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  1. NicksBricks

    MOC: Who's Hunting Who

    Nice creation The grass must've taken forever!
  2. NicksBricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    These look pretty cool! I haven't been watching Clone Wars in a while, is that an odd variant of Darth Maul?
  3. NicksBricks

    BrickArms 2010: Duck And Cover!

    This is some pretty cool stuff I really like the Shaun from Shaun of the Dead !
  4. This is an interestingly scary challenge. I'll see what i can do!
  5. Wow those are some really cool prizes. I can't wait for Brickarms to come out with new stuff!
  6. NicksBricks

    REVIEW: 10210 Imperial Flagship

    great review svelte! you nailed everything! great and detailed review. I already have the pirate ship so i dont think im going to get this. But great review nonetheless! I love the mini pirate
  7. NicksBricks

    MOC: CHP Vehicle

    awesome creation! It looks exactly like the real thing! You included all the details: computers, lights design, everything.
  8. NicksBricks

    REVIEW: Atlantis 8056 Monster Crab Clash

    Nice review! I agree, it's a nice small set and I love the new amulet pieces, but it should be just a tad cheaper. Also, stickers! Ahh, i hate stickers, but still, a great set with new useful pieces!
  9. NicksBricks

    Smash'n'Grab Review

    Good review first of all! I like the new squid head and love the new halmet ! The new head and colors are neat too. I have a few of the older space police sets and i think ill add these to my collection!
  10. NicksBricks

    REVIEW: Atlantis 8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub

    Really cool review! I'm not sure about the design of the sub, it's a little strange. I love the new treasure pieces and i like the shark man. The new diver/diver gear is also .
  11. NicksBricks

    MOC: Dark Red & Tan Coaches

    Wow! I'm really impressed, that looks like an actual train. Good job!
  12. NicksBricks

    Lots of new items from BrickForge

    :thumbup: I love every new thing i've seen here! The golf Club , saw and swords especially! Great additions to the mini fig world, and I see lots of future MOC's utilizing them! :thumbup:
  13. NicksBricks

    Toy Story discussion thread

    not bad, not bad. Lots of new pieces and incredible detail by LEGO. I do like this, although I don't believe I'm going to buy these, because I'm not sure how they'd fit in MOC's(altough the Army Guys would make a good battlepack)
  14. NicksBricks

    MOC: Minifig scale London Routemaster bus

    That's awesome!! Everything is to scale and perfectly constructed. I love the adds on the side, the bus stop and the whole bus in general. Perfect!