a WHILE :-). Anyways, on to the topic. The revamped project isn't abandoned, I just don't have the time to do it. University entrance exams, my last year at the high school and personal life is just killing my Lego life. I don't have the time to build a single thing, not even a vignette! Around December, I might be able to post a few WIP pictures, but just maybe. Alas, during summer, I hope it'll contain everything that I've mentioned, just a little patience. Take Care, Yankı
  9. Scnicker

    fake lego set of "a sexual nature"

    I hope you aren't taking this as a real set...or are you :-D
  10. Scnicker

    fake lego set of "a sexual nature"

    No problem then :) Btw, can I have a proper title and a neat little Turkish flag under my info and so forth X-D
  11. Scnicker

    fake lego set of "a sexual nature"

    I thought we were Yoda :-). No big deal should be made out of this; I mean it's JUST humor. Just laugh and move on ;-)
  12. Scnicker

    fake lego set of "a sexual nature"

    Why would I lie? Turkey is an Islamic country so that you know.
  13. Scnicker

    fake lego set of "a sexual nature"

    As a Muslim, I really don't care. Maybet it's because I'm not really into religion, I dunno. I must admit, I've laughed the crap off when I saw the wife joke. :-D And using the Timmy face for Aysha is hilarious!
  14. Scnicker

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I saw the Omen today. Wasn't scared at all, but the whole anti-christ thing appealed to me for some strange reason. Thinking that he might be real gives me the creeps. Not an excellent movie, rather a decent one. Acting was average, the protagonist was good along with the little kid's smile, but that was it. Go see it if you are into that kind of stuff, oh and bring a girl with you too for the spooky scenes ;-)
  15. Scnicker

    Jolly Rogers!

    I think Henry Morgan used a different flag instead of the UK flag. If anyone of you still have pirates! installed, could you check it out please? Thanks.