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  1. DeGothia, but you *are* a (minor) Lord right? Every nobleman during the middleages would have had a Heraldry(afaik) or perhaps a city(they too can be small) or country heraldry
  2. GravGunner

    Mitgardia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    I like the look of your army, nice and ragtaggy! I know mine will be rather uniform(but that fits with the background story I have in my head) Now all I need is my own spot for my lego...(just moved into a new home)
  3. Zcerberus: not at all meant that way! Sorry if I came across as such, just wanted to have a discussion as above And intrrestingly, I think all are correct. The guilds are(in my eyes) big countries(as in bigger then germany or france) and as such, the style can vary from region to region. Houses back in the day were often made from the most readily available building material, only rich persons could afford otherwise. And since nature laughs at our petty lines scribbled on some map, styles tend to be pretty cross-country
  4. Zcerberus; how many different type of wheels do you know? in the end there are only so many ways things can be build(especially with the limits we set ourselves and LEGO inherently gave us) so it is only natural that some pieces look or feel much a like. Asides of that discussion, a porttown tends to follow the most efficient designs gathered from all-over, so perhaps the 'designer/owner' wanted it to be build that way but that is all moot, this is a very nice build and I cannot wait until all the other parts
  5. With hometown I meant the town the sigfig is representing(seeing we have a lot of earls, dukes and lords from random places ) and I understand that it is a hassle to keep things up-to-date, things are easily forgotten, but because members post the sigfigs themselves they can update it themselves(so any absent or gone starter is not an issue) the downside is the fact that yet another topic shall line itself above all the other ones. But I will create my sigfig(hopefully avoiding copying, on the other side, hey look a knife... bam....shaved ) and start deciding which Guild to pester
  6. GravGunner

    Mitgardia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Made a topic for sigfigs here, hope you guys like it :)
  7. Hello Guildmembers of Historica, I would like to invite you all to post in this here topic your sigfig. This I ask for I found that when looking through the Guild Introduction Pages to see which parts are commonly used as a sigfig that browsing through 505(and counting!) pages is a *bit* steep to start out with. I also found that people have similar looking sigfigs(which lead to a mild annoyance by some members) and that people like them unique. So without further ado, I hereby invite you to post your sigfig and some basic information in this here topic. I do like to request that you all stick to 1 post and that all refrain from commenting on any sigfig in here, so that cluttering remains to a minimum. --- Usually a topic like this would start with one's own sigfig as an example. However, I am not *yet* a member of any guild, I would introduce Bob for this purpose: Bob Smith Guild: none Short Bio: Bob has no clue why he is here, but Bob will smile nonetheless<link to full bio can be posted here> Age: Unknown Hometown: unknown <post a link to your MOC if you build any> Parts: Black Hips and Red Legs; Blue Minifig, Cape Plastic; Blue Minifig, Plume Feather Triple; Dark Gray Minifig, Headgear Helmet Castle with Fixed Face Grille; Red Torso Castle Breastplate Pattern / Black Arms / Yellow Hands; Yellow Minifig, Head Standard Grin Pattern - Stud Hollow <For those community builds> --- If more information is desired to have on a first go, let me know.
  8. GravGunner

    Mitgardia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Beard-five BoB! So yea...would it be inappropriate for me to start collecting things like that, and make a topic or should I make some puppy-eyes to a Mod and/or other (ranking) member?
  9. GravGunner

    Mitgardia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    I for one am all for it. I have been toying with the idea of joining a guild, and I like my sigfig to be rather unique as well, but plowing through 400ish pages to see what is out there is *slightly* ridiculous, if you ask me
  10. GravGunner

    Have you ever got someone into Lego?

    I am slowly turning my GF from a PLaymobile fan to a LEGO one On small brick at a time...
  11. GravGunner

    What did you buy today?

    2 BL orders containing a certain colour of arms, a white 2clipped sadle, coins, torso's and some frogs
  12. Looks stunning! and I am jealous of your home town Kabel, wish I lived there!
  13. I think adding greebles(in this case banners, birds, etc) to the higher vertical structures could break it. Then again, in real life everything varies ever so slightly so that a flat surface doesn't look so flat. In LEGO, where all the 1x4s are exactly the same, we don't have the luxury and walls generally tend to look the same very quick. Perhaps more colours of grey will break the flat wall a bit?
  14. GravGunner

    [CUUSOO] The Infinitely Modular Classical Temple Building Set

    I really LOVE what I am seeing I so hope this gets picked up! Very good job on designing the sets, and equally good job at presenting them, which is an underestimated skill for CUSOO