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  1. Limited releases online always end up being connection lotteries, since the servers usually never have near enough capacity for all frustrated buyers constantly reloading to get the correct page. As a software engineer, I find it a bit sad that no good solution for this has emerged in the many years of e-commerce (however, I also realize it's an extremely hard problem to solve properly)...
  2. Keep reloading... Took me a few (i.e. a lot of) tries, but managed to finally load the page and redeem at 10:19 CEST...
  3. You have to pair with the phone first, and make sure that the EV3's Bluetooth isn't in iPhone/iPad mode.
  4. I quite sure my copy of the 9392 has the newer version of that part, but the sticker still says 9392 and not QUAD. Also, 9392 is from last year. Isn't the new version of that part older than that?
  5. It would also lessen the value of resellers' 41999 somewhat.
  6. I have it on my laptop, but I'm at work now. I'll see if I can get the file from my CrashPlan backup... Edit: Here:
  7. I hate when people get greedy like that. I read some posts about 41999 on a reseller/investor forum today out of curiosity, and was frankly disgusted about the opinions and (bad) justifications expressed there. Greedy egoists, all of them. Haven't seen any of those tendencies here, thankfully. Ok buying one extra set for flipping, but cheating the system and buying all of the stock from one store (using extra people) just for selling and then also cheating BL to earn even more money just makes me sick...
  8. "Customer Service" means that CS is checking the order, to make sure that you haven't ordered more 41999's to the same address or similar. They want to make sure that investors/resellers don't buy up all the limited edition stock. If you managed to order when it was available and there's no problems with your order (like problems with your credit card), I think there's a high probability you'll get the set.
  9. I think so, but that depends entirely on the bank. If nothing happens with the reservation for a week or two, I think most banks drops it.
  10. Mine seems to have been formally charged the day after shipping (shipped on the 2nd, charged on the 3rd). The amount was reserved on my account quite immediately after placing the order, though.
  11. I wonder this as well. I've called their European "freephone" number (00 800 ...) from my (Swedish) mobile twice without issues.
  12. For me, it went "Ooh, that Highway Enforcer looks nice, I'll vote for that" to "Omg, how can that be in the lead? I guess I won't be buying the set" (sorry rm8, I don't really know why I thought that, I do like the original design when I look at it now) to "Whoah, I've GOT to get that!" (when the retail version was shown) to "Come ON, S@H! It's been August 1 for several minutes now, give me the possibility to buy that 41999 already!" Number 05865 now stands assembled in my living room (with only the white line and "V8" stickers, plus some really minor modifications*) and I just love the looks of it. Thanks rm8! * I moved the PF lights to the inner set of headlights, added two extra round 1x1 plates to support the headlights better and added a white round 1x1 plate on a 1/2 pin as a hood cap (after tilting the centermost #2 connector at the front 90 degrees to make its hole vertical).
  13. Customer ID and/or order ID could potentially be used for fraudulent purposes as well.
  14. Open it to find out your license plate number! You may be lucky number 00001. After all, opening this box doesn't destroy it like other Technic boxes.