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  1. ImperialJohn

    How much Lego do you have?

    Interesting question. I think it is still less than a million. But more than 500.000 *chock*
  2. ImperialJohn

    Golden C-3PO Contest

    Got mine today too :-$ I just think it is too bad that too many of these will end up in the hands of children not knowing the REAL value for AFOLS
  3. ImperialJohn

    The Next Brickshelf

    Did you notice that there is also a new site called
  4. ImperialJohn

    Problems with BS / Is BrickShelf no more ???

    I just miss the 1,899,999 pictures that was not my own. BS ws great inspiration *y* What ever the future brings it will never be the same
  5. ImperialJohn


    Not at this stage. I am thinking about doing some small changes to the wagons. After that I will put in interior
  6. ImperialJohn


    I have build this express train called Speedy. What do you think? More pic's here
  7. ImperialJohn

    Port Royal - video from Klodfest

    Beware you pirates here be the movie to bring you death! QuickTime VersionYouTube Version
  8. ImperialJohn

    City Wall

    Yes it does come apart ;-) Here is just one section (in total there will be 30) And from the side
  9. ImperialJohn

    City Wall

    I have changed my city wall to one long wall. Hopefully I will get better pictures at "Klodsfest" (Danish exhibition)
  10. ImperialJohn

    Prices for upcoming SW Sets

    This must be the most expensive SW year ever X-O And so many other things to buy *wacko*
  11. ImperialJohn

    Your 2007 Wishlist

    What ever I can get cheep. (And one golden C3PO) :-$
  12. ImperialJohn

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    This - to me - is not just a different "tone"
  13. ImperialJohn

    10182 Cafe Corner Photo Review!

    JEP - I've got the standard box
  14. ImperialJohn

    10182 Cafe Corner Photo Review!

    But did you ever complain to LEGO?
  15. ImperialJohn

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    This is from my own. It is only a "mobil-cam" but you get the picture