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    [MOD] TIE Defender

    it's been my favorite TIE since it debuted way back in the video game in the 90's. Nice mods to it. I also got rid of the swiveling cockpit on mine and did some cockpit work; didn't do what you did with the wings, but they look nice so I might borrow that idea. It sure would be cool to see the Defender on the big screen :)
  2. phoenixhawk

    Lego at risk of 'genericide'

    Styrofoam is another term that people use incorrectly. Styrofoam is typically blue and is a house building material. Foam cups ARE NOT Styrofoam. They even say it wrong on TV and movies. I hear people misuse the term "LEGO" all the time; sometimes I try to correct it, more often not because it is not usually worth a conversation or argument.
  3. phoenixhawk

    Forward Unto Dawn

    If it costs less than $250 then maybe try it. The competitor product is really a top-notch effort. I won a copy in a contest they sponsored and it is really quite an impressive product.
  4. phoenixhawk

    Hold on Newt. We're coming for you!

    Wow, that is a really cool scene that you captured. Excellent work!!
  5. phoenixhawk

    [Micro MOC] Tigerhound-class Corvette

    Nice complement (or adversary) to the frigate.
  6. phoenixhawk

    [Micro MOC] Pennyroyal-class Frigate

    Very cool looking ship!
  7. phoenixhawk

    Hello from Michigan!

    Michigan here too! Welcome aboard!
  8. phoenixhawk

    [MOC] Mega Battle Mech

    Very cool design! Love the mech in a mech thing.
  9. phoenixhawk

    Micro-scale B-Wing

    Made a B-Wing in the advent calendar micro scale style
  10. phoenixhawk

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I'd really like to see some more GS sets, they are my favorite among most of what TLC is selling these days. The colors were a refreshing change and a nice nod to the old classic space, although they didn't use the same colors. I wish they would stick with a theme for a while. :(
  11. Lt. Case "Phoenixhawk" Darvil and his wingmen launch from the Star Destroyer Avenger for a run into Bespin to stop the rebel scum from escaping. The trio of TIE Interceptors streak out of their launch bay and into the inky darkness, their mission instructions clear: prevent ships from escaping Bespin, especially those affiliated with the rebels. After a quick systems check outside the ship, the trio fly toward the planet, intent on completing their mission. As they near the atmosphere, the flight leader, squadron XO Danor "Crusher" Stalgoy, orders Darvil and his roommate, Lt. Farn "Scorch" Hawstop, to power up their cannons to full power and to shoot down any craft not squawking Imperial IFF codes. The trio enter the atmosphere at full speed, their sensors already detecting targets. "Heads up men," Crusher says, "We've got a target rich environment down here. Light 'em up and take 'em down. Lowest score buys the drinks next port call." Darvil and Scorch both clicked their mics in reply. The three TIE Interceptors approached Cloud City, which was a flurry of activity. "I've got the guy on the right," Darvil said, maneuvering his ship to line up a shot. As his target indicator flashed, Darvil pushed down on the firing triggers...
  12. Deleted, please close thread
  13. Follow this link for some free build pics I took to set up the diorama I'm building. The uploader on this site is garbage so I put the pics on my blog site. I modified the Interceptors to add white flashes on the wings a la the red flashes on the 181st Interceptors. I modified the small bagged ISD model to beef it up a little and make it look a little more finished. I also built a cockpit section of my character's ship so I could get some pics from the front windscreen, sort of a Pilot POV sort of thing. I'll see if I can get a couple to upload for possible judging.
  14. phoenixhawk

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

    That is an amazing piece of work. Absolutely fantastic and puts that kre-o one to shame (although being kre-o already did that lol)
  15. phoenixhawk

    Episode VI - "The End"

    That is very cool! I love how the mini Executor is crashing into the Death Star, the fire effects are so cool. The Falcon bursting out the side is awesome. Great MOC.I'd like to make a mini super star destroyer like that if you happen to have instructions