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  1. GriZzliQ

    REVIEW: 5971 Gold Heist

    Thanks for reveiw) Now I know, that it will be the next set in my collection. The cab in 5971 is amazing!!! And I really like minifigures)
  2. Sorry, I forgot to change account)))
  3. Oh, I`am very glad to hear this) I forgot to say, that me and my girlfriend (Meloniel) make rewives together. The only problem is translating the text fron russian into english(((
  4. Sorry,I`am new here & what academy you talking about?
  5. GriZzliQ

    Catching and Finding Mech looks strange...This Moc doesn`t look like a mech, I suppose it looks like a car, but without wheels...
  6. Year of release: 1996 The article: 6190 The name: Shark's Crystal Cave Theme: Aquazone - Aquasharks Quantity of elements: 258 Quantity of minifigures: 2 MSRP: $50.00 Peeron. Brickset. BrickLink. The 6190 "Shark's Crystal Cave" is the largest set in Aquasharks subtheme of the Aquazone. The set consists of two major parts: the underwater structure located on the baseplate and amazingly detailed submarine. Let's take a closer look at the set. MINIFIGURES. The set includes two minifigs. Their outlook is identical except the faces and hands: one hand is replaced with trans-neon green pirate hook - rare element. Both divers have black aqualung headgear. Some chrome silver knives and harpoon projectiles, as long as flippers included. The lonely, hungry and angry shark. The seaweed is made of three elements - the red and green gives it a pretty "underwater" look. The main objective of Aquasharks: chrome silver crystals. The set includes two boxes to keep crystals, both have magnet pads attached. THE BASE. The key element of the underwater "base" is the raised baseplate - this part goes only with this set (and at the BL of course) The underwater structure is used as kind of submarine bay/pad. The stairs is used by the minifigs to get into submarine's cabin. And the cage under the pad has enough room to keep the shark (check out the blue BURP!). THE SUBMARINE. The submarine is the state-of-the-art, it's LEGO's masterpiece. The front view. The windscreen with "shark" pattern is brilliant! The front cockpit has place for one minifigure. There's 2*2 slope brick with printed (!!!) control panel. Flexible manipulators of the sub - it's a pity LEGO has given up producing these parts. One of the "hands" picks the crystals up from the sea-bed... And puts them into container attached to the "hand" with magnet. The tiny underwater scooter goes along with the sub. And the scooter is stored in the main compartment in the middle of the submarine's body. The trans-neon orange octagons are used to cover the sides of the main compartment. The steering wheels are used as valves to operate the side sections. They can be opened... Some accessories attached to the body of the sub give it a very detailed, "real" look! There's another cabin for the member of the crew in central part of the sub. It's covered with the hinged element. And has transparent windows on the sides. Surprize! There's luggage compartment in the tail! It's used to store the crystal containers. One can store one... ...or two containers at the same time. The tail of the sub has... Two turbines. Is this enough?! The compass is located on the top of the upper propeller coverage. Does anyone cares of the compass here? Trans-neon orange propellers are nice and useful. The bottom of the sub. Let's take a look at the submarine with all it's features! Some nice and easy to use parts in trans-neon orange. Some additional photos from different angles. CONCLUSION. Despite of its age - 13 years old - I consider this set to be more beautiful and functional than most current sets. It's marvelous! So many features are made using less than 300 pieces! And you'll never find so many useful pieces in any set - so grab one as soon as you'll have the chance! This set is for everyone: - high playability - lot of useful/rare parts - the must have for any LEGO collector's shelf display GriZzliQ & Meloniel for Eurobricks.
  7. GriZzliQ

    Space Police 2010

    5982 is amazing set!!! I really like this space car) I think this picture will be better, than others)
  8. GriZzliQ

    MOC: Power Miner Dump Truck

    Mmmm...great work!!! But the model will be better with the front glass on a cab)
  9. GriZzliQ

    Crystal Master looks strange...the monster is good, but i don`t think that it will a full set.
  10. GriZzliQ

    [MOC] He's blue and fast...

    WOW!!! It`s a great work!!! I`am Sonic fan, so I saw a lot of works of this speed blue hedgehog, but this one - the best!!! Ii will be nice to see Shadow and Knuckles))) Wait for next works)))
  11. GriZzliQ

    Blacktron I X-wing

    Amazing work!!! Good idea and ideal execution!!!
  12. GriZzliQ

    Atlantis 2010

    Some sets are amazing, another are average, but all the minifigs are great. I suppose that 8075 is the best set in this theme. Н will be very intresting to compare Atlantis with Aquanauts How will this themes look on one shelf?