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  1. grove

    Free Promo sets from Lego Store

    It's been since since I ordered anything from shop@home, but in the physical store in Copenhagen, I have often made purchases that mde me qualify for several free gifts, and have always gotten all of them. .Henrik
  2. grove

    LEGO Brick without Lego Stamp? Help?

    Those numbers just identify the mold and position in the mold (so they can track problems), so that you have different numbers just means the bricks came from different molds - especially with other differences that is expected. .Henrik
  3. grove

    Green Screen Colour Help

    The technique works with any color, (I believe) green and blue are the most commonly used (and is often called chroma key, to avoid naming any colour), so use a colour you feel like. I would probably go for either a standard blue or a standard green, depending on what other colours were used in the vignette.
  4. grove

    PaB piece - diamond

    If they still have, I can. Small or large cups? I'll be in Skærbæk too, and as you have that ambassador "logo", I guess I can get our ambassador to introduce us, and let's just handle the payment in Skærbæk. .Henrik
  5. grove

    PaB piece - diamond

    About 25-35 minutes by bus and walking, and I work even closer, about 25-30 minutes walk.
  6. grove

    PaB piece - diamond

    Last time I was in the Copenhagen Brand store, they had them in trans dark red and trans light blue (and I've never been good with the names of the transparent colours).
  7. grove

    Lego appoint new CEO

    Kristiansen/Christiansen is a quite common surname in Denmark, so it's quite unlikely that they are related. As to the spelling, LEGO has a page about it:
  8. grove

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    You're probably thinking of Forest police where 2 sets contained what bricklink calls "Bear with 2 Studs on Back and Dark Tan Muzzle Pattern".
  9. I have a friend that's also an AFOL that once told me, he and his daughter had been in the store the day before to buy the parts for one of the current pick-a-models, so there was some sale, but considering how often I've seen one or more parts needed for one or both models being sold out, I'm not shocked either .
  10. grove

    London Lego Store Exclusives?

    When I was there at the end of March, they still had plenty of buses. They might not have been for sale elsewhere, but they were given away with qualifying purchases (at least in Copenhagen) last year.
  11. grove

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    They are in the Venice skyline too. .Henrik
  12. As it's quite a simple circuit with two batteries, some conductive metal, some of it bend to make a contact, and a LED, I can't see any real potential for damage. I have one where the batteries have died, but I have no idea how long it had been on. .Henrik
  13. grove

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Probably not. A Saturn V was 110.6 metres high, in 1:50 (small end of what can be called minifig scale) that would be 2.2 metres, that would be approximately double up of the original idea, which was already so large many believed that would hinder approval. And the number of bricks needed to build it in that size...
  14. @BubbaFit45531And note that the dates @CopMikeannounced are for Europe, Jan Beyer wrote So you'll probably have a chance, but the dates might be different. As @zuxsaid:Ask you LUG Ambassador.
  15. The only official requirements for getting an RLUG sticker is that you're at least 16 years old and a member of a RLUG that participates in this: - I don't remember if there are rules excluding certain RLUG's, like those primarily based online - Some RLUG's might be based in a geographical region where any Brand Store is far away and choose not to bother with it I do remember that the rules say you have to be 16 years old. RLUG's are free to choose how they handle it in practice. So if you're a member of an RLUG (the only austrian RLUG I know of is LGOe) contact them to find out how they do it. As an example I can say that for members of Byggepladen (the Danish RLUG) the main rule is to contact me.