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  1. 1. Merchandising, Merchandising! That's where the real money from the heroics is made! 2. Clock-King: But the schedule said the bus would be here 3.12475 seconds ago! 5. Don't worry, it's perfectly safAAAAAARG! 6. Now, witness the power of this fully armed and operational alley cat! 6. i can has World Conquezt? 7. "Paid for by the eyeliner and mascara manufacturers of Gotham" 8. Batman finally tracks down what is missing from the DCEU: Stan Lee! 10. He stopped in the diner for a bite, and just couldn't resist playing with his food 11. Well MINE is chromed!
  2. Amazing! The tail-fin in the last picture is the perfect touch
  3. ikba

    Review: 75230 Porg

    Nicely done review. For me the shaping of the Porg is pretty impressively done... except for the mouth. Dear God the mouth When it's closed it looks like the porg has a boarding ramp sticking out of its face, and when it's open I can't help but see the arch as a massive moustache To be fair to TLG, this is probably the best they could get while retaining the mouth opening mechanism. Having said that, that choice puts me firmly in the "haunt my nightmares" camp
  4. ikba

    Void Raven

    Beautifully done! I'm dying to know though, however did you attach the technic tracks sidways onto the wings?
  5. ikba

    [MOC] Oddbot

    Below you can find some pictures of a robot I've built, that I've christened Oddbot. I'm not entirely happy with the final result though, so I'm hoping for some constructive feedback Thanks! Front view back view Angled view Closeup of wrist assembly. Albulm: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm1Py9wD Thanks for any feedback
  6. ikba

    [MOC] Steampunk Flyer

    Seems pretty good to me. The main improvements I can think of are maybe replacing the light bley elements with brown or dark bley; and possible replacing the 1x4 plate on the front with a tile?
  7. ikba

    Attack on Outpost M

    Nice work! I love the use of the metru-nui lids as the rear wheel on the trike
  8. ikba

    [MOC] DMC Delorean BTTF

    I like it, the completely flat hood looks surprisingly good.
  9. ikba

    [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    Good job! You nailed the class Blacktron II aesthetic.
  10. ikba

    [MOC] Space Mining Hangar

    Thanks! You can find a couple more pictures at https://www.flickr.com/photos/86083094@N02/albums/72157674535265823
  11. ikba

    [MOC] Space Mining Hangar

    A mining hangar I built in the summer and just got around to photographing There's a couple more photos on flickr if anyone is interested, I'm hoping for some feedback and constructive critisicm. Thanks!
  12. ikba

    [MOC] Jager mech

    Nice design! Out of curiosity, in the knees where you used the 1x1 round plate with ball joint attached to a mixel joint, did you test how strong the connection is?
  13. ikba

    Mandible-Class Starfighter

    Great design! I love the black teeth on the inside, really helps with the organic feel.
  14. ikba

    Classic Space Stargate

    After years of studying the strange relic, classic space scientists were at last able to unlock it's secrets. But what would happen when an astronaut was sent through ... The Star Gate! Now that I've satisfied my flair for the dramatic, I may as well give some backstory. After attending Brickfete 2016 this year, I left with a large number of blue antennas, bley 2x2 tiles, 2x2 dark bley inverse slopes, and bley 1x1 round tiles. Deciding to challenge myself and build something that had all these parts, these were my results. Comments and criticism welcome If you're still interested, some more pictures can be found on my flickr here: https://www.flickr.c...157669311087834 Comments and criticism welcome!
  15. ikba

    [MOC] Neo FX Star Patroller

    Gorgeous! I especially love the blue telephones used to detail the tail of the ship