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  1. figura

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thank You so much! The day it hit the magic mark felt like it was my birthday. Still can't believe it. Especially since the show's creator Alex Hirsch also gave it a shout out afterwards:
  2. figura

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    Thank you guys for sharing it once more. I am also still amazed by the positive response, but of course it help that TV show creator Alex Hirsch tweeted about it and called stepping on a LEGO Mystery Shack a dream of his.
  3. figura

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    September 3rd, unfortunately my project is not going to make it until then.
  4. figura

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It is never too late for compliment, so thank you! I just updated the project, so there are now more image of the inside. Is there anything in particular you are interested in?
  5. figura

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thank you so much. I am still busy working on it, so it hopefully only becomes better.
  6. figura

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Hi Guys, I haven't been around here in a while, but I recently build a Mystery Shack from the TV show Gravity Falls and it went live on LEGO Ideas yesterday, so I am quite thrilled to share it with you. Let me know what you think and if you like it maybe even vote for it!
  7. Laura Dern now has two as well: Ellie Sattler Vice Admiral Holdo
  8. Wow, you make it sound as if anything depended on it. If you wanna count voice actors, go ahead. if others don't, I guess that's fine, too.
  9. The scientist kind of reminded me of Professor Norton Nimnul from Chip n' Dale with a little bit of Beaker thrown into the mix.
  10. I will wait for proper pictures before judging them. For series 12 even those didn't do them justice, having them in hand made them appear a lot greater than I would have anticipated.
  11. There is also still the possibility that this shop got a list of english names and made its own translations. Anyway, a "Kobold" can be many things from Pumuckl over garden gnomes, leprechauns and santa's helpers (unlikely as the first one is too far off and we've seen the other two) to evil fantasy creatures. I like how the leak of this list actually creates more excitement by giving so much room for speculations. However, I also think that series 12 (seeing it with a bit of distance to the initial thrill) is not among the best series and I feel the same might apply to this one. Nothing that makes me think "wow, that's overdue!" or "why didn't I consider this yet?". Well, ok, maybe the Female Cyclops, but even though I've never heard of one of those, how else would this species reproduce?
  12. figura

    Jurassic World 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    I am also really curious about the marvel sets and hope for images soon. But yeah JW would be more the kind of big surprise I had in mind for NYCC.
  13. I doubt that anything is ever objectively perfect. the new site looks great and seems better organised. naturally it has a few bugs now, but I think they should be fixed soon. I clicked all the minifigures to put them into my collection already.