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  1. Karzon989

    Castle Frankenstein

    Very nice. I like it.
  2. Karzon989

    Caught napping!

    Thats a good Vig- or Bignette.
  3. Karzon989

    [MOC]: Blessed Agostino Novello Altarpiece

    Those Mocs look good!
  4. Karzon989

    MOC: Castle New Rock

    I never saw something like that. Just great!
  5. Karzon989

    [Micro Castle] "Untitled"

    That is the smallest Castle I ever saw and it looks great
  6. Karzon989

    MOC: Hill House; Homage to the Horror Genre

    That looks just great. well done.
  7. Karzon989

    Salasos Castle

    Just amazing. I cant say anything bad about that.
  8. Karzon989


    Here is the Link for this Barrack: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=380269 I hope you will like it^^
  9. Karzon989


    Today I want to build a Kaserne(dont know what its called in English). Its a place where The Military lives. Pictures will come when i am finished.
  10. Karzon989

    From Russia with love

    Welcome Rubiks Cube Fan. I am also an Rubiks Cube Fan. What was your Record solving the Rubiks Cube? Mine was a minute.
  11. Karzon989

    My Little Ponies & Lego

    I hope youll like this Forum.
  12. Karzon989


    Welcome. I also think that Lego needs a Lord of the Rings Series.
  13. Welcome Mocer. I hope youll like it here.
  14. Karzon989


    Welcome Chris. I think youll like it here.
  15. Karzon989

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome, Lego Star Wars Fan. You will love the Star Wars Underforum here. I also hope, that youll like the others.