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    Imperial MOC

    Since the Pirate MOC thread has turned in to at Viking vs. Pirate discussion ;) I would like to start of a new one to display the progress of my Imperial MOC :D Here is a early look into the basement of the fortress AS you can see it holds a prison :oD Soon also storage / armory / and perhaps stables ?!?
  2. ImperialJohn

    How much Lego do you have?

    Interesting question. I think it is still less than a million. But more than 500.000 *chock*
  3. ImperialJohn

    Golden C-3PO Contest

    Got mine today too :-$ I just think it is too bad that too many of these will end up in the hands of children not knowing the REAL value for AFOLS
  4. ImperialJohn

    The Next Brickshelf

    Did you notice that there is also a new site called
  5. ImperialJohn

    Problems with BS / Is BrickShelf no more ???

    I just miss the 1,899,999 pictures that was not my own. BS ws great inspiration *y* What ever the future brings it will never be the same
  6. ImperialJohn


    Not at this stage. I am thinking about doing some small changes to the wagons. After that I will put in interior
  7. ImperialJohn


    I have build this express train called Speedy. What do you think? More pic's here
  8. ImperialJohn

    Port Royal - video from Klodfest

    Beware you pirates here be the movie to bring you death! QuickTime VersionYouTube Version
  9. ImperialJohn

    City Wall

    I have changed my city wall to one long wall. Hopefully I will get better pictures at "Klodsfest" (Danish exhibition)
  10. ImperialJohn

    City Wall

    Yes it does come apart ;-) Here is just one section (in total there will be 30) And from the side
  11. ImperialJohn

    Prices for upcoming SW Sets

    This must be the most expensive SW year ever X-O And so many other things to buy *wacko*
  12. ImperialJohn

    Your 2007 Wishlist

    What ever I can get cheep. (And one golden C3PO) :-$
  13. ImperialJohn

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    This - to me - is not just a different "tone"
  14. ImperialJohn

    10182 Cafe Corner Photo Review!

    JEP - I've got the standard box
  15. ImperialJohn

    10182 Cafe Corner Photo Review!

    But did you ever complain to LEGO?
  16. ImperialJohn

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    This is from my own. It is only a "mobil-cam" but you get the picture
  17. ImperialJohn

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    This pic. is rather large :-$ This is actually not mine - but the second one I saw. I'll get the pic's of my own later. closeup of the brown closeup of the Tan
  18. ImperialJohn

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    I did see two set with the same problem :'-( And I did call LEGO Direct today. They are investigating. But it seemed that I was the first one to call about the color problem. If you have bad colors - Call LEGO - They will never improve unless we complain! And since this is clearly an AFOL set - We have to take a stand!
  19. ImperialJohn

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    Looking forward to buying this? Don't! I've just build mine and it is a very nice house, but...... The quallity of the brick is just not accepteble. Colors are not even close. I've got 2-3 shades of tan. I've got 2-3 shades of brown and 4-5 shades of grey :-X I is clearly an issue with the different bricksizes but also bricks of the same size has this problem. :-X Is color quality really becomming this bad. :'-(
  20. ImperialJohn

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    You would need all six ;-) Look closely. There are six times second floor *y* And the bricks for that are only on the second floor !! But of couse that leaves you with four times first and third floor leftovers :'-(
  21. ImperialJohn

    Falcon Raffle, GAME ON!

    ImperialJohn just paid his $10 for a ticket. Since I know that I will WIN this I put my adress in :-P
  22. ImperialJohn

    Legoholics unite!

    I am a Legoholic. And proud about it. And it seems that 2007 will be the worst year yet to figth the problem :-D
  23. ImperialJohn

    Speak in another language thread!

    Jeg fatter ikke en lyd - Men det er vel ogs
  24. ImperialJohn

    Coke or Pepsi?

    I miss none of them. At my house Coca Cola is only used when someone is sick :-X Otherwise banned
  25. ImperialJohn

    Which is better, Star TREK or Star WARS?

    SW since that is the biggest part my childhood fantasies