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  1. We followed our lead to Ord Mantell. It didn't take long to track down this junker who specializes in Firespray parts. Unfortunately we were too late. Fett had passed through the day before looking for a replacement nav computer for his ship. Luckily the merchant kept Fett's old nav system. After paying the hefty price for the computer, we have some quality info to send back to HQ for analysis. Maybe this will help us track down the bounty hunter scum. Here is my Alliance entry for Ord Mantell.
  2. We tracked our target to Fondor. Our contact was a trandoshan merchant swearing Boba came through the area looking for some replacement equipment for his ship. The merchant directed Fett to his buddy on Ord Mantell who specializes in Firespray parts. I guess this trip wasn't a total waste. At least we had the opportunity to take in the "Scenery." Here is my Alliance entry for Fondor.
  3. Fleet looked at his squad. He knew their mission was vital. Secure this portion of the comms center so the Empire can not call out for reinforcements. They would have to breach quickly and precisely. After the dust had settled and burned ozone from the many blaster bolts had dissipated, Fleet reached for his comm "Mission accomplished, Target is secure." EDIT:Ha.. got the pictures up. Thanks for the patience
  4. Alright, I think I am ready to dust off my MOC'ing skills and rejoin the fight against the Empire. I skipped out on the last couple of challenges, but I am back and ready to go.
  5. Fleet

    [SoNE free build] "Tracking a smuggler"

    I think you missed the subtle implication that this is Dash Rendar and his famous ship, the Outrider. By the way, the Outrider build is awesome and instantly recognizable. I love it.
  6. Thanks for the responses. As for the Cloud Car, it definitely fits mini-figures. I will see about updating the pictures sometime with the the cloudcar holding minifigs.
  7. Fleet checked the incoming transmission, "We can't hold here much longer! There are too many of th......." The comm transmission ended abruptly with a loud explosion and then silence. Fleet turned to what remained of his squad and the two civilians they had rescued. "Our transport was just destroyed," he solemnly explained. "We need to find another way to get these guys off this floating rock. There will be too much resistance between here and any of the other transports." One of the civilians meekly raised his hand, "I have an idea. We have a private landing pad not too far from here. If you could get us there, then we can escape on our personal transport." Getting to the landing platform wasn't easy, but they eventually arrived. Fleet noted the custom blue cloud car on the landing pad. He knew only the civilians could make it out on that ship, and he only hoped he and his squad would be able to make it to another transport in time. Here is my entry to the contest. IMG_0053 by bb2dgree, on Flickr IMG_0054 by bb2dgree, on Flickr IMG_0055 by bb2dgree, on Flickr IMG_0056 by bb2dgree, on Flickr and the Cloud Car IMG_0058 by bb2dgree, on Flickr
  8. Here is my second free build. This is a little prelude to my Episode 1 entry. I hope you enjoy it. I would also like this scored. Fleet looked at the two civilians his squad had found hiding in their quarters. His squad was tasked to with escorting any remaining citizens to the transports, and luckily, they had been able to avoid any conflict with the Imperial forces. Matter of fact, Fleet had never been involved in a firefight of any kind. He counted himself lucky, but he also knew that was bound to change at a moments notice. It wasn't long before he and his squad rounded a corner to find a group of Stormtroopers itching for a fight. Cloud City Encounter by bb2dgree, on Flickr IMG_0047 by bb2dgree, on Flickr IMG_0049 by bb2dgree, on Flickr
  9. This is my first MOC to post on the forums. I hope the picture sizing is done correctly. I would like this scored if possible. Fleet anxiously awaited his first assignment as new member of the Rebellion, but he was slightly disappointed when he read through his first briefing. Delivery duty? All this training and his first assignment was to drop off some supplies to a Rebel cell on Corellia. At least he would get took take out his speeder. It was the only thing he kept from his life before joining the Rebellion, and he looked forward to getting to take it for a spin. All went well on his assignment until during the drop off an Imperial patrol stumbled a little too close to the drop off point. With some speed and a little luck, Fleet was able to get the load inside without being seen. IMG_0030 by bb2dgree, on Flickr IMG_0031 by bb2dgree, on Flickr IMG_0035 by bb2dgree, on Flickr Here is another shot of the Speeder by itself. IMG_0033 by bb2dgree, on Flickr
  10. OoC: Alright, I guess it is time to start planning a build for Episode 1. An idea has crossed my mind. Would any other rebel troopers want to get together to join a squad? I am thinking that 2 or 3 of us could get together, and then each MOC could present one stage of the episode. It would be a way to tell a sequential story, while staying true to the one entry per contestant rules. If anyone is interested, let me know, and we can begin getting organized.
  11. I have been wanting to get involved in this community, and this seems like the perfect thing to motivate me. I would like to be a rebel trooper. I hope my avatar pic is appropriate.
  12. Fleet

    MOC LOTR beacon of Minas Tirith

    I recently caught this scene on television. Your MOC is remarkably accurate and instantly recognizable. I love it.
  13. Fleet

    [Moc] Battle for Droskyn Castle

    Wow, this is really inspiring. I love the siege equipment. The tower is especially impressive.